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Other Ways to Get Involved

Anyone can get involved! If you’re not planning or organizing an activity, you can also participate by supporting what’s happening in your community in a number of ways, including the following.

Even if you are not presenting an activity, as an inclusive initiative driven by solidarity and collaboration, Culture Days relies on your involvement.

Offer a Venue

If you have a space such as a classroom, theatre, office, public space, studio, arts center, gallery, lobby area, commercial building or other easily accessible space, consider offering the use of your venue to artists or other activity organizers as the location for a Culture Days activity. If you don’t know any artists or cultural groups, send a message to the Culture Days Provincial Task Force in your region– they may be able to put you in touch with an artist or group that is looking for space.

Spread The Word

Communicate about Culture Days to your community leaders, artists, and cultural groups by circulating Culture Days newsletters, talking about it at local events, and posting a Culture Days logo or poster up in support of the celebration. Another easy way to spread the word is to follow Culture Days on social media and repost and retweet the news that you find interesting or inspiring to your friends and followers.

Activate Your Community, Make Connections

Do you run a business? Involved in working groups for your job? Are you involved with community or school groups? Do you participate in social activities? Are you an active social media user or have a blog?

If you answered yes to any of these, then you know people. Here are a few suggestions to get you going:

1.    Harness these connections and spread the word about Culture Days. Suggest to everyone in your networks to become part of the experience – as an audience participant, an activity organizer, a supporter, or in any other role you can think of.

2.    Be the go-between person who helps put the artist in touch with the people with the office space that they would like to see animated with an interactive art experience during Culture Days. If you work in the business sector, suggest to your colleagues to invite artists to work with your business group as a great team-building exercise or plan a Culture Days itinerary for your colleagues and go together.

3.    Sign up for e-updates, follow the national and provincial Twitter feeds, the Pinterest page, and Google + profile, and“like” the Facebook page to stay up to date. Share, re-tweet, discuss - get everyone talking and activating in your community.

Got any Great Ideas? Share Them!

If you have an opinion, an idea, a suggestion, a tip, or any other contribution, get in touch! Send an e-mail, tweet to @culturedays, follow us on Pinterest or Google +, or comment on the Facebook page.

Culture Days is open and self-mobilizing network. Everyone, including you, helps to shape the development of this grassroots initiative.

Is Your City Behind Culture?

More and more cities and towns are engaging in making the Culture Days weekend a dynamic local celebration of arts and culture each year. Since Culture Days’ inception in 2010, a growing number have signed official proclamations to affirm their commitment to the inherent benefits of arts and culture for their citizens.

In Québec, where the inspiration for Culture Days originated, 466 municipalities have signed the official Declaration of Journées de la culture and 352 municipalities directly organize cultural activities during the weekend-long celebration of local arts and culture.

To date, many cities and towns across Canada, from St. John’s (NL) to Toronto (ON) and Vancouver (BC), all the way to Sudbury (ON), Richmond (BC) and Flin Flon (MB) have already signed official Culture Days proclamations.

Is yours next?

If you are passionate about arts and culture, encourage your elected officials and mayor to make Culture Days part of its annual programs by signing an official proclamation. Download this proclamation template as a guide for the official document now and help root arts and culture as a vital quality of life factor for the citizens of your community.