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Why Register an Activity?

From highlighting your community, raising your profile and meeting new audiences, to networking and connecting with like-minded citizens, the reasons are multiple!

Highlight the Cultural Vibrancy of Your Community

Every corner of this country is full of creativity, arts and culture. By participating in Culture Days, you help your fellow citizens become aware of the many unique opportunities available to them and encourage participation in arts and cultural activities in your own backyard. You draw attention to the different cultures and heritages that contribute to the development and vitality of your community.

You cast a spotlight on the cultural organizations and individual artists in their midst.

From children’s choirs, “stitch and bitch” groups and performing arts organizations to art colleges, museums and design firms, there are myriad perspectives, experiences, disciplines and techniques to share and discover. Working together, Culture Days participants showcase the vibrancy of local arts and culture, and encourage everyone to discover something new, something different, and to re-connect with their own creativity and community.

Arts and culture initiatives and industries not only make a vital contribution to our dynamic economy but, crucially to the social development of our neighbhourhoods, regions and country, promoting life-long learning, creative thinking, resiliency, appreciation of diversity, compassion and so much more.

Spread the word. Arts and culture are important.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you to the thousands of Canadians who registered an activity for the 2015 Culture Days weekend!


Make Worthwhile Connections, Meet New Supporters & Audiences

A significant amount of Culture Days activity organizers share space with other organizers during the weekend, often collaborating with someone or organizations with which they had not previously worked. Whether it is to create a hub of diverse activities in one area to attract visitors, or as an excuse to finally contact someone you’ve been meaning to connect with, Culture Days is the perfect opportunity to meet other creative people in your area, share resources, form new alliances that will last year-round, and meet new potential supporters and audience members.

Collaborations can also inspire unique cross-pollination among creative practices, connecting across sectors, cultures and generations.

Moreover, your participation in Culture Days can be the catalyst to create a legacy of strong connections between citizens, artists, cultural workers and their communities.

Develop Your Skills

Culture Days offers a fantastic opportunity to sharpen your promotional and organizational skills.

By taking advantage of the free tips and tools offered on the website, you can make the most of your Culture Days experience and apply everything that you have learned or improved upon year-round.

Whether it is leveraging social media for the first time as a promotional tool, organizing as a community, or connecting with people as passionate as you are, the vast and varied network of collaborators that makes up the Culture Days initiative is the perfect support system.

Learning works best when you have people to share it with, so don’t hesitate to get out there and put it all into practice, and be sure to not be humble about your successes!

Raise Your Profile

Culture Days offers helpful tips and tools to conduct your own promotion and media relations. It is a great opportunity to be featured in your local paper, association newsletters, or arts blogs, to name a few.  Don’t hesitate to tell everyone about your unique activity.

In addition to being included in the national marketing and communications campaign, you might also take part in local or regional marketing initiatives. By pointing the general public to where your activity is registered, people in your community and beyond your usual circles will learn about you and your activity.

Benefit from your participation by collecting contact information, business cards and comments from your visitors. This is a chance to build your email list and collect glowing testimonials for your next brochure or website update. Just by sharing your passion and talents, you can recruit new members, clients or audience members on the spot.

Unite To Make Arts And Culture The Topic of Conversation

Culture Days is the largest-ever collective public participation campaign undertaken by the arts and cultural community in this country. Last year, artists, cultural organizations, diverse groups and local organizers in nearly 800* communities registered some 7,500* events. The marketing and media campaign generated impressions in the hundreds of millions.

In the three years since its inception, one in three Canadians reported being aware of Culture Days – that’s more than 11 million people!

By participating, you promote and reveal the creativity of our citizens, creators, organizations, and communities through a vast Canada-wide marketing and public awareness campaign. Whether you create a new program or already have a relevant interactive activity planned, everything included in the Culture Days weekend pushes arts and culture into the limelight.

Your participation and support is fundamental to growing and nurturing involvement in arts and culture.

* 3,179 activities took place in 353 communities during les Journées de la culture in Québec and 1,455 activities took place in 88 communities during Alberta Culture Days.