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Activity Organizer Directory 

Since its launch in 2010, the exceptional volunteer participation of thousands of artists and cultural workers from all corners of the country have contributed to the success of Culture Days. As a special way of highlighting everyone who has opened their doors and encouraged citizens from all backgrounds and walks of life to create, participate, and celebrate, this directory puts every activity organizer front and centre.

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British Columbia

  • Brechin Maclean
    Brechin Maclean proprietor of Brechin Maclean Photography
  • Richmond Potters Club .
    Richmond Potters Club . of Richmond Potters Club
  • Marisa Achtymichuk
    Marisa Achtymichuk Market Manager of Steveston Farmers & Artisans Market
  • Rae Ackerman
    Rae Ackerman Director of Civic Theatres of Vancouver Civic Theatres/City of Vancouver
  • junaid ahmed
    junaid ahmed owner of richmond martial arts
  • Andrea Allen
    Andrea Allen Company manager of Coastal City Ballet
  • Beryl Allen
    Beryl Allen Director of West Vancouver Shoreline Preservation Society
  • Samantha Allen
    Samantha Allen of Van Dop & Associates
  • Kathryn Allison
    Kathryn Allison Member of North Shore Chamber Music Society (Orchestra)
  • Richard Alm
    Richard Alm Artist of Alm Studio & Alley Gallery
  • Marisa Alps
    Marisa Alps Marketing Manager of Harbour Publishing
  • Heather Armour
    Heather Armour Organizing committee member of The Main Art Drift Society (The Drift)
  • Barbara Arnold
    Barbara Arnold Visual Artist
  • Gylliayn Art
    Gylliayn Art owner/Artist of La G Gallery
  • Tina Artuso
    Tina Artuso Graphics Technician of Burnaby Public Library
  • Todd Ayotte
    Todd Ayotte Deputy Director of Vancouver Civic Theatres
  • Mahnaz Baikzadeh
    Mahnaz Baikzadeh Owner/Director of Supernal ARTS Academy
  • Caylen Baker
    Caylen Baker Marketing & Events Coordinator of The Shops at Morgan Crossing
  • Sarah Ballantyne
    Sarah Ballantyne Managing Director of Early Music Vancouver
  • Janet Barclay
    Janet Barclay Manager of Recreation Oak Bay
  • Lynn Barley
    Lynn Barley Director of Comox Air Force Museum
  • James Barrett
    James Barrett Creative Director of Bizzoinc
  • Joy Barrett
    Joy Barrett Executive Director of Castlegar Sculpturewalk
  • Ronan Barrett
    Ronan Barrett Marketing Manager of Fairmont Hotel Vancouver
  • Pavel Barta
    Pavel Barta artist / studio owner of Barta Design Studio
  • Gillian Batcher
    Gillian Batcher owner of Jewel Envy
  • Emma Bates
    Emma Bates Retail Manager of Salish Sea Food
  • Mercedes Batiz-Benet
    Mercedes Batiz-Benet Artistic Director of Puente Theatre
  • Mercedes Bátiz-Benét
    Mercedes Bátiz-Benét Artistic Director of Puente Theatre
  • Sandra Battle
    Sandra Battle Community & Civic Events Coordinator of Port Coquitlam Rivers & Trails Task Force
  • Gwen Baudisch
    Gwen Baudisch Marketing Manager of Squamish Lil'wat Cultural Centre
  • Cathy Beaumont
    Cathy Beaumont of Terminal City Glass Co-op
  • Henry Beh
    Henry Beh Executive Director of Richmond Chinese Community Society
  • Anne-Elizabeth Beliveau
    Anne-Elizabeth Beliveau Gallerist of Studio Connexion Gallery
  • Meghan Bell
    Meghan Bell Interim Marketing Manager of Evergreen Cultural Centre
  • Karen Benbassat
    Karen Benbassat Gallery and Program Manager of Satellite Gallery
  • Mary Bennett
    Mary Bennett Administrator of Community Arts Council of Vancouver
  • Christine Besold
    Christine Besold Administrator of Kimberley Arts Council -Centre 64
  • Terri Bibby
    Terri Bibby of SAORI Salt Spring Weaving Studio
  • Denise Billard
    Denise Billard Activities Coordinator of Summerland Waterfront Resort & Spa
  • Aphrodite Blagojevic
    Aphrodite Blagojevic Free lance visual artist of Artist's Studio
  • Monika Blichar
    Monika Blichar President of Make and Break Arts Foundation
  • Miriam Blume
    Miriam Blume Director of Marketing of Vancouver Biennale
  • gerry boretta
  • Heather Boulding
    Heather Boulding Marketing and Sponsorship Manager of Pacific Opera Victoria
  • Debbie Boulton
    Debbie Boulton President of Richmond Singers
  • Kerrie Bowers
    Kerrie Bowers Exec Assistant and Public Relations Coordinator of The Fairmont Waterfront Hotel
  • Jared Bowles
    Jared Bowles Marketing Coordinator of Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
  • Karan Bowyer
    Karan Bowyer Office Manager of Summerland Community Arts Council
  • David Bradford
    David Bradford boatbuilder/owner of Alder Bay Boat Co.
  • Heather Bray
    Heather Bray Marketing Manager of The Dance Centre
  • Surrinder Bring
    Surrinder Bring Chair of Main Art Drift Society
  • Kathy Brisley
    Kathy Brisley Executive Director of Mississauga Children's Choir
  • CBC Vancouver British Columbia
  • Shannon Browne
    Shannon Browne Owner/Curator of ARTEMIS Studio/Gallery/Events
  • Marlaina Buch
    Marlaina Buch Education and Public Programs Coordinator of Kamloops Art Gallery
  • Cari Burdett
    Cari Burdett Director of LILA Music Centre
  • Melanie Burner
  • Lauren Burrows Backhouse
    Lauren Burrows Backhouse Media Arts Leader of Richmond Media Lab
  • Kara Burton
    Kara Burton Administrative Assistant of Osoyoos & District Museum and Archives
  • Wendy Byhre
    Wendy Byhre Tourism Marketing Coordinator of Shuswap Tourism - Columbia Shuswap Regional District
  • Laura Byron
    Laura Byron Artistic Director of Creator's Arts Centre
  • Angela Cachay Dwyer
    Angela Cachay Dwyer Publicist of Surrey Arts Centre / Surrey Art Gallery
  • Jocelyn Calderhead
    Jocelyn Calderhead Marketing Manager of Evergreen Cultural Centre
  • Jennifer Cameron
  • Kevan Cameron
    Kevan Cameron Creative Director of Black Dot Roots and Culture Collective
  • Alison Campbell
    Alison Campbell Outreach Coordinator for Children and Teens of North Vancouver District Public Library
  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell Executive Director of Port Moody Arts Centre
  • John Canhoto
    John Canhoto Public Art Assistant of Public Art - City of Richmond BC
  • Nan Capogna
    Nan Capogna Education and Public Programs Coordinator of Richmond Art Gallery
  • Toni Carlton
    Toni Carlton Peer Counsellor Coodinator of University of Northern BC, First Nations Centre
  • Beth Carter
    Beth Carter Director-Curator of Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre
  • Carolyn Casenas
    Carolyn Casenas of Surrey Libraries
  • Pauline Casselman
    Pauline Casselman Community Coordinator of South Peace Community Arts Council
  • Sherwin Catindig
    Sherwin Catindig Director of Sales of Holiday Inn & Suites North Vancouver
  • Sarah Cavanaugh
    Sarah Cavanaugh Curator of Seymour Art Gallery
  • Camyar Chai
    Camyar Chai Arts Coordinator of City of Richmond
  • Shirley chan
    Shirley chan Librarian of Coquitam Public Library
  • Yun-Jou Chang
    Yun-Jou Chang Managing Director of Cinevolution Media Arts Society
  • Danny Chen
    Danny Chen Art Instructor of Danny Chen Art Studio
  • Rosa Cheng
    Rosa Cheng Artistic Director of Vancouver Cantonese Opera
  • Vancouver Chinese Garden
    Vancouver Chinese Garden Head of Education of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
  • Allan Cho
    Allan Cho Librarian of Irving K. Barber Learning Centre
  • Karina Chow
    Karina Chow Director of Development of The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford
  • Teresa S.W. Chow
    Teresa S.W. Chow Events Coordinator of Richmond Artists Guild
  • Lynne Chrismas
  • Yvonne Chui
    Yvonne Chui Arts and Culture Coordinator of Leigh Square Community Arts Village
  • Cynthia Churchill
    Cynthia Churchill Library Services Assistant of Clearbrook Library
  • Shelley Civkin
    Shelley Civkin Communications Officer of Richmond Public Library
  • Lorna Clare
    Lorna Clare Vice-president of Richmond Singers
  • Judith Clark
    Judith Clark promo team of Lynn Valley United Church
  • Rebecca Clarke
    Rebecca Clarke Museum Coordinator of Port Moody Station Museum
  • Working Class
    Working Class of Training Society of Vancouver
  • Beverley Clayton
    Beverley Clayton Manager, Admin. & Develop. Services of Kamloops Art Gallery
  • Karen Close
    Karen Close journal editor of Okanagan Institute
  • Haisla Collins
    Haisla Collins Member Artist of Raven's Eye Artist Collective
  • Tami Compton
    Tami Compton - of Komoks First Nation Canoe Society
  • Ada Con
    Ada Con Library Programs Coordinator of Fraser Valley Regional Library
  • Marketing Coordinator
    Marketing Coordinator Marketing & Special Events Coordinator of Kelowna Museums
  • camille cote-marcil
    camille cote-marcil directrice generale of centre culturel francophone de l
  • Karen Coyne
    Karen Coyne Children's Librarian of North Vancouver City Library
  • Craft Council of BC Craft Council of BC
    Craft Council of BC Craft Council of BC of Craft Council of BC
  • Julie Creaser
    Julie Creaser Community Outreach Librarian of Prince George Public LIbrary
  • Jennifer Cross
    Jennifer Cross Chocolatier of Jennifer Chocolates
  • Holly Cruise
    Holly Cruise Director of Terminal City Glass Co-op
  • Maria Cruz
    Maria Cruz Museum Coordinator of Steveston Museum
  • Lorn Curry
    Lorn Curry Artist of Studio F - Sheree Jones Fine Art & Originals by Lorn Curry
  • Brian Cyr
    Brian Cyr Building Manager/Photographer of Railtown Studios
  • Shaun Dacey
    Shaun Dacey Public Programmer of Burnaby Art Gallery
  • Shannon Davidson
    Shannon Davidson Administrative Assistant of MSA Museum Society
  • Emilie Davies
    Emilie Davies Exhibitions Manager of Vancouver Biennale
  • Kim Davison
    Kim Davison Library Programs Coordinator of Fraser Valley Regional Library
  • Dorothy Dawson
    Dorothy Dawson Co- President of Richmond Singers
  • Gabriela De Lucca
    Gabriela De Lucca Marketing and Communications Director of Firehall Arts Centre
  • Gaelle De Ruyter
    Gaelle De Ruyter Production Coordinator of Le Centre Culturel Francophone de Vancouver
  • Kate Declerck
    Kate Declerck Executive Director of Creativa International
  • Danica Denomme
    Danica Denomme Coordinator, Diversity Education and Resource Services of Abbotsford Community Services
  • Melanie Desjardines
    Melanie Desjardines Owner/Curator of Groop Gallery
  • Jessica Devenport
    Jessica Devenport Owner of 4Cats Arts Studio - North Vancouver
  • Sean Devine
    Sean Devine Co-Artistic Director of Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre
  • MaryAnne Dieno
    MaryAnne Dieno Marketing, Events and Communications Coordinator of Maritime Museum of BC
  • Jay Dodge
    Jay Dodge Artistic Producer of Boca del Lupo
  • Ingrid Doerr
    Ingrid Doerr of North Shore Green Markets Society
  • Michael Donley
    Michael Donley of Streaming Cafe
  • Lesley Douglas
    Lesley Douglas Manager, Environmental Sustainability of City of Richmond
  • Anna Drake
    Anna Drake Community Events and Programming Assistant of North Vancouver Community Arts Council
  • Josee Duffhues
    Josee Duffhues partner/owner/operator of JoVic Pottery
  • Phinder Dulai
    Phinder Dulai of Member - SOFIA/C
  • johanne dumas
    johanne dumas of Société francophone de Maillardville
  • Don Dutkowski
    Don Dutkowski Webmeister of Outside The Box ~ White Rock
  • Cheryl Duval
    Cheryl Duval Marketing Director of The Arts Connection
  • Jim Eagles
    Jim Eagles Creative of Nanaimo Street Art
  • Abelone Edwards
    Abelone Edwards Artist of Wishing Well of Wildlife
  • brianne Egeto
    brianne Egeto Programs and Events Coordinator of Port Moody Heritage Society
  • Joseph Elworthy
    Joseph Elworthy Executive Director of Vancouver Academy of Music
  • Nicole Ensing
    Nicole Ensing Program Coordinator of Arts Council of the Central Okanagan
  • Erin Ensor
    Erin Ensor Director of Danceability Studio
  • Heidi Epp
    Heidi Epp Artistic Director of Richmond Youth Honour Choir
  • Heidi Epp
    Heidi Epp Artistic Director of RYHC
  • Dawn Ewen
    Dawn Ewen Marketing Coordinator of Gateway theatre
  • Dianne Fairfield
    Dianne Fairfield Director of Music School
  • Janice Fairley
    Janice Fairley Public Art Program & Website Director of The Canada Line
  • Maureen Faulkner
    Maureen Faulkner Artist
  • Claire Fearnley
    Claire Fearnley of Gibsons Public Art Gallery
  • Michael Fera
    Michael Fera Program and Events Coordinator of Place des Arts
  • Diane Ferguson
    Diane Ferguson Administrator of Hope & District Arts Council
  • Monica Finn
    Monica Finn of Vancouver Island Regional Library
  • Tamaka Fisher
    Tamaka Fisher Arts & Heritage Coordinator of City of Abbotsford
  • Eric Fiss
  • lara fitzgerald
    lara fitzgerald Programming Director of Gallery Gachet
  • Michele Flinn-Nylander
    Michele Flinn-Nylander Owner/photographer/artist of Island Style Creative Studio
  • Sean Flores
    Sean Flores Communications Coordinator of Gateway Theatre
  • Ariana Flynn
    Ariana Flynn Assistant Operations Manager of Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa
  • Kelly Foley
    Kelly Foley Marketing and Communications of TEDxSechelt
  • Kaitlin Fontana
    Kaitlin Fontana Media and Sponsorship Director of Vancouver International Improv Festival
  • Teddy Forsyth
    Teddy Forsyth Manager of Administration of Arts Club Theatre Company
  • Courtenay Fraitzl
    Courtenay Fraitzl Community Beautification Coordinator of District of North Vancouver
  • Kat Frank
    Kat Frank Manager of Puntledge RV Campground and Nim Nim Interpretive Centre
  • Scott Fraser
    Scott Fraser Marketing & Communications Officer of Granville Island
  • Elaine Friedman
    Elaine Friedman Director of Minoru Seniors Society
  • Christina Froschauer
    Christina Froschauer Program and Events Coordinator of Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site
  • Amy Fung
    Amy Fung Programs Manager of Cineworks
  • Kelowna Art Gallery
    Kelowna Art Gallery of Kelowna Art Gallery
  • Shalema Gantt
    Shalema Gantt President of Nanaimo African Heritage Society
  • marianne garrah
    marianne garrah Director of IOTAD
  • Gabor Gasztonyi
    Gabor Gasztonyi Owner of Gabor Gasztonyi Studio
  • Ed Gavsie
    Ed Gavsie Director of Visitor and Partner Services of Tourism Richmond
  • Patti Gerhardi
    Patti Gerhardi Project Coordinator of Rivers Day Committee
  • Krista Germyn
    Krista Germyn Youth Outreach Worker of The City of Richmond
  • Sheila Giffen
    Sheila Giffen Museum Manager of Roedde House Museum
  • (Ms) Ranjit Gill
    (Ms) Ranjit Gill Executive Director of Central British Columbia Railway and Forestry Museum
  • Yanik Giroux
    Yanik Giroux Owner & Principal Voice Coach of Yanik Giroux Performing Arts Studio
  • Mark Glavina
    Mark Glavina Owner of Phoenix Art Workshop
  • Jessica Glesby
    Jessica Glesby Owner & Art Educator of womanundone
  • Rob Gloor
    Rob Gloor of Lions Gate Sinfonia
  • Silvana Goldemberg Faifman
    Silvana Goldemberg Faifman Writer
  • Joaquin Gonzalez
    Joaquin Gonzalez Spanish Folk Music performer of Coop Radio
  • Eugene Grabovy
    Eugene Grabovy of Palme's Performing Society
  • Paul Gravett
    Paul Gravett Executive Director of Kay Meek Centre
  • Barbara Gray-Wiksten
    Barbara Gray-Wiksten Board Member - Secretary of Lake Cowichan Salmon Mushroom Festival Society
  • Patricia Greenwell
    Patricia Greenwell Administrative Secretary of Cowichan Theatre
  • Raymond Greenwood
    Raymond Greenwood President of Vancouver AM Tourism Association
  • Robert Gregory
    Robert Gregory President of Richmond Gem and Mineral Society
  • Thomas Greiner
    Thomas Greiner President of Vancouver chapter of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities
  • Gail Gromaski
    Gail Gromaski Executive Director of Abbotsford Arts Council
  • Kathryn Gullason
    Kathryn Gullason Information Officer of Granville Island
  • Tamsin Guppy
    Tamsin Guppy Community Planner of District of North Vancouver
  • Deborah Guthrie
    Deborah Guthrie Executive Director of Uptown Rutland Business Association
  • Sher Hackwell
    Sher Hackwell Marketing Coordinator of Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
  • Jean de Dieu Hakizimana
    Jean de Dieu Hakizimana Neighborhood Care Commissioner of Neighborhood Care International Association
  • Val Halme
    Val Halme Owner/Dance Instructor of ValDance
  • Arzeena Hamir
    Arzeena Hamir Co-Chair of Richmond Fruit Tree Sharing Project
  • Jacqueline Hamlin
    Jacqueline Hamlin Recreation Programmer of Corporation of Delta
  • Gail Hanlon
    Gail Hanlon Co-ordinator of Deep Cove Heritage Society
  • Mary Harrington
    Mary Harrington Gallery Assistant of Ferry Building Gallery
  • Peter Harris
    Peter Harris Exhibit and Program Coordinator of Richmond Museum & Heritage Services
  • terry Harrison
    terry Harrison President of Visions Art Tour Society
  • Neil Harrower
    Neil Harrower Executive Director of Nelson and District Arts Council
  • Karlene Harvey
    Karlene Harvey Communications Director of grunt gallery
  • Barbara Heller
    Barbara Heller of Fibre Arts Studio
  • Carie Helm
    Carie Helm Coordinator, Special Events of Arts Umbrella
  • Jill Henderson
    Jill Henderson Communication Coordinator of Contemporary Art Gallery
  • Kelli Henderson
    Kelli Henderson Event Coordinator of Powell River Council for Arts', Culture & Heritage
  • Karen Henry
    Karen Henry planner of City of Vancouver
  • W Herring
    W Herring Administrative Officer of Mennonite Fall Fair
  • Michelle Hignell
    Michelle Hignell Secretary on Board of Directors of Powell River Council for Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Maria Hillmer
  • Stefan Hintersteininger
    Stefan Hintersteininger Librarian of Canadian Music Centre - BC Region
  • Christina Hirukawa
    Christina Hirukawa Administrator of Presentation House Gallery
  • Crystal Ho
    Crystal Ho Artist of Triple Studio
  • Gerda Hofman
    Gerda Hofman Artist of Hammond Bay Studio Tour
  • Doug Hofstede
  • Julie Hogarth
    Julie Hogarth Events Coordinator of Vanleena Dance Academy
  • Carolyn Holmes
    Carolyn Holmes Public Programs Manager of Two Rivers Gallery
  • Rod Hudson
    Rod Hudson Executive Director of Chilliwack Community Arts Council
  • Chelsea Hug
    Chelsea Hug Program Assistant, Marketing + Communications, Continuing Studies of Emily Carr University of Art + Design
  • Kathy Humphreys
    Kathy Humphreys General Manager of Kamloops Symphony
  • Rosemrary Hundal
    Rosemrary Hundal Member of Executive of North Vancouver Community Players
  • Gillian Hunt
    Gillian Hunt Artistic Director of Pandora's Vox Vocal Ensemble
  • Patricia Huntsman
    Patricia Huntsman Cultural Planner of Town of Qualicum Beach
  • Daryl Hutchings
    Daryl Hutchings Treasurer of Vancouver Gaelic Choir
  • Deb Ireland
    Deb Ireland Library Supervisor of Fraser Valley Regional Library - Hope Branch
  • Caroline Ivey
    Caroline Ivey Cultural Services Coordinator of City of Kelowna Cultural Services
  • Patrick Jackson
    Patrick Jackson Site and Events Coordnator of O.U.R. Ecovillage
  • Hannamari Jalovaara
    Hannamari Jalovaara of Dundarave Print Workshop + Gallery
  • Corinne James
    Corinne James Executive Director of The Old School House Arts Centre
  • Rawle James
    Rawle James Founder/Poet of Inspired Word Cafe
  • Howard Jang
    Howard Jang Executive Director of Arts Club Theatre Company
  • Jeanette Jarville
    Jeanette Jarville Contemporary Artist
  • Liesl Jauk
    Liesl Jauk Manager, Cultural Development of City of Richmond
  • Kelly Jenner
    Kelly Jenner promo team of Lynn Valley United Church
  • Susan Jessop
    Susan Jessop Gallery Coordinator of Port Moody Arts Centre
  • Kevin Jesuino
    Kevin Jesuino Co-Artistic Director of Mixed Parallels Performance Co.
  • Elizabeth Joe
    Elizabeth Joe Teacher
  • Penelope Johnson
    Penelope Johnson President of Oliver Community Arts Council
  • Ramona Johnson
    Ramona Johnson Gallery Manager of I-Hos Gallery
  • Stefanie Johnston
    Stefanie Johnston Communications Specialist of Richmond Multicultural Community Services
  • Shannon Jorgenson
    Shannon Jorgenson Assistant of Uptown Rutland Business Association
  • Shannon Jorgenson
    Shannon Jorgenson Manager of Lake Country Museum
  • Diana Joy
    Diana Joy Program Coordinator of Community Arts Council of Vancouver
  • Sherri Kajiwara
    Sherri Kajiwara Acting Executive Director of Nikkei Centre
  • Joyce Kamikura
    Joyce Kamikura Director of Life-Drawing
  • Sharon Karsten
    Sharon Karsten Executive Director of Comox Valley Art Gallery
  • Christine Kashuba
    Christine Kashuba Manager of Mackie Lake House Foundation
  • Kaitlin Kazmierowski
    Kaitlin Kazmierowski Environmental Coordinator of City of Richmond
  • Laura Keil
  • Erin Kennedy
    Erin Kennedy Artistic Director of Vernon and District Performing Arts Centre
  • Alisha Khan
    Alisha Khan Henna Artist of Digital AG Studios
  • Christine Kinghorn
    Christine Kinghorn Chair of Marketing & Promotions of Victoria Ballroom Dance Society
  • Bruce Kirkley
    Bruce Kirkley Department Head of Theatre Department, University of the Fraser Valley
  • Alice Ko
    Alice Ko Digital Media Strategist of Ballet BC
  • Sonja Kobrehel
  • Brigitta Kocsis
    Brigitta Kocsis of artist
  • Marietta Kozak
    Marietta Kozak General Manager of Mortal Coil Performance Society
  • Marietta Kozak
    Marietta Kozak General Manager of Great Northern Way Scene Shop
  • jeanne krabbendam
    jeanne krabbendam visual artist of Salt Water Studio
  • Amanda Kroetsch
    Amanda Kroetsch Co-owner of The Living Cafe
  • Chris Kuderle
    Chris Kuderle Administrative Director of Nanaimo Art Gallery
  • kira kyd
    kira kyd Social media coordinator of Make at Granville Island
  • Paul Laberge
    Paul Laberge Press relations of Merrickville Artists Guild
  • Carmen Lam
    Carmen Lam Gallery Administrator of Centre A
  • Carmen Lam
    Carmen Lam Marketing and Sponsorship Coordinator of Burnaby Art Gallery
  • Philip Lam
    Philip Lam Webmaster of London Heritage Farm
  • Judy Lam Maxwell
    Judy Lam Maxwell Historical Tour Guide of Historical Chinatown Tours
  • Jennifer Landels
    Jennifer Landels Cavaliere Program Head / Barn Manager of Academie Duello / Red Colt Equestrian Farm Co-op
  • Cheryl Landry
    Cheryl Landry Music Librarian of Greater Victoria Public Library
  • Jennifer Lang
    Jennifer Lang head creative designer of self employed fabric artist
  • Leigh-Anne Larsen
    Leigh-Anne Larsen Event Coordinator of The Kamloops Heritage Society
  • Christine Laurin
    Christine Laurin President of Richmond Gem and Mineral Club
  • Laurel Lawry
    Laurel Lawry Co-Artistic Director, School of Dance of Vancouver Ukrainian Performing Arts Society (AUUC)
  • Julie Lebel
    Julie Lebel Choreographer of Foolish Operations
  • Nicole Leblanc
    Nicole Leblanc Adjointe de direction of Centre culturel francophone d'Okanagan
  • Catherine Lee
    Catherine Lee Artistic Director of Historical Performance Ensemble
  • Catherine Lee
    Catherine Lee Artistic Director of True North Performance
  • Diane Lee
    Diane Lee Manager of Korea Hapkido Canada Federation
  • Liza Lee
    Liza Lee Communications Coordinator of
  • Keiko Lee-Hem
    Keiko Lee-Hem Residencies and Exhibitions Manager of ArtStarts in Schools
  • Brooke Lees
    Brooke Lees Heritage Coordinator of Britannia Shipyards, National Historic Site
  • Melissa Lemire
    Melissa Lemire Recreation Programmer of Corporation fo Delta
  • Elizabeth Lewis
    Elizabeth Lewis Director of Opera di Concertisti e Meraviglie
  • Ricky Li
    Ricky Li president of Association of Chinese Cultural Promotion - Canada
  • Cora Li-Leger
    Cora Li-Leger visual artist of Day of Drawing - Contemporary Art Matters
  • He Ling
    He Ling owner
  • Peggy Logan
    Peggy Logan Jewellery production manager of
  • Sasa Loggin
    Sasa Loggin Project Director of Skeena Diversity Society
  • Andrew Long
    Andrew Long Arts Leader of Richmond Arts Centre, City of Richmond
  • Kate Longley
    Kate Longley Teen Services Librarian of North Vancouver City Library
  • Marie Lopes
    Marie Lopes Programmer, Arts Culture & Environment of Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation
  • Rebecca Low
    Rebecca Low General Manager of Pi Theatre
  • Jo Ludwig
    Jo Ludwig promotions guy of Cowichan Valley Artisans
  • Jo Ludwig
    Jo Ludwig glass artisan of KilnArt Glass Studio
  • G Luve
    G Luve Organizer, Artist of Connect3Dots@560
  • maria lyons
    maria lyons Manager of Ten Thousand Villages
  • Maria Lyons
    Maria Lyons Manager of Ten Thousand Villages
  • Samantha MacDonald
    Samantha MacDonald Artistic Producer of Theatre North West
  • Kelly MacIntosh
    Kelly MacIntosh Markting and Programming Coordinator of Vernon Public Art Gallery
  • Esther MacKenzie
    Esther MacKenzie Education and Outreach of Craft Council of BC
  • Jolene Mackie
    Jolene Mackie of heART school
  • Erin Macklem
    Erin Macklem Artistic Associate & Outreach Coordinator of Belfry Theatre
  • Heather MacNeil
    Heather MacNeil artist
  • Alisdair MacRae
    Alisdair MacRae of Stafford Studios at the Nepean Creative Arts Centre
  • Penny Maday
    Penny Maday Artist/Teacher of Island Girl Art Studio
  • Megumi Maekawa
    Megumi Maekawa Gallery Coordinator of Rufus Lin Gallery of Japanese Art
  • Ania Mafi
    Ania Mafi Partnership Coordinator of District of West Vancouver
  • MIranda Mallinson
    MIranda Mallinson Library Technician of Vancouver Public Library
  • Scott Marsden
    Scott Marsden Curator of The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford
  • Seanna Martin
    Seanna Martin Research Assistant of Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre
  • Teenaq Martin
    Teenaq Martin Office Manager of Burnaby Arts Council
  • Yolande Martinello
    Yolande Martinello Director of Artists for Kids
  • Sandra Martins
    Sandra Martins Museum Coordinator of Coquitlam Heritage Society (Mackin House Museum)
  • Jane Matthews
    Jane Matthews Executive Director of Port Moody Arts Centre
  • Stan Matwychuk
    Stan Matwychuk Creative Director of Homebase Studio Gallery
  • Yannick Maury
    Yannick Maury Chef de projets of CCAFCB
  • Colleen Maybin
    Colleen Maybin Director, Education and Community Engagement of Vancouver Opera
  • Toni Mc
    Toni Mc Museum Manager of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver
  • Rita McArthur
    Rita McArthur Watercolour and Acrylic artist of Richmond Artists Guild
  • Sharon McCoubrey
    Sharon McCoubrey Chairperson of Lake Country Public Art Commission
  • Heather McDermid
    Heather McDermid Marketing and Communications Manager of Vancouver New Music
  • Ken McIntosh
    Ken McIntosh President of Creative Jewellers Guild of BC
  • Julie McIntyre
    Julie McIntyre Artist
  • Sean McKay
    Sean McKay Partner of The INNERface Media
  • Barb McLean
    Barb McLean Cultural Development Officer of North Vancouver Arts Office
  • Vickie McLeod
    Vickie McLeod Webmaster and Archivst of Textile Arts Guild of RIchmond
  • Lorna McParland
    Lorna McParland Director of Okanagan Artists Alternative Association
  • Hua Meng
    Hua Meng Director, general administrator of Okanagan Chinese Canadian Association
  • Mary Mikelson
    Mary Mikelson Owner of Mind and Matter Gallery
  • Birthe Miller
    Birthe Miller of Prince George Fibre Arts Guild
  • Erin Miller
    Erin Miller Performing and Creative Arts Events Liaison Officer of Douglas College
  • Peter Miller
  • Patricia Mills
    Patricia Mills Assistant Manager Programming and Learning of Vancouver Public Library
  • Rita Minichiello
    Rita Minichiello Director of The Drift Art on Main St
  • Katelin Mitchell
    Katelin Mitchell Immigrant Services Manager of Kelowna Community Resources
  • Smash Modern Art
    Smash Modern Art Owner of SMASH modern Art and Design
  • Aymie Moffatt
    Aymie Moffatt Dance and Fitness Instructor of Adage Studio
  • Paula Mohammed
    Paula Mohammed Splash, Event Director of Arts Umbrella
  • Dawn Moore
    Dawn Moore Professor of Capilano University
  • Diane Moran
    Diane Moran Community Arts and Education of Visual Artist
  • Keir Moulton
    Keir Moulton team member of Broadway East Art Walk
  • Gabriela Moutal
    Gabriela Moutal Owner, director and dance teacher of Gabriela's Movement
  • Andrea Mueller
    Andrea Mueller Visual Arts Programmer of Whsitler Arts Council
  • roman Muntener
    roman Muntener Director of Prince George Farmers' Market Association
  • Marilyn Mylrea
    Marilyn Mylrea Owner/Artist of Marilyn S. Mylrea Art Gallery
  • Christina Neale
    Christina Neale Programming Coordinator of Kelowna Museums Society
  • Miriam Needoba
    Miriam Needoba Program Director of Oxygen Art Centre
  • Barb Nelson
    Barb Nelson Event Coordinator of Semiahmoo Arts
  • Jill Neumann
    Jill Neumann Co-founder of Richmond Writes Out Loud!
  • Daurel Neve
    Daurel Neve G/M of TheatreOne
  • Krista Ng
  • Nhan Nguyen
    Nhan Nguyen Artist
  • Katie Nichols
    Katie Nichols Marketing Communications Manager of Presentation House Theatre
  • Marla Norrad
    Marla Norrad of Vancouver Playhouse Theatre Company
  • Jennifer Norris
    Jennifer Norris Recreation Programmer of John Braithwaite Community Centre
  • Arts Council of Surrey
    Arts Council of Surrey of Arts Council of Surrey
  • Yoriko Oki
    Yoriko Oki of Fibre Art Studio
  • Bev Olfert
    Bev Olfert of Abbotsford Youth Commission
  • Kristy Ollis
    Kristy Ollis Recreation Program Worker of North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • Nicole Olszewski
    Nicole Olszewski Production Manager of Ballet Victoria
  • Margaret Owens
    Margaret Owens Treasurer of Port Coquitlam Heritage and Cultural Society
  • Mimi Pak
    Mimi Pak Painter/Artist
  • Emily Palmer
    Emily Palmer Director of Community Programs of Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
  • andre Paradis
    andre Paradis sculptor of Designfromparadise
  • Geraldine Parent
    Geraldine Parent Arts Services Manager of Shadbolt Centre for the Arts
  • Jeanette Parkes
    Jeanette Parkes of Langley Art Studio Tour
  • Nina Parr
    Nina Parr Curriculum Coordinator of UBC Continuing Studies and Robson Square
  • Lorna Paterson
    Lorna Paterson Artistic Director of Chamber Music Kelowna
  • Lori Paul
    Lori Paul Director of Operations~ Vocal Performance Coach of Spiderlodge Recording Studio & Music School
  • Sandrine Pelissier
    Sandrine Pelissier marketing of 195 Studios-Artists on Pemberton
  • Shannon Penway
    Shannon Penway Recreation Program Worker of North Vancouver Recreation Commission
  • Amanda Peters
    Amanda Peters of Community Arts Council of Richmond
  • Cathie Peters
    Cathie Peters Co-Chair, TNS Chapter of Federation of Canadian Artists
  • Ute Philips
    Ute Philips President of Lions Bay Arts Council
  • Karen Pighin
    Karen Pighin Communications Manager of Maple Ridge Pitt Meadows Arts Council (The ACT Arts Centre & Theatre)
  • Sheila Pollock
    Sheila Pollock President of Pearl Ellis Gallery
  • Julie Pongrac
    Julie Pongrac Master Knitter of Julie Pongrac Studio
  • Kristie Poole
    Kristie Poole Project Coordinator of Word Vancouver
  • Kristie Poole
    Kristie Poole Project Coordinator of Word on the Street National Book & Magazine Festival
  • Emilian Pop
  • Jamie Purves
    Jamie Purves Programs Officer of Vancouver Maritime Museum
  • Sammy Rae
    Sammy Rae Award Winning Airbrush, Brush and Sponge Face Painting and Body Painting Artist of Virgo Visual Artistry
  • Selina Rajani
    Selina Rajani Communications Manager of Vancouver Opera
  • Anna Rambow
    Anna Rambow Events and Outreach Coordinator of Cumberland Museum and Archives
  • Heidi Rampfl
    Heidi Rampfl Collections Manager of Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society
  • Linda Ramsden
    Linda Ramsden Arts & Crafts Coordinator of Silver Harbour Centre
  • kathy ramsey
    kathy ramsey president of gabriola arts council
  • Susan Rankin
    Susan Rankin Market Coordinator of Junction Artists' Market
  • Tanya Rankin
    Tanya Rankin Community Recreation Programmer of Parkgate Community Centre
  • Nadia Rannou
    Nadia Rannou Directrice Générale of Centre culturel francophone de l'Okanagan
  • Perreault Ray
    Perreault Ray of Kamloops Ukulele Circle
  • Melanie Reaveley
    Melanie Reaveley Librarian of Vancouver Island Regional Library
  • Nichola Reddington
    Nichola Reddington Arts & Culture Coordinator of City of Victoria
  • Jem Redlich
    Jem Redlich Admin of Robert Held Art Glass
  • Lisa Redpath
    Lisa Redpath Project Coordinator of Prince George & District Community Arts Council
  • Roxanne Rissanen
    Roxanne Rissanen Acting Head of Public Services of Sault Ste. Marie Public Library
  • Elise Roberts
    Elise Roberts Seniors Outreach Coordinator of Elders Council for Parks
  • Margaret Robertson
    Margaret Robertson Recreation Program coordinator of The village of Cumberland
  • Wendy Robertson
    Wendy Robertson Executive Director of Kelowna Community Music School
  • Cheryl Robinson
    Cheryl Robinson Secretary of The Legacy Art Gallery, The University of Victoria Art Collections
  • Patricia Rolston
    Patricia Rolston Principal of Richmond Music School
  • Flamenco Rosario
  • Ramona Rose
    Ramona Rose Head, Archives & Special Collections of University of Northern British Columbia
  • Carmen Rosen
    Carmen Rosen Artistic Director of Still Moon Arts Society
  • Steve Rosenberg
    Steve Rosenberg Communications Coordinator of Pull Focus Film School
  • Jennifer Rowan
    Jennifer Rowan Coordinator of Adult Services and Programs of Greater Victoria Public Library
  • Katie Rowat
    Katie Rowat Activities Supervisor of Tourism Sun Peaks
  • Kathleen Rowe
    Kathleen Rowe Director of Communications of Kelowna-Kasugai Sister City Association
  • Michele Rule
    Michele Rule Communications Manager of Okanagan Regional Library
  • Morgan Saddington
    Morgan Saddington CVAC Coordinator of Cowichan Valley Arts Council
  • C.D. Saint
    C.D. Saint Choir Manaager of Laudate Singers
  • Deirdre Salisbury
    Deirdre Salisbury of Ronsdale Press
  • Carey Salvador
    Carey Salvador Administrator/Marketing of Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre
  • Martha Samsin
    Martha Samsin President of Textile Arts Guild of Richmond (TAGOR)
  • Robbie Sanchez
    Robbie Sanchez CEO of
  • Robert E Sanchez
    Robert E Sanchez Events Coordinator of vancouver Latin Music Dance Festival Society
  • Veronica Sanchez
    Veronica Sanchez Marketing Manager of Fairmont
  • Tracy Satin
    Tracy Satin Heritage Officer, Curator of Westbank First Nation - Heritage Repository
  • Marylène Saumier Demers
    Marylène Saumier Demers Cultural Coordinator of La Société francophone de Victoria
  • Ariadne Sawyer
    Ariadne Sawyer President of World Poetry Reading Series Society
  • Heidi Schiller
    Heidi Schiller Library of North Vancouver City Library
  • Krista Schmidt
    Krista Schmidt Recreation Leader of City of Richmond
  • Sarah Schmidt
    Sarah Schmidt Manager of Nanaimo Arts Council
  • Michael Schwartz
    Michael Schwartz of The Jewish Museum & Archives of BC
  • Terrill Scott
    Terrill Scott Library Supervisor of Fraser Valley Regional Library
  • Heather Scoular
    Heather Scoular Library Director of North Vancouver District Public Library
  • Steven Seltzer
    Steven Seltzer Communications Manager of Canadian College of Performing Arts
  • Courtney Senick
    Courtney Senick Marketing Manager of Lonsdale Quay Market
  • Rebecca Sharma
    Rebecca Sharma Director, Marketing & Communications of The Cultch (Vancouver East Cultural Centre)
  • Gabrielle Sharp
    Gabrielle Sharp Coordinator Steveston Museum of Steveston Museum - City of Richmond
  • Lori Sherritt
    Lori Sherritt Producer of Kloshe'nem
  • Paul Shuley
    Paul Shuley Director/Secretary of Jam Camp Society
  • Michelle Sirois-Silver
    Michelle Sirois-Silver Visual Artist of Artist Studio
  • Beverley Siver
    Beverley Siver Interim, General Manager of Gateway Theatre
  • Cat Sivertsen
    Cat Sivertsen Project Manager, Welcome PG of Immigrant Multicultural Services Society
  • Paul Slipp
    Paul Slipp Principal of Studio Rally
  • Leah Smart
    Leah Smart General Manager of Theatre Terrific
  • Jill Smillie
    Jill Smillie Director of Marketing of Victoria Symphony
  • Eileen Smith
    Eileen Smith Secretary of Deep Cove Heritage Society
  • Lee Anne Smith
    Lee Anne Smith Acting Facilities Coordinator of Richmond Public Library
  • Merran Smith
    Merran Smith Festival Director of Pacific Rim Arts Society
  • Patrick Smith
    Patrick Smith Artistic Director of Ptarmigan Music & Theatre Society
  • Siobhan Smith
    Siobhan Smith Arts Coordinator of District of Sechelt
  • Susan Smith-Alexander
    Susan Smith-Alexander Director, Programming of Arts Umbrella
  • Claire Smith-Burns
    Claire Smith-Burns Director of Kelowna & District Genealogical Society
  • Kate Sobol
  • Gail Sokalski
    Gail Sokalski Volunteer Open House Coordinator of St. Andrew's United Church
  • Cindy Song
    Cindy Song Community Relations of Shen Yun Show Vancouver Organizing Committee
  • liz sopwith
    liz sopwith Teacher of Music for Young Children
  • Lesley Spiegel
    Lesley Spiegel Event Producer of Synergy Events Inc.
  • Julia Spitale
    Julia Spitale co-creator of Wheely Slow Cooking Tour
  • Danielle St-Jean
    Danielle St-Jean of Danielle Studios
  • Nancy Stagg
    Nancy Stagg Marketing of Burnaby Village Museum & Carousel
  • Dace Starr
    Dace Starr Librarian - Special Projects of Richmond Public Library
  • Tracy Stefanucci
    Tracy Stefanucci Publisher/Editor of OCW Arts & Publishing Foundation
  • margaret stephens
    margaret stephens Treasuer & primary administrator of Thecommunity arts council of Richmond
  • Rebecca Stephenson
    Rebecca Stephenson Gallery Director of Stewart Stephenson Modern Art Gallery
  • Walter Stolting
    Walter Stolting President of Spirits of the West Coast Native Art Gallery
  • Shirley Sutherland
    Shirley Sutherland Assistant Director of North Vancouver Museum & Archives
  • Deborah Swain
    Deborah Swain Co-Chair of Thompson Nicola Shuswap Chapter of the FCA
  • Sharon Syrette
    Sharon Syrette community volunteer of Ancestor Connections
  • Sharon Syrette
    Sharon Syrette volunteer of Ancestor Connections genealogy group
  • Lau Sze-oi
    Lau Sze-oi Clinical Director of Dr. Art School of Expressive Arts Therapy
  • Zachary Tannar
    Zachary Tannar Administrator of Hub City Cinema Society
  • Danielle Tate-Stratton
    Danielle Tate-Stratton of OUR Ecovillage
  • Fern Teleglow
    Fern Teleglow Branch Head Librarian of Okanagan Regional Library - Kelowna Branch
  • Cara Tench
    Cara Tench Artistic Associate of Awkward Stage Productions
  • robin thompson
    robin thompson organizer/ curater of emily con
  • Rosemary Thomson
    Rosemary Thomson Music Director of Okanagan Symphony Orchestra
  • Diane Thorpe
    Diane Thorpe Community Arts Specialist of District of Saanich
  • Bill Thumm
    Bill Thumm of Capilano University Bosa Centre for Film & Animation
  • Jennifer Tice
    Jennifer Tice Public Relations Manager of The Fairmont Chateau Whistler
  • roxsane tiernan
    roxsane tiernan president of Burnaby Artists Guild
  • Amanda Tisseur
    Amanda Tisseur Deputy Director of The Exploration Place
  • Julie Tomaino
  • Kaylyn Trott
    Kaylyn Trott Public Relations & Marketing Coordinator of Fairmont Pacific Rim
  • Heather Turnbull
    Heather Turnbull Marketing & Development Manager of Lulu Island Winery Ltd.
  • Joan Tweedlie
    Joan Tweedlie Director of Richmond Reelers
  • Shelley Twist
    Shelley Twist Community Arts Coordinator of City of Burnaby
  • Kathy Tycholis
    Kathy Tycholis Education and Public Programs Coordinator of Richmond Art Gallery
  • Jana Tyner
    Jana Tyner Communications and Publications of UBC Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery
  • Susanna Uchatius
    Susanna Uchatius Artistic Director of Theatre Terrific Society
  • Susanna Uchatius
    Susanna Uchatius Artistic Director of Theatre Terrific
  • Colleen Underwood
    Colleen Underwood Owner/Artist of The Mud Room Clayworks
  • Trudy Van Dop
    Trudy Van Dop Owner of Van Dop Gallery
  • Shelly Vida
    Shelly Vida Performing Arts Coordinator of Rotary Centre for the Arts
  • Kim Violato
    Kim Violato Communications Manager of Kay Meek Centre
  • norman vipond
    norman vipond Organizer of 195Studios.....Artists on Pemberton
  • Krishnakumar Vishwanathan
    Krishnakumar Vishwanathan Director of UCMAS Richmond
  • Wendy Wacko
    Wendy Wacko Director of Mountain Galleries at the Fairmont
  • Kat Wahamaa
    Kat Wahamaa Director of ACES/CRC
  • karenza t. wall
    karenza t. wall artisan of chindi nation
  • Jane Wang
    Jane Wang program coordinator of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Vancouver
  • Rena Warren
    Rena Warren Executive Director of Cool Arts Society
  • Erin Watkins
    Erin Watkins Communications and Events Coordinator of West Vancouver Memorial Library
  • Brenda Weatherston
    Brenda Weatherston Community Arts Specialist of Saanich Parks and Recreation
  • Malcolm Weatherston
    Malcolm Weatherston Director of Development of Mountain View Wildlife Conservation Centre
  • Malcolm Weatherston
    Malcolm Weatherston manager of Fort Langley Village Farmers Market
  • Lynn Weaver
    Lynn Weaver director of MoonDance Dynamic Arts School
  • Katie Weber
    Katie Weber Office Manager of Goh Ballet
  • Diane Welch
    Diane Welch author
  • Amanda Wells
    Amanda Wells Environmental Educator of City of Kamloops
  • Jennifer Wheeler
    Jennifer Wheeler Marketing and Advertising Specialist of Vancouver Art Gallery
  • Larry White
    Larry White President of Richmond Community Concert Band
  • Yasaman Whiting
    Yasaman Whiting Program Director of Artists for Conservation
  • Rhoni Whyard
    Rhoni Whyard Event & Marketing Coordinator of Coast Cultural Alliance
  • Margarete Wiedmann
    Margarete Wiedmann Special Services Coordinator of North Vancouver City Library
  • Meaghan Williams
    Meaghan Williams Executive Director of Ballet Kelowna
  • Roma Wilson
    Roma Wilson Interim Office Manager of Presentation House Theatre
  • Meldy Wilton
    Meldy Wilton Artistic Producer, Art Designer of Wilton Broad Players Art & Theatre Society, on behalf of the Dam Poets
  • Anne-Sophie Woolnough
    Anne-Sophie Woolnough Public Programs and Engagement Coordinator of Theatre Replacement
  • Kirsten Yanicki
    Kirsten Yanicki Marketing Coordinator of The Fairmont Vancouver Airport
  • Graham Yates
    Graham Yates Principal of Chilliwack Academy of Music
  • Graham Yates
    Graham Yates Principal of The Chilliwack Academy of Music
  • Ming Yeung
    Ming Yeung freelance art instructor of Independent Artist
  • Marilou Yodogawa
    Marilou Yodogawa Coordinator of MHHS Richmond 55+sers Group
  • Elisa Yon
    Elisa Yon Public Art Assistant of City of Richmond Public Art Program
  • cathy young
  • Wendy Young
    Wendy Young Executive Director of Community Arts Council
  • Katayoon Yousefbigloo
    Katayoon Yousefbigloo Special Events Assistant Coordinator of Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
  • Randy Zahara
    Randy Zahara Manager of Kelowna Community Theatre
  • Yezhuang Diamond Zhou
    Yezhuang Diamond Zhou of Artist Group
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  • Debbie Moszynski
    Debbie Moszynski Vice President Art Marketing of Arctic Co-operatives Limited
  • Erin Acland
    Erin Acland Acting University Archivist of University of Winnipeg
  • Micheline Arbez
    Micheline Arbez of Les Productions Rivard
  • jasmine arcand
    jasmine arcand youth mentor/festival assistant of winnipeg aboriginal film festival
  • Jaimz Asmundson
    Jaimz Asmundson Festival Coordinator of WNDX Festival of Film & Video Art
  • Pedro Aurelio
    Pedro Aurelio Artistic Director of Bolero Dance Theatre
  • Eddie Ayoub
    Eddie Ayoub Program Director of Art City
  • Lorna Ball
    Lorna Ball Treasurer, Collections Manager, Education Co-ordinator of 26 Fd Regt RCA - XII MB Dragoons Museum
  • Lorna Ball
    Lorna Ball Collections Manager - Education Co-ordinator of 26 Fd Regt RCA - XII MB Dragoons Museum
  • Stephanie Ballard
  • Allison Banman
    Allison Banman Artistic Director of Rising Star Academy of Arts
  • Dale Banman
    Dale Banman Development Officer of Turtle Mountain CDc
  • Dave Barber
    Dave Barber Cinematheque Programmer of Winnipeg Film Group
  • Jocelyne Baribeau
    Jocelyne Baribeau of Centre culturel franco-manitobain
  • Jaya Beange
    Jaya Beange Curatorial Assistant of Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Amber-Dawn Bear Robe
    Amber-Dawn Bear Robe Director/Curator of Urban Shaman
  • Will Belford
    Will Belford of Rainbow Trout Music Festival
  • Annie Bergen
    Annie Bergen Community artist of Red Road Lodge
  • Johnathan Bevan
    Johnathan Bevan Director of song & flight
  • Andrea Bilash
    Andrea Bilash Executive Director of Winnipeg Aboriginal Film Festival (WAFF)
  • dawn bird
    dawn bird president of miami pioneer museum
  • Jennifer Bisch
    Jennifer Bisch Chief Program Officer and Curator of Manitoba Historical Society Dalnavert Museum
  • Joy Bissoon
    Joy Bissoon Chairperson, Education & Youth of Caribbean Council of Organizations of Manitoba (CCOM)
  • Kathleen black
    Kathleen black artist of In Plain View Winnipeg Artist Studio Tours
  • michelle blais
    michelle blais Marketing Coordinator of Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Lori Blight
    Lori Blight Arts Promotion Coordinator of Portage & District Arts Centre
  • Daryn Bond
    Daryn Bond Corporate Lackey of Bond Institute
  • Martine Bordeleau
    Martine Bordeleau Chef des communications of Radio-Canada
  • Yvonne Boulianne
  • Jacques Bourgeois
    Jacques Bourgeois Events, Marketing and Promotion of Oak Hammock Marsh Interpretive Centre
  • Wins Bridgman
    Wins Bridgman Principal of BridgmanCollaborative Architecture
  • Brody Britton
  • Margaret Brook
    Margaret Brook of Manitoba Fibre Festival
  • Louis-Philippe Bujold
    Louis-Philippe Bujold Local History Librarian of Winnipeg Public Library
  • Sigourney Burrell
    Sigourney Burrell Designer of Ruby Feathers
  • Linda Cairns
    Linda Cairns owner of Create Within
  • Kara Cardiff
    Kara Cardiff Marketing and Development Assistant of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Laura Cartledge
    Laura Cartledge Special Project & Event Manager of Canada's Royal Winnipeg Ballet
  • Maritel Centurion
    Maritel Centurion Choreographer of Independent
  • Chloe Chafe
    Chloe Chafe Curator/Art Consultant of Synonym Art Consultation
  • Alexandre Chartier
    Alexandre Chartier of Réseau des grands espaces
  • Lucienne Châteauneuf
  • Jennifer Cheslock
    Jennifer Cheslock Outreach Manager of Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Jae Chon
    Jae Chon owner of MAKE
  • Ray Christopherson
  • flavio cianflone
    flavio cianflone band choir teacher of shaftesbury high school bands and choirs
  • Louise Cianflone
    Louise Cianflone Music Teacher of St John Brebeuf School
  • Radio
    Radio Station Manager of CKUW Radio 95.9 FM
  • Andrea Clow
    Andrea Clow Assistant General Manager of The Forks Market
  • Lukas Conway
    Lukas Conway Administrative Coordinator of Exchange Community Church
  • Elizabeth Cooper
    Elizabeth Cooper Choreographer of Momentum Aerial & Acrobatic Troupe
  • Melissa Courcelles
    Melissa Courcelles of Culture Days Manitoba
  • Melissa Courcelles
    Melissa Courcelles Cultural Agent of Culture Days
  • James Culleton
    James Culleton Artist
  • Ganga Dakshinamurti
    Ganga Dakshinamurti Company Coordinator of Manohar Performing Arts of Canada
  • Pascale Dalcq
    Pascale Dalcq Assistante administrative of Paroisse de la Cathédrale
  • Pascale Dalcq
    Pascale Dalcq Assistante administrative of Paroisse-Cathédrale
  • Bolero Dance Theatre
  • Andreanne Dandeneau
    Andreanne Dandeneau Owner/ Fashion Designer of Voilà par Andréanne
  • Louise Dandeneau
  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis Education and Outreach Coordinator of Winnipeg Folk Festival
  • Lesly Dawyduk
    Lesly Dawyduk proprietor of Pulse Gallery
  • Monica de Jong
    Monica de Jong artiste of
  • Gloria De Neve
    Gloria De Neve President of In Plain View
  • skot deeming
    skot deeming curator
  • Shawna Dempsey
    Shawna Dempsey Co-Executive Director of Mentoring Artists for Women's Art
  • Julien Desaulniers
  • Roland Deschambault
    Roland Deschambault Training Coordinator of Manitoba Music
  • Gord Docking
    Gord Docking Co-chair of Miami Railway Station Museum
  • Daryl Dumanski
    Daryl Dumanski Executive Director of Forum Art Centre
  • Heather Emberley
    Heather Emberley PR of Spirits' Call Choir
  • Joanne Epp
    Joanne Epp of Manitoba Writers' Guild
  • Kevin Fan
    Kevin Fan Executive Director of Winnipeg Chinese Cultural and Community Cente
  • Kathy Fenton
    Kathy Fenton General Manager of Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers
  • Debbie Figowy
    Debbie Figowy Arts & Culture Program Coordinator of Rady JCC
  • Marilyn Firth
    Marilyn Firth Community Relations Manager of Le Marche St. Norbert Farmers' Market
  • Thom Fougere
  • Kira Koop Francesca Carella
    Kira Koop Francesca Carella curator of Art on the Bus, Nuit Blanche
  • Alan Freeman
    Alan Freeman of Marx Reading Group
  • Daniel Friesen
    Daniel Friesen of The Riel Gentlemen's Choir
  • Brad Froggatt
    Brad Froggatt Chief Museum Officer of Manitoba Agricultural Museum
  • Kb Fujumelody
  • hannah g
    hannah g Program Coordinator of aceartinc.
  • Tanya Gadd
    Tanya Gadd Manager of Buhler Gallery - St. Boniface Hospital
  • Tanya Gagro
    Tanya Gagro Manager of Buhler Gallery
  • Michelle Gervais
    Michelle Gervais Directrie of Tourisme Riel
  • Julie Gervino
    Julie Gervino Visitor Services Coordinator of Manitoba Hydro
  • Jennifer Gibson
    Jennifer Gibson Director/Curator of Gallery 1C03
  • Larry Glawson
    Larry Glawson Executive Director of Martha Street Studio
  • Brenda Gorlick
    Brenda Gorlick Associate Director of Winnipeg Studio Theatre
  • Charles Granger
    Charles Granger Director/editor of Digital Ghost
  • Scott Gray
    Scott Gray Director, Park Programming of Assiniboine Park Conservancy
  • Jo Ann Greisman
    Jo Ann Greisman Treasurer of Costume Museum of Canada
  • Alan Greyeyes
    Alan Greyeyes Chairperson of Aboriginal Music Week
  • shirley grierson
    shirley grierson Executive Director of Artists in Healthcare, Manitoba
  • Perry Grosshans
    Perry Grosshans General Manager of Winnipeg International Writers Festival
  • Monique Guenette
    Monique Guenette Band director of Collège régional Gabrielle-Roy
  • Jean-Louis Guillas
    Jean-Louis Guillas Director of Dauphin Public Library
  • Howard Gurevich
    Howard Gurevich Owner of Gurevich Fine Art
  • Holly Halftone
    Holly Halftone Owner of Drawn and Plastered
  • Gayle Halliwell
  • Grant Hamilton
    Grant Hamilton Social media coordinator of Brandon Industry Group
  • Buffy Handel
    Buffy Handel of Aboriginal School of Dance
  • Greg Hanec
    Greg Hanec Artist (muscian) of Community of Continuity
  • Dave Hanson
    Dave Hanson Owner of Sage Garden Herbs
  • Gwen Harp
    Gwen Harp President of Gimli Art Club
  • Andrew Harwood
    Andrew Harwood Gallery Secretary of Zsa Zsa West
  • Kristi Hay
    Kristi Hay Public Relations of The Hutton Academy of Irish Dance
  • Stephen Hayter
    Stephen Hayter Executive Director of Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
  • Jacquelyn Hébert
  • Tammy Hendrickx
    Tammy Hendrickx of Pembina Hills Art Gallery
  • Peter Heymans
    Peter Heymans Curator/Entertainment Coordinator of Assiniboine Park Conservancy
  • Elizabeth Hogue
    Elizabeth Hogue Board President of Cook's Creek Heritage Museum
  • Liz Hogue
    Liz Hogue Board President of Cook's Creek Heritage Museum
  • Alanna Horejda
    Alanna Horejda Museum Curator of Transcona Historical Museum
  • anna hovland
    anna hovland General Manager / Directrice générale of Le Centre d'arts médiatiques pour jeunes : Freeze Frame Media Arts Centre for Young People
  • anna hovland
    anna hovland player of band
  • Jeremy Hull
    Jeremy Hull Co-ordinator of Manitoba International Folk Dance Association
  • Jeremy Hull
    Jeremy Hull Coordinator of Manitoba International Folk Dance Association
  • Monica Hultin
    Monica Hultin President of Winnipeg Early Music Society
  • Heidi Hunter
    Heidi Hunter artist of Runs with Scissors
  • Irina Ivanov Bissonnette
    Irina Ivanov Bissonnette Directrice du marketing et des communications of Festival du Voyageur
  • Kyle Janzen
    Kyle Janzen Designers / Artists of JNZNBRK
  • Tom Janzen
    Tom Janzen Development Manager of CentreVenture
  • Fiona Jeffries
    Fiona Jeffries Horn Player / Web Wrangler of Brandon Community Orchestra
  • Matt Jenkins
    Matt Jenkins Blacksmith of Cloverdale Forge
  • Matt Jenkins
    Matt Jenkins Blacksmith of Cloverdale Forge
  • Judy Jennings
    Judy Jennings glass artist of Judy Jennings Studio
  • Nathan Johns
  • Galen Johnson
  • Jaylene Johnson
    Jaylene Johnson Songwriter of Manitoba Music
  • Jaylene Johnson
  • Leona Johnson
    Leona Johnson Manager, Partnerships & Communications of CBC Manitoba
  • Sula Johnson
    Sula Johnson Project Manager of ClarkHuot
  • Donna Jones
    Donna Jones Special Assistant of School of Art, University of Manitoba
  • Shawn Jordan
  • Barbara Joy
    Barbara Joy singer/songwriter/musician of Barbara Joy Music
  • sophia kachor
    sophia kachor Executive Director of Ukrainian Cultural and Educational Centre
  • Larissa Kanhai
    Larissa Kanhai Fair Trade Outreach of Manitoba Council for International Cooperation
  • Diane Kashton
    Diane Kashton Promotion Director of CTV
  • Jo'Anne Kelly
    Jo'Anne Kelly of In Plain View Winnipeg
  • Hazrah Khan
    Hazrah Khan Volunteer Art of Living Teacher of Art of Living Foundation
  • Cassie Klassen
    Cassie Klassen Massage therapist of Bluemoon wellness center
  • Jessie Klassen
    Jessie Klassen Workplace Commuter Options Coordinator of Green Action Centre
  • Nora Kobrinsky
    Nora Kobrinsky painter and printmaker
  • Crystal Kolt
    Crystal Kolt Cultural Coordinator of Flin Flon Arts Council
  • Jake Kotze
  • Annis Kozub
    Annis Kozub Mandolin orchestra conductor of Association of United Ukrainian Canadians
  • Mary Krieger
    Mary Krieger artist
  • David Krindle
  • David Krindle
    David Krindle Member of Artists" coop of Stoneware Gallery
  • Bernice A. M. Kwasnicki
    Bernice A. M. Kwasnicki watercolour artist/author
  • Angela La Muse
    Angela La Muse Entertainer of La Muse Burlesque
  • Marc LaBossiere
    Marc LaBossiere Proprietor/Producer of Studio 59
  • Janice LaFlair
  • Stephanie Lambert
    Stephanie Lambert Special & Donor Events Coordinator of Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Ginette Lavack Walters
    Ginette Lavack Walters Executive Director of Festival du Voyageur
  • Cathy Laver-Wright
    Cathy Laver-Wright Organizer of Art in the ...
  • Pat Lazo
    Pat Lazo Artistic Director of Graffiti Art Programming Inc.
  • Natalia Lebedinskaia
    Natalia Lebedinskaia Curator of Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
  • Andrew Legeny
    Andrew Legeny None of The Pas Arts Council
  • Eric Lesage
    Eric Lesage Artistic directeur of La 'aison des artistes visuels francophones
  • Lucille Lévy
    Lucille Lévy Coordonnatrice de la communication of Centre culturel franco-manitobain
  • amanda lievana-mactavish
    amanda lievana-mactavish of independent
  • Jin Lin
    Jin Lin President of Comox Valley Multicultural & Immigrant Support Society
  • Catherine Logan
    Catherine Logan Coordonnatrice de services en tourisme of Tourisme Riel
  • Monica Lowe
    Monica Lowe of Winnipeg Film Group
  • Wanda Luna
    Wanda Luna Director of Estudio Luna
  • Sherry Lynn
    Sherry Lynn co owner of Journey Home Artist Retreat
  • Helen Lyons
    Helen Lyons Owner and artist of Wishtone
  • Cheryl MacLellan
    Cheryl MacLellan Correspondence Administrator of Mudpuppy Gallery
  • Vanessa Macrae
    Vanessa Macrae Communications and Marketing Manager of Winnipeg's Contemporary Dancers
  • Irène Mahé
    Irène Mahé directrice, TGC of Le Cercle Molière
  • Oria Mambira
    Oria Mambira band manager of Bongo Love
  • Jerome Marchildon
    Jerome Marchildon Museum Program Developer of The Manitoba Museum
  • Melanie Marginet
    Melanie Marginet Artistic Director of Theatre by the River
  • Cara Mason
  • Nicole Matiation
    Nicole Matiation Executive Director of On Screen Manitoba
  • Mary Matywayashing
    Mary Matywayashing Success Coach of Lundar Lakeshore School Division
  • Nazariy Mazovskyy
    Nazariy Mazovskyy Coordinator of Recreation, Heritage and Culture of The Town of Churchill
  • melissa mcalister
    melissa mcalister Curator of Winnipeg Design Festival
  • Brigite McDaniels
    Brigite McDaniels Chair of Comité culturel de Saint-Laurent
  • Pamela McFarlane
    Pamela McFarlane Envision co-director of Envision-Wolseley's Festival of the Arts
  • Hope McIntyre
    Hope McIntyre Artistic Director of Sarasvati Productions
  • Val McKinley
    Val McKinley Curator, Anthropology Museum of University of Winnipeg
  • Sean McManus
    Sean McManus Program Manager of Manitoba Music
  • Brian McMillan
    Brian McMillan partner of Prairie Stained Glas and School of Craft
  • Craig Medwyduk
    Craig Medwyduk Designer / Printer of Guppy Graphic Design / Jumbo Show Posters
  • Constance Menzies
    Constance Menzies of Chocolatier Constance Popp
  • Roberta-Burgess Mertens-Hansen
    Roberta-Burgess Mertens-Hansen Artist of self employed
  • Nicolas Messner
    Nicolas Messner representative / agent of Ça Claque!
  • Karine Metivier
    Karine Metivier secrétaire of comité culturel de St-Claude
  • Susana Meza
  • Jayne Miles
    Jayne Miles of 5468796 Architecture Inc.
  • Carmelo Militano
  • Jordan Miller
    Jordan Miller Director of cre8ery gallery & studio
  • caroline monnet
    caroline monnet artist
  • Lisa Moore
    Lisa Moore of Midnight Choir
  • Mona Moquin
    Mona Moquin Artiste of Bon Monde
  • Bev Morton
    Bev Morton owner of Wayne Arthur Gallery
  • Bev Morton
    Bev Morton Owner of Wayne Arthur Gallery
  • Heather Mousseau
    Heather Mousseau Communications Co-ordinator of Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • Kristy Muckosky
    Kristy Muckosky of Winnipeg Cinematheque
  • Janette Murawski
    Janette Murawski of Winnipeg Marx Reading Group
  • elise nadeau
    elise nadeau Director of both of The Edge Gallery and Main Street Clay and Community Centre
  • elise nadeau
    elise nadeau director of edge village urban art centre
  • Tom Neufeld
    Tom Neufeld of Represent a number of organizations
  • Ian Neufeld La Rue
    Ian Neufeld La Rue Singer/Songwriter of Ian La Rue
  • Jeff Newman
    Jeff Newman Producer of Numan Films
  • Angie Nor Addin
    Angie Nor Addin Gallery Services Coordinator of Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
  • Jennifer Norrie
    Jennifer Norrie Designer of University of Manitoba
  • Barbara O'Hara
    Barbara O'Hara Chef & Owner of Dessert Sinsations Cafe
  • Natasha O'Reilly
    Natasha O'Reilly Co-ordinator of NA
  • Andrew Palmer
    Andrew Palmer Public Affairs Representative of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
  • Selena Panchoo
    Selena Panchoo Associate Director of Edge Gallery
  • Richard Parinas
    Richard Parinas Student Coordinator of Sikaran Arnis School of Martial Arts
  • John Patterson
  • Geneviève Pelletier
    Geneviève Pelletier Direction artistique of Le Cercle Molière
  • Theo Pelmus
    Theo Pelmus aritst of artist
  • Joseph Péloquin-Hopfner
    Joseph Péloquin-Hopfner Responsable de la programmation of Le 100 NONS
  • Andee Penner
    Andee Penner Owner of Sew Dandee
  • Tracy Peters
    Tracy Peters Photo-based artist
  • Molly Pind
    Molly Pind of Village Green Country Dancers
  • Michelle Plamondon
  • Steven Porter
  • Talia Pura
    Talia Pura aerial dancer of self
  • Dana Race
    Dana Race Public Programming Coordinator of FortWhyte Alive
  • Lori & Christopher Redd
    Lori & Christopher Redd Owners,Designers, & Manufacturers of Redd Line Jewellery/Redd Rock Shop
  • Kerri-Lynn Reeves
    Kerri-Lynn Reeves Admin Assistant of Winnipeg Arts Council
  • Andrea Reichert
    Andrea Reichert Curator of Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library
  • Chris Reid
  • Gwen Repeta
    Gwen Repeta manager of Ten Thousand Villages
  • Lawrence Rich
    Lawrence Rich Artist of Larry Rich Studio
  • Cassidy Richardson
    Cassidy Richardson Curatorial Assistant of Plug In ICA
  • Jenett Richter
    Jenett Richter Museum Administrator of Manitoba Hydro
  • Emmanuelle Rigaud
    Emmanuelle Rigaud Coordinatrice Adjointe à la programmation of Centre culturel franco-manitobain
  • Hope Roberts
  • Melanie Rocan
    Melanie Rocan Artist (painter)
  • Helma Rogge Rehders
    Helma Rogge Rehders Creator/Story teller of Visual Artist Helma Rogge Rehders 247 Laurel Ave/Boundary Creek Park Winnipeg Beach
  • Alexandra Rohne
    Alexandra Rohne Communications of Gurevich Fine Art
  • cecil rosner
    cecil rosner Secretary of Manitoba Chess Association
  • james roth
    james roth musician of Starry Skies Collide
  • Nicole Rudge
    Nicole Rudge CEO of Half Pints Brewing Company
  • Jim Sanders
    Jim Sanders Executive Director of Freeze Frame
  • Andraea Sartison
    Andraea Sartison Artistic Director of One Trunk Theatre
  • Renée Saurette
    Renée Saurette directrice artistique of La Maison des artistes visuels
  • Kristen Sawatzky
  • Stephanie Scherbain
    Stephanie Scherbain Marketing and Communications Coordinator of Exchange District BIZ
  • Tim Schouten
    Tim Schouten Visual Arts Program Coordinator of Manitoba Arts Network
  • Trudy Schroeder
    Trudy Schroeder Executive Director of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Danny Schur
    Danny Schur Composer/Writer/Producer
  • Javier Schwersensky
    Javier Schwersensky Director, Marketing, Sales and Programs of The Manitoba Museum
  • Anil Sedha
    Anil Sedha Secretary of Hindu Society of Manitoba
  • Larisa Segida
    Larisa Segida musician, vocalist, composer of band "MW: MoscoWinnipeg"
  • Nandita Selvanathan
    Nandita Selvanathan Musician of Flavors of India
  • Haanita Seval
    Haanita Seval Director of Marketing & Development of Prairie Theatre Exchange
  • jordan sewell
    jordan sewell artiste of galeria luz / south point douglas freeway millionaires' club
  • Pierrette Sherwood
    Pierrette Sherwood Propriétaire / Artiste of Boutique Papillon Garden Creations
  • Tyler Sikorski
    Tyler Sikorski of FortWhyte Alive
  • Aaron Simoes
    Aaron Simoes Musician of Aceta Music
  • Amy Simoes
    Amy Simoes Fire Entertainer of Amy Blaze
  • Jennifer Smith
    Jennifer Smith Public Programming Assistant of Manitoba Crafts Museum and Linrary
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Adam Smoluk
    Adam Smoluk Community Outreach and Diversity Programs of Film Training Manitoba
  • Sherry Sobey
    Sherry Sobey Owner of Generation Green at The Forks
  • Kim Striemer
    Kim Striemer Manager of Pembina Threshermens Museum
  • Melissa Suggitt
    Melissa Suggitt Marketing & Communications Coordinator of West End BIZ
  • Sue Surcon
    Sue Surcon Assistant Manager, E-Marketing of Arctic Co-operatives Limited
  • Cathy Sutton
    Cathy Sutton owner of Nepenthe Studio
  • Beth Syrnyk
    Beth Syrnyk Owner of Au Set Bellydance
  • George Tanner
    George Tanner President of Medea Gallery Artists Co-op
  • Jasmine Tara
    Jasmine Tara Coordinator of North End Food Security Network
  • Bruce Tascona
    Bruce Tascona Director of Legion House Museum
  • Ali Tataryn
    Ali Tataryn Program Director of Frame Arts Warehouse
  • Bonnie Taylor
    Bonnie Taylor President of Manitoba Society of Artists
  • Andrew Thomson
    Andrew Thomson General Manager of Virtuosi Concerts
  • Prairie Thunder
    Prairie Thunder Director of Miskookinew Centre for the Arts
  • Kurt Tittlemier
    Kurt Tittlemier Volunteer of Music For All Alliance
  • John Toews
    John Toews Event Coordinator / Music Booking of McNally Robinson Booksellers
  • Jody Tresoor
    Jody Tresoor Coordinator of Musée St. Joseph Museum
  • joan trombo
    joan trombo treasurer of Teulon & District Museum
  • Eileen Trott
    Eileen Trott Curator of Daly House Museum
  • Darlene Tufts-Dunlop
    Darlene Tufts-Dunlop of Brandon Embroiderers
  • Tracey Turner
    Tracey Turner Curator/Manager of Fort la Reine Museum, Pioneer Village & Tourist Bureau
  • Heidi Ugrin
    Heidi Ugrin Director of Cluster Festival
  • cheryl van der Raadt
    cheryl van der Raadt of The RCA Museum
  • Nils Vik
    Nils Vik Owner of Parlour Coffee
  • Ginette Vincent
    Ginette Vincent secrétaire of Comité culturel Châteauguay
  • Stephanie Voyce
    Stephanie Voyce Project Manager of Downtown Winnipeg BIZ
  • Alan Waite
    Alan Waite Assistant General Manager of Manitoba Theatre Centre
  • Andrew Wall
    Andrew Wall Director of Farpoint Films
  • Daina Warren
    Daina Warren Director of Urban Shaman Inc.
  • Anna Wiebe
    Anna Wiebe Associate Art Educator, Adult Programs of Winnipeg Art Gallery
  • Kathleen Williams
    Kathleen Williams Admin. Coordinator of Community Outreach and Marketing of Winnipeg Public Library
  • Michelle Wilson
  • Rebecca Winkworth
    Rebecca Winkworth Community Art Program Coordinator of Artbeat Studio Inc / Studio Central
  • Joe Wiwchar
    Joe Wiwchar Museum Administrative Manager of Manitoba Baseball Hall of Fame Museum
  • Amy Wolfe
    Amy Wolfe of Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra
  • Mary Wood-McNeill
    Mary Wood-McNeill Artist of Wood-McNeill Studio
  • Jennifer Woodbury
    Jennifer Woodbury Executive Director of Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba
  • Kirsten Wurmann
    Kirsten Wurmann of Winnipeg Public Library
  • Ram Wools Yarn Co-op
    Ram Wools Yarn Co-op Member/Worker of Ram Wools Yarn Co-op
  • Cam Young
    Cam Young Public Programming Coordinator of FortWhyte Alive
  • Graeme Young
    Graeme Young Bartender of Proof
  • Steve Yurkiw
    Steve Yurkiw of Ogniwo Polish Museum
  • Onilee Zaborniak
  • Leanne Zacharias
    Leanne Zacharias Assistant Professor of Music of Brandon University School of Music
  • Harriet Zaidman
    Harriet Zaidman of United Jewish Peoples Order
  • Weiming Zhao
    Weiming Zhao of Residence
  • Collin Zipp
    Collin Zipp Director/Curator of ONE NIGHT STAND
  • hannah _g
    hannah _g Co-Director of aceartinc.
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New Brunswick

  • François Albewrt
    François Albewrt DIrecteur des communications of Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne
  • Chantale Bellemare
    Chantale Bellemare Directrice of Bibliothèque publique de Moncton
  • Kim Bent
    Kim Bent Gallery Assistant of Gallery 78
  • marguerite bickel
    marguerite bickel Directrice of Alliance française de Moncton
  • Madeleine Blanchard
  • L Borgald-Sharpe
    L Borgald-Sharpe of Fredericton Region Museum
  • Cynthia Boudreau
    Cynthia Boudreau Library Assistant of Cap-Pelé Public Library
  • Nora Bowes
    Nora Bowes Business Administrator of Art Galleries and Workshops
  • Josh Carter
    Josh Carter Social Media Coordinator of Infinite: Culture and Beyond '12
  • Bill Clarke
    Bill Clarke of Restigouche Regional Museum
  • Jacqueline Collomb
    Jacqueline Collomb Treasurer of Third Space Gallery
  • Laura Lea Comeau
    Laura Lea Comeau administrator of Water Street Gallery Chatham/Miramichi
  • Jeanne Mance Cormier
    Jeanne Mance Cormier Conservatrice of Musée acadien de l'Université de Moncton
  • Céline Croteau
    Céline Croteau Agente de développement of Ecole Saint-Henri
  • Nicolette Crowley
    Nicolette Crowley of Arts and Culture Marketing, Mount Allison University
  • Kelly Cunningham
    Kelly Cunningham Promotions and Events Coordinator of Saint John Arts Centre
  • Louis-Philippe Dionne
    Louis-Philippe Dionne operations manager of Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada
  • Louis Doucet
    Louis Doucet Directeur of Loisirs socioculturels, Université de Moncton, Moncton, NB
  • Terry Drisdelle
    Terry Drisdelle Producer of Red Necklace Productions
  • Jennifer Duguay
    Jennifer Duguay Tourism Manager of Town of Hampton
  • Joanne Duguay
    Joanne Duguay Heritage Development Officer - Community Relations of Place Resurgo Place
  • Michael Edwards
    Michael Edwards Director of Programming of Science East
  • Tanya Eindiguer
    Tanya Eindiguer Young Adult and Adult LIbrarian of Bibliothèque publique Mgr-W.-J.-Conway
  • Kate Elman-Wilcott
    Kate Elman-Wilcott Artistic Director of InterAction School of Performing Arts
  • Janice Fairney
    Janice Fairney Archivist/Manager of Charlotte County Archives
  • Julie Forest
    Julie Forest Agente de développement culturel et communautaire of École Le Mascaret
  • Annie Friolet
    Annie Friolet Animatrice de programme of VON Bébé et moi en santé PA
  • Wen Gao
    Wen Gao of individual musician
  • Sonia Godin
    Sonia Godin Gestionnaire of Bibliothèque publique de Petit-Rocher
  • Mary Grant
    Mary Grant Certified Traditional Rug Hooking Instructor
  • Kurt Gumushel
    Kurt Gumushel Educator of St. Stephen Middle School
  • Melissa Hanley
    Melissa Hanley Library Assistant of East Branch~Saint John Free Public Library
  • Ginette Hébert
    Ginette Hébert Agente des communications et Gestionnaire de projet of ARCf (Association régionale de la communauté francophone) de Saint-Jean
  • Valerie Hillier
    Valerie Hillier Director of Programming of Fredericton Playhouse Inc.
  • Francesca Holyoke
    Francesca Holyoke Head, Archives & Special Collections of Archives & Special Collections, University of New Brunswick
  • Johanne Huard
    Johanne Huard Chef des communications of Radio-Canada
  • WhiteFeather Hunter
    WhiteFeather Hunter Executive Director of Fredericton Arts & Learning, Inc.
  • Victoria Hutt
    Victoria Hutt Director/Curator of The Andrew & Laura McCain Art Gallery
  • Nisk Imbeault
    Nisk Imbeault Directrice-conservatrice of Galerie d'art Louise et Reuben-Cohen
  • Ellen Jeffries
    Ellen Jeffries Tourism & Culture of City of Moncton
  • Andrew Kierstead
    Andrew Kierstead Executive Director of The Saint John Arts Centre
  • Marie-Thérèse Landry
  • Juliette Lang
    Juliette Lang Organizer with the city of Edmundston. Mrs. L. B. Picard. of Coloris D`automne
  • Chantal Laviolette
    Chantal Laviolette Community Connections Coordinator of MAGMA-AMGM
  • Christine Lavoie
    Christine Lavoie Artist of Atelier IMAGINE
  • Joanne LeBlanc Skyrie
    Joanne LeBlanc Skyrie Agente développement culturel of Société culturelle Sud Acadie
  • Émilie Lefrançois
    Émilie Lefrançois Directrice of Bibliothèque publique Mgr-W.-J.-Conway d'Edmundston
  • Pierre Lemonde
    Pierre Lemonde Cordinateur/Co-ordinator of Initiative de développement culturel et touristique-Cultural and Tourism Development Initiative
  • Andréa M. Levesque
    Andréa M. Levesque Marketing & Content Development of Imperial Theatre
  • Wenmei Li
    Wenmei Li musician
  • Megan Lucas
    Megan Lucas Program Director of Town of Quispamsis
  • Lucy MacDonald
    Lucy MacDonald Curator of Education and Community Outreach of Owens Art Gallery
  • Megan MacKay
    Megan MacKay Education and Outreach Coordinator of Gallery Connexion
  • Anngy Mallais
    Anngy Mallais Directrice of Commission consultative de la culture de Tracadie-sheila inc.
  • Rhéa Manuel
    Rhéa Manuel Assistant Director of Frye Festival
  • Terry Matthews
    Terry Matthews Co-Chair of Miramichi Art Core
  • Michelle McDonald
    Michelle McDonald Development Associate of Beaverbrook Art Gallery
  • Maureen McIlwain
    Maureen McIlwain Marketing Director of Kingsbrae Garden
  • Dawne McLean
    Dawne McLean First Vice-president, Chair of Program Committee of Albert County Historical Society, Albert County Museum
  • Sheila McPhee
    Sheila McPhee Artist/Owner of Gallery Opaque
  • adda mihailescu
    adda mihailescu manager of public programs of the beaverbrook art gallery
  • Biff Mitchell
    Biff Mitchell Writer of
  • Vanessa Moeller
  • Muriel Morton
    Muriel Morton Library Director of Oromocto Public Library
  • Emerise Nowlan
    Emerise Nowlan Owner of Artgora Gallery
  • Zoe Pappas-Acreman
    Zoe Pappas-Acreman Acting Young Adult/Adult Services Librarian of Mgr. W. J. Conway Public Library
  • Graeme Peters
    Graeme Peters Directeur of Bibliothèque publique de Tracadie-Sheila
  • Rosemary Polegato
    Rosemary Polegato Professor, Arts & Culture Marketing of Arts & Culture Marketing Class, Mount Allison University
  • Helen Pridmore
    Helen Pridmore Committee member of CultureWorks Mount Allison & Tantramar Seniors College
  • Brigitte Prud'homme
    Brigitte Prud'homme Citoyenne of Memramcook Action
  • Moncton Public Library
    Moncton Public Library of Moncton Public Library
  • Krista Rae
    Krista Rae Marketing Officer of Kings Landing Historical Settlement
  • Corey Redekop
    Corey Redekop Publicist of Goose Lane Editions
  • Roxanne Richard
    Roxanne Richard Cultural Development Officer of City of Moncton
  • Yolaine Robichaud
    Yolaine Robichaud Directrice de l'exploitation of Théâtre Capitol Theatre
  • Sarah Ronald
    Sarah Ronald Artist
  • Lisa Anne Ross
    Lisa Anne Ross Director of Arts Development of Charlotte Street Arts Centre
  • Dianne Roxborough Brown
    Dianne Roxborough Brown Executive Director of New Brunswick Choral Federation
  • Björn Runefors
  • Lynne Saintonge
  • Murielle Savoie
    Murielle Savoie Directrice du développement culturel of Centre communautaire Sainte-Anne
  • Pascale Savoie-Brideau
    Pascale Savoie-Brideau Agente culturelle et communication of Alliance Française
  • Robin Sexton-Mayes
    Robin Sexton-Mayes Library Director of West Branch Library
  • Ypie Shaver
    Ypie Shaver of personal initiative
  • Lynne Surette
    Lynne Surette Assistant Director of Capitol Theatre School of Performing Arts/ École des arts de la scène du Théâtre Capitol
  • Lynne Surette
    Lynne Surette Assistant Director / Adjointe à la direction of Capitol School of Performing Arts / École des arts de la scène du Capitol
  • Mélissa Thibodeau
  • Mélissa Thibodeau
    Mélissa Thibodeau Communications of Théâtre Capitol Theatre
  • Michèle Turgeon
    Michèle Turgeon Artiste résidente of Galerie La Violette Gallery
  • Indu Varma
    Indu Varma Artist of Salt Marsh Studio
  • Denise Violette
    Denise Violette General Manager of New Brunswick Foundation for the Arts
  • Amani Wassef
    Amani Wassef Director of Education/Community Engagement of Fredericton Playhouse
  • Evelyn Whitehead
    Evelyn Whitehead YoungAdult/Adult Services coordinator of Moncton Public Library
  • Lori Williams
    Lori Williams Sr. Communications Officer of CBC
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Newfoundland and Labrador

  • Geoff Adams
    Geoff Adams Artistic Managing Director of The New Curtain Theatre Company
  • Jackie Alcock
    Jackie Alcock Artist of Marbelous Mat Maker
  • David Allison
    David Allison of City of St. John's Pipe Band, the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society St. John's Branch and the NL St. Andrews Society
  • Sheila Anstey
    Sheila Anstey of St. John's Guild of Embroiderers
  • Margaret Ayad
    Margaret Ayad Board Member of Bay Roberts Cultural Foundation
  • Steven Barnes
    Steven Barnes Museum Technician of Provincial Seamen's Museum
  • Benjamin Basha
    Benjamin Basha Students/ Buskers of B.B and The J's
  • Scott Batten
    Scott Batten Photographer
  • Bobbi Benson
    Bobbi Benson Librarian of Lewisporte Public Library
  • Carol Best
    Carol Best Executive Director of Central Labrador Economic Development Board Inc
  • Bill Brennan
    Bill Brennan Artistic Director of Sound Symposium
  • Bob Brink
    Bob Brink of Pouch Cove Heritage Committee
  • Korona Brophy
    Korona Brophy Artistic Director of The Celtic Fiddlers
  • Mildred Brown
    Mildred Brown Program Director of The Landfall Trust
  • Laura Bruijns
  • Gaylene Buckle
    Gaylene Buckle General Manager of Theatre Newfoundland Labrador
  • Rhonda Buckley
    Rhonda Buckley Producer of The Rooms
  • Carol Burden
    Carol Burden Manager of Alexis Hotel
  • Mina Campbell Hibbs
    Mina Campbell Hibbs Curator of Labrador Interpretation Centre
  • Aimee Chaulk
    Aimee Chaulk Editor of Them Days
  • Caroline Clarke
    Caroline Clarke Director of Communications of Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Robert Colbourne
    Robert Colbourne Music Specialist
  • Linda Collier
    Linda Collier Secretary of Stephenville Historical Society
  • Jewel Cousens
    Jewel Cousens Newfoundland and Labrador Collection Librarian of St. John's Public Libraries
  • Madonna Crant
    Madonna Crant Lib. Tech. 11 of Harmsworth Public Library
  • Sue Crichton
    Sue Crichton Secretary of The Landfall Trust
  • Sheila Curran
    Sheila Curran Board Director of The Beaches Heritage Centre
  • Gillian Davidge
    Gillian Davidge Manager, Education and Public Programming Unit of The Rooms Provincial Archives, Art Gallery, Museum
  • Janet Davis
    Janet Davis Visual Artist of Norton's Cove Studio Inc.
  • Kelly Davis
    Kelly Davis Executive Director of St. JOhn's International Women's Film Festival
  • Pam Dooley
    Pam Dooley Assistant Marketing Coordinator of Creative Book Publishing
  • Emily Doyle
    Emily Doyle of Food Education Action St. John's
  • Art Ex Exploits Valley
  • Audrey Feltham
  • Michelle Gallant
    Michelle Gallant Social Marketing Manager of Heart's Content Community Market
  • Karin Galliott
    Karin Galliott Manager of Corner Brook Arts & Culture Centre
  • Bonnie Goudie
    Bonnie Goudie Executive Director of Labrador Straits Historical Development Corporation
  • Beverly Harris
    Beverly Harris Manager of House of Diamonds Art Centre Inc
  • Kristin Harris Walsh
    Kristin Harris Walsh President of DanceNL
  • david hayashida
    david hayashida Co-owner of King's Point Pottery
  • Orla Hegarty
    Orla Hegarty Communications/PR of Puncheon Players
  • Todd Hennessey
    Todd Hennessey Program Chair of Theatre Program, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University
  • Kathleen Hicks
    Kathleen Hicks Manager of Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance
  • Valerie Hodder-Walsh
    Valerie Hodder-Walsh Fine Arts Instructor of Eastern Health
  • Jackie Hynes
    Jackie Hynes Outreach Manager of St. John's International Women's Film Festival
  • Jackie Hynes
    Jackie Hynes Program Manager of St. John's International Women's Film Festival
  • Michelle Hynes
    Michelle Hynes Special Events Coordinator of Beaches Heritage Centre
  • Alli Johnston
  • Lynda Keefe
    Lynda Keefe Site Supervisor of The Commissariat Provincial Historic Site
  • Calla Lachance
    Calla Lachance Executive Director of Neighbourhood Dance Works
  • Kathryn Lear
    Kathryn Lear Marketing and Communications of Arts and Culture Centre
  • Sharon LeRiche
    Sharon LeRiche Gallery Director of Craft Council Gallery
  • Robert Lodge
    Robert Lodge Regional Manager of Gordon Pinsent Centre for the Arts
  • Mary MacDonald
    Mary MacDonald Director of Eastern Edge Gallery
  • Yvette Mahaney
    Yvette Mahaney Office Manager of Eastport Peninsula Heritage Society
  • Melissa Marshall
    Melissa Marshall Dance Instructor of Valley Danceworks
  • Sara...h McDonald-Anderson
    Sara...h McDonald-Anderson Artistic Associate of Theatre Newfoundland Labrador
  • Lexie Mckenzie
  • Janet McNaughton
    Janet McNaughton writer
  • Suzanne Mullett
    Suzanne Mullett General Manager of RCA
  • Elizabeth Ann Murphy
    Elizabeth Ann Murphy of Placentia West Heritage Committee
  • Kathryn Musseau
    Kathryn Musseau of Lotus Energy Bellydance
  • CBC Newfoundland and Labrador
    CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Senior Communications Officer of CBC
  • Fergus O'Byrne
    Fergus O'Byrne Producer/musician of Young Folk At the Hall
  • Lynn Panting
    Lynn Panting Festival Co-ordinator of Neighbourhood Dance Works
  • Patricia Parsons
    Patricia Parsons Manager, Central Division Libraries of NL Public Libraries
  • Raelene Payne
    Raelene Payne Program Co-ordinator of House of Diamonds Art
  • connie penton
    connie penton Museum Curtor of Mary March Provincial Museum
  • Connie Penton
    Connie Penton Museum curator of The Rooms Corporation of Newfoundland & Labrador
  • Ingrid Percy
    Ingrid Percy of Division of Fine Arts, Grenfell Campus, Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Candice Pike
    Candice Pike Festival Manager of Gros Morne Summer Music
  • Jessica Prince
    Jessica Prince City Librarian of Corner Brook Public Library
  • MMaP Research Centre
    MMaP Research Centre of Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • Jane Rogers-Willis
    Jane Rogers-Willis Librarian of Hare Bay/Dover Public Library
  • Nicole Rousseau
    Nicole Rousseau Artistic Associate of Resource Centre for the Arts
  • leona rowsell
    leona rowsell of norris arm public library
  • Dan Rubin
    Dan Rubin Chair of Pouch Cove Heritage Committee
  • Regina Rumbolt
    Regina Rumbolt Manager of Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Centre
  • Josh Smee
    Josh Smee Administrator of Suzuki Talent Education Program
  • Terri Smith
    Terri Smith Outreach Worker of Charles J Andrew Youth Treatment
  • Mel Squarey
    Mel Squarey of Heritage Foundation
  • Michelle Stuckless
    Michelle Stuckless Supervisior - Library Technician III of NLPL
  • sheila sullivan
    sheila sullivan of Newfoundland Writers Guild
  • Sara Tilley
    Sara Tilley Artistic Director of She Said Yes! Theatre Company
  • Andy Turnbull
    Andy Turnbull School Council Member of Ecole Boreale
  • Ellen Turner
    Ellen Turner Manager of Labrador West Arts and Culture Centre
  • Mark Turner
    Mark Turner PhD Student of Labrador Film Foundation
  • Tracey Vaughan-Evans
    Tracey Vaughan-Evans Library Technician I of Carbonear Public Library
    RN WAGNER Volunteer Coordinator of NayburZ with FlavoR MEDIA
  • June Walker Wilson
    June Walker Wilson Artist
  • Elaine Watts
    Elaine Watts Artist of Summerland Studio Tour
  • Jonathan Weale
    Jonathan Weale Gallery Assistant of SWGC Art Gallery
  • Bride Whiffen
    Bride Whiffen Library Technician of Southern Harbour Public Library
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Nova Scotia

  • Ellen Agger
    Ellen Agger Co-founder of TAMMACHAT Natural Textiles
  • Tom Alway
    Tom Alway Partner of Maritime Painted Saltbox
  • Masterwork Award
    Masterwork Award of Nova Scotia Masterworks Awards Foundation
  • Bonnie Baker
    Bonnie Baker Member of Elephant Grass Print Collective
  • Hannah Beck
    Hannah Beck Administrator of Strategic Arts Management
  • Tanya Bouchard
    Tanya Bouchard Chief Curator of Pier 21 Canada's Immigration Museum
  • Karen Bradley
    Karen Bradley Program Chair of Old School Gathering Place
  • Kathy Brown
  • Lori Burke
    Lori Burke General Manager of Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design
  • Joanne Burns-Theriault
    Joanne Burns-Theriault Recreation Co-ordinator of Mount Saint Vincent University
  • Tim Callahan-Cross
    Tim Callahan-Cross Exec. Director of Nova Scotia Choral Federation
  • Rosaria Campbell
    Rosaria Campbell Curriculum Coordinator of Nova Scotia Agricultural College
  • Lumiere Cape Breton
    Lumiere Cape Breton of Lumiere Cape Breton
  • Andy Cunningham
    Andy Cunningham Event Organizer of Creative Pictou County Arts Society
  • Paula Davis
    Paula Davis Recreation Director of Town of Port Hawkesbury
  • Terry Drahos
    Terry Drahos Director of Uncommon Common Art
  • Kim Farmer
    Kim Farmer Fine Arts Programmer of Alderney Landing
  • Kathy Fisher
    Kathy Fisher Visitor Services Supervisor of Glooscap Heritage Centre and Mi'kmaw Museum
  • Doug Fraser
    Doug Fraser Visual Artist of Doug Fraser Art
  • Janice Fuller
    Janice Fuller Interim Director of Communications and Marketing of Symphony Nova Scotia
  • Allan Gaskin
    Allan Gaskin Education and Outreach Coordinator of Symphony Nova Scotia
  • Claudette Germain
    Claudette Germain of Fall for Flamenco Festival
  • Ian Green
    Ian Green Chair of Theatre on the Hill Perfroming Arts Association
  • Greg Guy
    Greg Guy Senior Communications Officer of CBC Halifax
  • Anne Harding
    Anne Harding Director-Artist Outreach of Th"YARC
  • Sophie Heath
    Sophie Heath Gallery DIrector of Annapolis Region Community Arts Council
  • SUsan Jeffries
    SUsan Jeffries community development officer of NS Dept Communities, Culture and Heritage
  • Noémie Joly
  • senécal kent
    senécal kent Directeur général of centre communautaire Étoile de l'Acadie
  • Jennie King
    Jennie King Sales and Marketing Manager of Neptune Theatre
  • Rita Lamontagne
    Rita Lamontagne Visual Artist of Mahone Bay Centre
  • Michelle LaPorte
    Michelle LaPorte Store Manager of Petite Riviere Vineyards
  • Alicia MacDonald
    Alicia MacDonald of Halifax Dance
  • Cailin MacDonald
    Cailin MacDonald Communications Manager of Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
  • Lynda Macdonald
    Lynda Macdonald Director of Harvest Gallery
  • Andrew MacGregor
    Andrew MacGregor Arts, Culture & Heritage Coordinator of Town of Amherst, NS
  • Andrew MacGregor
    Andrew MacGregor Arts, Culture & Heritage Coordinator of Town of Amherst
  • Heather MacKenzie
    Heather MacKenzie Regional Manager - Arts and Culture Programming of Halifax Public Libraries
  • Richard MacMichael
    Richard MacMichael Coordinator of Visitor Services of Maritime Museum of the Atlantic
  • Melissa Marr
    Melissa Marr Co-ordinator of Wonder'neath Artist Studios
  • Marcie Meekins
    Marcie Meekins Project Coordinator of Anne Murray Centre
  • Marion Moore
    Marion Moore of South Shore Public Libraries
  • Miriam Moren
    Miriam Moren Administrative Assistant of Saint Mary's University Art Gallery
  • Nancy Morgan
    Nancy Morgan Managing Director of Strategic Arts Management
  • Carlton Munroe
    Carlton Munroe Programs/Events Manager of Town of New Glasgow
  • Chris O'Neill
    Chris O'Neill Executive Director of Ross Creek Centre for the Arts
  • Sarah O'Toole
    Sarah O'Toole Coordinator of Antigonish Culture Alive
  • Jeffrey Parker
    Jeffrey Parker owner of Lyghtesome gallery
  • Stephen Peters
    Stephen Peters Publicist of Deep Roots Music Cooperative
  • Stephen Peters
    Stephen Peters PR Volunteer of Deep Roots Co-op
  • Andrea Pottyondy
    Andrea Pottyondy Atlantic Representative of Society of Canadian Artists
  • Megan Power
    Megan Power Communications Coordinator of Neptune Theatre
  • Tacha Reed
    Tacha Reed President of Hants County Arts Council
  • Joann Reynolds Farmer
    Joann Reynolds Farmer Coordinator of Community Service Learning & Outreach of NSCAD University
  • Kay Robertson
    Kay Robertson Managing Director of Inverness County Centre for the Arts
  • Su Rogers
    Su Rogers artist of visual arts
  • Trecia Schell
    Trecia Schell Community Services Librarian of Pictou-Antigonish Regional Library
  • Laura Simpson
    Laura Simpson Communications and Membership Coordinator of Music Nova Scotia
  • Hilary Skov-Nielsen
    Hilary Skov-Nielsen Adult Programming Manager of Halifax Public Libraries
  • Jim Smith
    Jim Smith Ceramic Artist of Jim Smith ~ Fine Studio Pottery
  • Stacy Smith
    Stacy Smith actor of Theatre Classes
  • Tegan Smith
    Tegan Smith Program Coordinator, Membership & Partnership Development of Old School Community Gathering Place
  • Vaughan Smith
    Vaughan Smith owner /Artist of Westcote Bell Pottery
  • Margaret Spore
    Margaret Spore Director of Tangonova
  • Susan Stackhouse
    Susan Stackhouse Associate Professor of Dalhousie University
  • Devon Strang
    Devon Strang Marketing Manager of Celtic Colours International Festival
  • Susan Sweet
    Susan Sweet Curator of Gallery 215
  • Joseph Szostak
    Joseph Szostak chair, PR committee of ViewPoint Gallery
  • Todd Thompson
    Todd Thompson Owner of EL Proximo Tango
  • Jason Tucker
    Jason Tucker Office & Tour Coordinator of Mermaid Theatre of Nova Scotia
  • Shauna Walters
    Shauna Walters Special Projects Manager of Cape Breton Centre for Craft and Design
  • Christopher Webb
    Christopher Webb Curator of Pavia Gallery
  • Leah Whitehead
    Leah Whitehead Marketing Manager of Royal Nova Scotia International Tattoo
  • simone Wilson
    simone Wilson Chair of Fall for Bear River
  • simone wilson
    simone wilson Chair of Fall for Bear River
  • jessica winton
    jessica winton Curator of Hydrostone Gallery
  • Sheila Woodcock
    Sheila Woodcock Secretary/Treasurer of Lunenburg Art Gallery Foundation
  • Cheryl Young
    Cheryl Young Project Assistant of Town of New Glasgow
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Northwest Territories

  • Sharon Allen
    Sharon Allen Instructor of Aurora College
  • Boris Atamanenko
    Boris Atamanenko Manager Community Programs of Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
  • Rae Braden
    Rae Braden Exhibit Technician of Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre
  • Jennifer Drygeese
    Jennifer Drygeese Director of Yellowknives Dene First Nation
  • Susan Epp
    Susan Epp Board Member of Classics On Stage Yellowknife (COSY)
  • Ryan Good
    Ryan Good Programming Coordinator of Open Sky Creative Society
  • Pascaline Greau
    Pascaline Greau Agent de projets culturels of Association franco-culturelle de Yellowknife
  • Gail Hodder
    Gail Hodder Visual Art Educator of Confederation Centre Art Gallery
  • Pablo Saravanja
    Pablo Saravanja President of WAMP
  • Radio Taïga
    Radio Taïga of Radio Taïga Civr 1035 FM
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  • Pascale Arpin
    Pascale Arpin Communications Advisor of Nunavut Arts & Crafts Association
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  • Margaret /sessionWorkflow/basketWorkflow/basketSelection/basketPerson[1]/bookingPerson/person/surname
    Margaret /sessionWorkflow/basketWorkflow/basketSelection/basketPerson[1]/bookingPerson/person/surname Director of Operations of Sinfonia Toronto
  • David Adair
    David Adair Business Manager of Georgian Bay Symphony
  • Marco Adamovic
    Marco Adamovic Programme Lead of Mine Own Media
  • jim adams
    jim adams Program Director of Red Bear
  • Darin Addison
    Darin Addison Production/Marketing Coordinator of Aeolian Hall Musical Arts Association
  • Barbara Ades
    Barbara Ades Owner of Rhythmic Rainbow Studio
  • Tammy Adkin
    Tammy Adkin Partnerships Manager of Museum London
  • Patti Agapi
    Patti Agapi Artist of Peter Street Fine Arts Gallery & Studio
  • Jane Agnew
    Jane Agnew partner of Tour Excellence
  • Alix Aitken
    Alix Aitken Market Manager of Cambridge Farmers' Market, City of Cambridge
  • Sherrie Aldred
    Sherrie Aldred Program Coordinator of City of Oshawa, Arts Resource Centre
  • Jill Alexander
    Jill Alexander of Arnprior & Beyond Arts Association
  • Karly Ali
    Karly Ali Education and Intrepretation Officer of Cumberland Heritage Village Museum
  • Lorraine Allen
    Lorraine Allen Member of Friends of the Library
  • Shareen Ally
    Shareen Ally Volunteer of Scadding Court Community Centre
  • Cristian Aluas
    Cristian Aluas Art Teacher of Masterpiece Art School (Kanata, ON)
  • Puja Amin
    Puja Amin Artistic Director of BollyCORE!
  • Alex Amodeo
    Alex Amodeo Projects Manager - Marketing of Downtown Kingston! BIA
  • Debra Amos
    Debra Amos Owner of Community Dental Hygiene
  • Carly Anderson
    Carly Anderson Coordinator of Arts Milton
  • Jessica Anderson
    Jessica Anderson Assistant to the Executive Director of Ottawa LIttle Theatre
  • Philip Anderson
    Philip Anderson Executive Director of Gallery 1313
  • Julie Andrews-Jotham
    Julie Andrews-Jotham CEO of Hastings Highlands Public Library
  • Beth Angle
    Beth Angle Community Development Coordinator of City of Niagara Falls
  • Kay Annable
    Kay Annable Committee Member of City of Welland Arts and Culture Committee
  • Cheryl Antao-Xavier
    Cheryl Antao-Xavier National Coordinator of Canadian Federation of Poets
  • Ediagbonya Anthony
    Ediagbonya Anthony Artist of Anthony Aigbe Music
  • Susan Antonen
    Susan Antonen Executive Assistant of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre
  • Tracey Antono
    Tracey Antono Event Coordinator of Renison University College
  • Liz Araujo
    Liz Araujo Assistant Director of County Town Singers
  • Sandy Archibald
    Sandy Archibald Owner of Archibald's Winery & Cider House Golf
  • John Arkelian
    John Arkelian CEO of Cinechats Film Festival & Artsforum Magazine & Durham Council for the Arts
  • Peggy Artelle
    Peggy Artelle Artist & Puppeteer of Artelle Puppets
  • David Arthur
    David Arthur chairperson of board of Wellington Winds
  • Brighton Arts Council
  • Jayne Asselstine
    Jayne Asselstine Deputy Chief Librarian of Innisfil Public Library
  • Linda-Marie Assinewe-Conway
    Linda-Marie Assinewe-Conway Anishinaabe Language Coordinator of MAMAWESWEN
  • Emma Ates
    Emma Ates Contemplative artist - educator of Mindful Rupa Arts
  • Kerrie Atkinson
    Kerrie Atkinson owner of Fireweed
  • Janet Attard
    Janet Attard Stencil Artist
  • Mahlikah Aweri
    Mahlikah Aweri Artistic Director of Red Slam Collective
  • Donya Azizi
    Donya Azizi of Sofra Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Cheryl Babineau
    Cheryl Babineau Owner/curator of Bittersweet Art & Craft Gallery
  • Tahira Badre
    Tahira Badre Artistic Director of Goddess Emerging Bellydance Studio
  • Anupam Bagchi
    Anupam Bagchi President of The Malhar Group
  • Sarah Bagnall
    Sarah Bagnall Account Executive of Plank Design
  • Wayne Baguley
    Wayne Baguley President of Headwaters Arts
  • Shamara Baidoobonso
    Shamara Baidoobonso Board Member of African Canadian Federation of London and Area
  • David Baker
    David Baker Fred Haines commemorative exhibition committee member of Meaford Museum
  • Debby Baker
    Debby Baker Publicity coordinator of Canadian Amateur Musicians / Musiciens amateurs du Canada
  • Lynn Baker
    Lynn Baker Committee Chair of Doors Open Windsor
  • Virginia Bancur
    Virginia Bancur President of Georgetown Little Theatre Productions Inc.
  • Brooke Banning
    Brooke Banning Co-artistic producer of Peanut Butter People
  • Dawn Banning
    Dawn Banning Artist
  • Rebecca Baptista
    Rebecca Baptista owner and curator of Impresario Artisan Market
  • Robin Baratta
    Robin Baratta teacher of Art Emporium
  • Kelly Barnett
    Kelly Barnett Tattoo Artist/Owner of Next of Skin Tattoo
  • Hilary Barrett
    Hilary Barrett Adminstrator of MERA
  • Lita Barrie
    Lita Barrie Chief Librarian of Grimsby Public Library
  • Amy Barron
    Amy Barron Curator of Scugog Shores Museums
  • Vanessa Barry
    Vanessa Barry Assistant, Government & Foundation Relations of Toronto International Film Festival
  • Paule Barsalou
    Paule Barsalou Artistic Director of Suzuki String School of Guelph
  • Adrian Bateman
    Adrian Bateman Managing Editor & Program Manager of Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - Windsor
  • penny bateman
    penny bateman programme coordinator of cornwall community museum
  • Wesley Bates
    Wesley Bates Proprietor of West Meadow Press
  • Carol Bauer
    Carol Bauer Member Services of Quinte Arts Council
  • Mary Baxter
    Mary Baxter Director of Georgina Public Library/Town of Georgina
  • Lorrie Beaton
    Lorrie Beaton General Manager of Sanitas Playback Theatre
  • David Beattie
    David Beattie President of INNERchamber
  • Sarah Beaudin
    Sarah Beaudin Digital Publishing and Promotions of Quattro Books
  • Sarah Beaudin
    Sarah Beaudin Curator of The Underdog Poets Academy
  • Brenda Beck
    Brenda Beck President of The Sophia Hilton Foundation of Canada
  • Kerry Beckett
    Kerry Beckett Community Outreach Manager of Great Canadian Theatre Company
  • Brendon Bedford
    Brendon Bedford Special Events and Alumni Affairs Coordinator of Renison University College
  • Jennifer Bedford
    Jennifer Bedford Communications Officer of Oakville Galleries
  • Katrina Jennifer Bedford
    Katrina Jennifer Bedford Member of the Board of Directors and Chair of Marketing and Publications of CAFKA Contemporary Art Forum Kitchener and Area
  • KJ Bedford
    KJ Bedford Online Design and Marketing Specialist of Cambridge Libraries and Galleries
  • Taline Bedrossian
    Taline Bedrossian Communications & Marketing Manager of Ottawa Art Gallery
  • Kristen Beekhuis
    Kristen Beekhuis Assisstant Manager of Ten Thousand Villages Niagara
  • Visnja Beg
    Visnja Beg Liaison Officer of National Capital Region Croatian Folklore Ensemble "Croatoan"
  • Connie Bell
    Connie Bell Supervisor of Oil Museum of Canada
  • Mary Bella
    Mary Bella Director of Mimico Childrens Choir
  • Allan Bellaire
    Allan Bellaire Assistant of Haileybury Heritage Museum
  • Julia Beltrano
    Julia Beltrano DIrector of Forest City Gallery
  • Elizabeth Bender
    Elizabeth Bender Cultural Planning Coordinator of Township of Centre Wellington
  • Robert Bender
    Robert Bender Tourism Development Intern of Temagami & District Chamber of Commerce
  • April Bending
    April Bending Artist of Self Employed
  • Ben Benedict
    Ben Benedict Artst, Writer, Public Relations Professional of Benedict Creative Communications
  • Lin Bennett
    Lin Bennett Marketing Manager of Thousand Islands Playhouse
  • Kim Bennik
    Kim Bennik Comitee member of Greenhouse Artist Showcase
  • Andy Berg
    Andy Berg Artist of Andy Berg
  • Karina Bergmans
    Karina Bergmans Manager of Studio 155b
  • Leslie Bertin
    Leslie Bertin Artistic Producer of Newmarket Group of Artists
  • Leslie Bertin
    Leslie Bertin Artistic Producer of Newmarket Group of Artists
  • Sophie Best
    Sophie Best Prince Arthur's Landing Programmer of City of Thunder Bay
  • Katie Bevan
    Katie Bevan Owner of the FARM
  • Sarah Beveridge
    Sarah Beveridge Owner, Curator of SB Contemporary Art
  • Noelle Bickle
    Noelle Bickle Program Coordinator of Canadian Authors Association
  • Cathy Bieman
    Cathy Bieman General Manager of Perth County Visitors Association
  • Lynn Bishop
    Lynn Bishop committee member of Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts
  • Danielle Biss
    Danielle Biss Marketing Coordinator of The Waterfront Business Improvement Area
  • Melissa Black
    Melissa Black Public Art Officer of City of Ottawa, Public Art Program
  • Chris Blake
    Chris Blake Executive Director of Music Niagara
  • Gary Blakeley
  • Heather Blom
    Heather Blom Development Coordinator, Special Projects of The National Ballet of Canada
  • Megan Bocking
    Megan Bocking Program Manager of Bytown Museum
  • Trevor Bodogh
    Trevor Bodogh Gravity Defying Specialist of Reversed Gravity Action Productions
  • louise boileau-labrie
    louise boileau-labrie professional artist of oakvilee arts council / louisestars or louiseetoiles
  • Victoria Bolduc
    Victoria Bolduc Community communications coordinator of Community Arts and Heritage Education Project (CAHEP)
  • Diane Bond
    Diane Bond Curator of BLINK Gallery
  • Michele Boniface
    Michele Boniface Chair, Board of Directors of Off the Wall Stratford Artists Alliance
  • Rob Boniface
    Rob Boniface Leader of Mississauga Big Band Jazz Ensemble
  • Lindsay Bontoft
    Lindsay Bontoft Administrative Assistant of Aurora Historical Society
  • Lindsay Bontoft
    Lindsay Bontoft Public Programming and Development Coordinator of Museum of Inuit Art
  • Esme Boone
    Esme Boone of Lake of the Woods Arts Community
  • alexander bordokas
    alexander bordokas Artistic Director of Maracatu Mar Aberto
  • Tessie Boretos
    Tessie Boretos Portfolio Mger, Creative Arts of City of Ottawa
  • Jennifer Borkowski
    Jennifer Borkowski Librarian of Toronto Public Library
  • Anne Bossart
    Anne Bossart of Redwood Partners
  • Tanya Bottomley
    Tanya Bottomley Marketing Coordinator of Headwaters Arts
  • Jennifer Bowe
    Jennifer Bowe Administrative Officer of Trent University
  • Krysia Bower
    Krysia Bower organizer of Cross-cultural trails
  • Susan Bower
  • Julie Bowes
    Julie Bowes Secretary of Harp of Tara Branch CCE, Irish Group
  • Eric and Jennifer Bowman
    Eric and Jennifer Bowman owners of Gallery on the Farm
  • Patrick Bowman
    Patrick Bowman Author
  • Siobhan Boyd
    Siobhan Boyd Eduations Program Manager & Archaeologist of Gardiner Museum
  • Robin Boyko
    Robin Boyko of The Power Plant
  • Britt Braaten
    Britt Braaten Learning Specialist of Canadian War Museum
  • Joseph Brann
    Joseph Brann of Art Among Friends
  • Mary Breen
    Mary Breen Owner of Wise Daughters Craft Market
  • Heather Brissenden
    Heather Brissenden Communications Co-ordinator of Mississauga Arts Council
  • Elaine Britnell
    Elaine Britnell Administrative Assistant - Dept of Culture of City of Barrie
  • miranda britton
    miranda britton partner of the stable studio
  • Danielle Brodhagen
    Danielle Brodhagen Programme Development of Stratford Tourism Alliance
  • Barry Brodie
    Barry Brodie Director of SHO Centre
  • Karen Brodie
    Karen Brodie Stone Sculptor of Stone Sculptures by Karen Brodie
  • Noa Bronstein
    Noa Bronstein Director, Adult Programs of Design Exchange
    PHYLLIS BROOM-WALKER Artist-in-residence of Artists Garden Coop
  • Lynn Broughton
    Lynn Broughton Marketing, events, communications of Downtown Guelph Business Assoc.
  • Celine Brousseau
    Celine Brousseau Program Supervsior of City of Ottawa
  • Angela Brown
    Angela Brown Artists/Educators of Art With A Heart
  • David Brown
    David Brown Abstract Encaustic Painter of David Brown Contemporary Canadian Encaustic Painting
  • Kate Brown
    Kate Brown OBIA Event and Market Coordinator of Orangeville BIA
  • susan brown
    susan brown Project Manager of Artists Garden Cooperative
  • Zoie Browne
    Zoie Browne Project Coordinator of Jamii
  • Kathy Browning
    Kathy Browning Visual Arts Assistant Professor of Laurentian University
  • Eleanor Brownridge
    Eleanor Brownridge glass artist of TurtleCreek Art Glass
  • Valerie Buckie
    Valerie Buckie Curator of Park House Museum
  • Quang Bui
    Quang Bui Family Night Facilitator of Family For The Win
  • Simon Bull
    Simon Bull Co-Leader of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi - Cambridge Location
  • Suriman Bunadi
    Suriman Bunadi Graphic Artist of Riman Arts Studio
  • Barbara Buntin
    Barbara Buntin marketing coordinator of The Colborne Art Gallery
  • Wanda Buote
    Wanda Buote Principal, Lakeshore Campus of Humber Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning
  • Ken Burgin
    Ken Burgin Volunteer of Canadian Fire Fighters Museum
  • Nicole Burkhart
    Nicole Burkhart Marketing and Communications Coordinator of Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie & District
  • Christina Burns
    Christina Burns Executive Director of The Lindsay Gallery
  • Pat Burns-Wendland
    Pat Burns-Wendland of North of 89 Studio Tour
  • Jane Burnstein
    Jane Burnstein Artist of Electric Street Studios
  • Hadyn Butler
    Hadyn Butler Stained Glass Portrait Artist of Tour on the Fringe
  • Kate Butler
    Kate Butler Director of Haliburton Highlands Museum
  • Alexandra Byers
    Alexandra Byers of Port Hope Public Library
  • Brenda Byers
    Brenda Byers Artistic Director of Storywyse
  • Pam Cain
    Pam Cain Executive Director of Community Arts and Heritage Education Project
  • Pamela Cain
    Pamela Cain Heritage Researcher of City of Thunder Bay Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Mary Calarco
    Mary Calarco Southwestern Regional Consultant of Ontario Crafts Council
  • Sandra Calcada
    Sandra Calcada Assistant of The Green Door Tea House
  • Allie Caldwell
    Allie Caldwell Coordinator of Documentary Organization of Canada, Toronto Chapter
  • Dee Calzavara
    Dee Calzavara artist of Creativity as Healing
  • Julie Campagna
    Julie Campagna Sculptor\instructor of Campagna Bronze Studio Gallery
  • Christine Campana
    Christine Campana Networking Facilitator of The Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie & District
  • Mark Campbell
    Mark Campbell Marketing Coordinator of Kempenfelt Rotary Club
  • Sherry Campeau
    Sherry Campeau Artist of Walkerville Art Studio
  • Nancy Caney
    Nancy Caney Chair, Board of Directors of Kinmount & Area Artists and Artisans Guild
  • Gail Canonaco
    Gail Canonaco Branch Supervisor of Oshawa Public Libraries
  • Ana Caracaleanu
    Ana Caracaleanu Marketing Manager of Waterfront BIA
  • Susan Card
    Susan Card Ceramic Artist of DISH GALLERY + STUDIO
  • susan Card
    susan Card Artist of DISH GALLERY + STUDIO
  • Daan Carels
    Daan Carels Festival Coordinator of UforChange
  • Laurie Carmount
  • Angi Carr
    Angi Carr Administration Assistant of Alcorn Music Studios
  • Barb Carr
    Barb Carr Treasurer of Kingston School of Art
  • Philip Carrer
    Philip Carrer Workshop Coordinator of Ed Video Media Arts Centre
  • Beverley Carret
    Beverley Carret Manager, Government and Community Relations of Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Andrea Carson
    Andrea Carson Marketing & Communications Manager of Canadian Art Foundation
  • Auleen Carson
    Auleen Carson Board Member of Arts Milton
  • Tom Carson
    Tom Carson Associate Artistic Director & Company Manager of Theatre Direct Canada
  • Laura Carter
    Laura Carter Librarian of Kingston Frontenac Public Library
  • Linda Carter
    Linda Carter Director of Stratford Perth Museum
  • Andrea Carvalho
    Andrea Carvalho Administrative Director of Hamilton Artists Inc.
  • Sarah Carvalho
    Sarah Carvalho Artist Curator of 100 Acre Studio Gallery
  • Tristan Castro
    Tristan Castro Coordinator of Apus theater
  • Brittney Cathcart
    Brittney Cathcart Programming Administrator of The Royal Conservatory
  • karen caughlin
    karen caughlin Visual Artist of Karen Caughlin Studio
  • Alanna Cavanagh
    Alanna Cavanagh of Alanna Cavanagh Illustration + Silk screen
  • Antonietta M. Cerroni
    Antonietta M. Cerroni Chair, Outreach of Toronto Beach Chorale
  • Jennifer Chan
    Jennifer Chan Founder of Exhibit Change
  • Gabrielle Charbonneau
    Gabrielle Charbonneau Project and Marketing Coordinator of Diefenbunker, Canada's Cold War Museum
  • Roxanne Charlebois
    Roxanne Charlebois Codirectrice générale of Salon du livre du Grand Sudbury
  • Kay Charles
    Kay Charles Public Relations of PK Hummingbird Steel Orchestra
  • Susan Charters
    Susan Charters co-organizer of Storytelling Orillia (SO...)
  • Lauraine Chasse
    Lauraine Chasse Proprietor of Bed & Breakfast & Norgreen Horticultural Services
  • Krystyna Chelminska
    Krystyna Chelminska Member of Gladstone Clayworks Co-operative Pottery Studio
  • Li Chen
    Li Chen Program Strategist of Richmond Hill Public Library
  • Kathryn Chiasson
    Kathryn Chiasson of Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts
  • Teresa Chiavaroli
    Teresa Chiavaroli Communications Officer of Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery
  • Joan Chivot
    Joan Chivot Artist of Studio 77
  • Demetra Christakos
    Demetra Christakos Executive Director of Ontario Association of Art Galleries
  • Charmian Christie
    Charmian Christie General Manager of Pat the Dog Playwright Centre
  • Darlene Christo
    Darlene Christo Creative Artist of Artful Expressions
  • Karin Chykaliuk
    Karin Chykaliuk Producer of CBC
  • Mara Ciccotelli
    Mara Ciccotelli Coord, Office of the Comm, EDC of City of Brampton
  • Chris Clark
    Chris Clark Manager/Curator of Town of Blind River's Timber Village Museum
  • Scott Clark
    Scott Clark Assistant Librarian of Norfolk County Public Library
  • Martha Clarke
    Martha Clarke Co-ordinator of Kiwanis Music Festival
  • Todd Claydon
    Todd Claydon of Claydon Fine Arts Inc.
  • michelle clayton-wood
    michelle clayton-wood Owner of Whatnot's Craft and Ceramics Studio Mobile Studio
  • Kristiana Clemens
    Kristiana Clemens Operations Officer of CFRC 101.9fm
  • Sandy Cline
    Sandy Cline Webmaster of Sudbury Crafts and Arts Foundation
  • Sandy Cline
    Sandy Cline Sculptor
  • Peggy Coffey
    Peggy Coffey Performer/Director of Alternatiave Theatre Works in Collaboration with Off the Wall
  • warren cohen
    warren cohen codirector of rudolf steiner centre toronto
  • Giovannina Colalillo
    Giovannina Colalillo Illustrator & Artist of Giovannina Illustration and Art
  • Debra Cole
    Debra Cole President of The Mississauga Knitting Guild
  • Gabriele Cole
    Gabriele Cole Project Manager of Quinte Educational Museum & Archives
  • Nell Coleman
    Nell Coleman Artistic Director of Mistress Nell's Company of Strolling Puppet Players.
  • Lori Coletta
    Lori Coletta Special Events/Membership/Scheduling Coordinator of Town of Oakville
  • Angus Coll-Smith
    Angus Coll-Smith Chair of Halton Unity Movement
  • Rachel Comeau
    Rachel Comeau Owner of Art for Everyone!
  • Corin Comisky
    Corin Comisky Owner of Pretty Chic Boutique
  • Carly Commerford
    Carly Commerford Education Assistant of The Shaw Festival Theatre
  • Vera Constantineau
    Vera Constantineau contact person of Sudbury Writers' Guild
  • Manta Contemporary
    Manta Contemporary of Manta Contemporary
  • Erin Conway
    Erin Conway General Manager - Training Centre of The Second City
  • Mary Cook
    Mary Cook webmistress of SilverStone Gallery and PineRidge Arts Council
  • Adam Cooke
    Adam Cooke Manager/Curator of The Secrets of Radar Museum
  • Cynthia Coons
    Cynthia Coons Assistant Coordinator of Waabi-ma'iingan (Grey Wolf) Traditional Teaching Lodge
  • Carol Cooper
    Carol Cooper Volunteer of Local Colour Art Gallery
  • Heather Cooper
    Heather Cooper Artist of Heather Cooper Company Limited
  • Kim Corby
    Kim Corby Program Development Officer of City of Toronto, Museum Services
  • katherine cordero
    katherine cordero Textile Designer
  • Heather Corriveau
    Heather Corriveau Department Head of The Art School @ Marrocco
  • Thomas Cosbey
    Thomas Cosbey Music Director of Thunder Bay Symphony Youth Orchestra
  • Lara Cosca
  • Heather Cote
    Heather Cote of North Bay Farmers' Market
  • Heather Cote
    Heather Cote Buskers Coordinator of North Bay Farmers' Market
  • Laura Cotton
    Laura Cotton of The Arts Hub
  • Suzanne Cotton
    Suzanne Cotton Coordinator of Georgina Studio Tour & Sale
  • Veronique Couillard
    Veronique Couillard Head, Public Programs of Ottawa Art Gallery
  • Jennifer Covert
    Jennifer Covert of National Arts Centre
  • Amber Coville
    Amber Coville Special Events and Volunteer Coordinator of Heritage House Museum
  • Amber Coville
    Amber Coville LIP Assistant of Local Immigration Partnership Smiths Falls
  • Dave Cox
    Dave Cox Programme Co-ordinator of Clarington Museums and Archives
  • oksana cpin
  • Adam Craig
    Adam Craig Virtual Public Services Librarian of Essex County Library
  • Crystal Craig
    Crystal Craig Marketing Specialist - Group Sales of Science North
  • Lorinda Crawford
    Lorinda Crawford of New Acropolis Toronto
  • Bryan Croft
    Bryan Croft Executive Director of Artists' Health Alliance
  • Bryan Croft
    Bryan Croft Executive Director of Canadian Diabetes Association, Artists' Health Alliance, Creative Blueprint Gallery
  • Dani Crosby
    Dani Crosby Freelance Illustrator and Art Instructor of
  • Elaine Crossley
    Elaine Crossley Arts Route Researcher of City of Port Colborne, Economic Development,Tourism & Marketing Department
  • Tanya Crowder
    Tanya Crowder Artistic Director of Dance Matters Dance Productions
  • Krisztina Csato
    Krisztina Csato of Home Daycare
  • Amy Cubberley
    Amy Cubberley Curator & Archives Assistant of St. Marys Museum and Archives
  • Mercedes Cueto
    Mercedes Cueto Artist of CuetoImages
  • Lorraine Cull
    Lorraine Cull Co-Owner of Painted Turtle Art Shop Studio-Gallery
  • Lorraine Cull
    Lorraine Cull Co-Coordinator of Baggage Building Arts Centre
  • michlynn culver
    michlynn culver Director of Pickering Nautical Village Business Association
  • Ruth Cumberbatch
    Ruth Cumberbatch Fundraising & Communications Manager of Arts Etobicoke
  • Holly Cunningham
    Holly Cunningham of Near North Mobile Lab
  • Lisa Cunningham
    Lisa Cunningham Marketing & Communications Coordinator of Guelph Public Library
  • Gabriella Currie-Ziegler
    Gabriella Currie-Ziegler Executive Director of Guelph Youth Music Centre
  • Ellen Curtis
    Ellen Curtis Educational program manager of Canadian Geographic Education
  • Nancy Cuttle
    Nancy Cuttle Studio Tour publicity of Fine Arts Society of Milton
  • Linda Cvetanovic
    Linda Cvetanovic Administration & Special Projects of Tourism Burlington
  • Steve Czajka
    Steve Czajka Exec Director of Communications / Marketing of Calligraphic Arts Guild of Toronto
  • Roma Czech
    Roma Czech Owner of Argentine Tango
  • Sara Czech
    Sara Czech of Art Ce Soir
  • Kristina D'Angelo
    Kristina D'Angelo School Curator of Avenue Road Arts School
  • Maureen Da Silva
    Maureen Da Silva President of The inPrint Collective
  • Judy Daley
    Judy Daley Curator, Helson Gallery of Halton Hills Cultural Centre
  • Jennifer Dallas
    Jennifer Dallas Artistic Director of Kemi Contemporary Dance Projects
  • Iana & Paromita dancers
  • Danielle Daniel
  • Lynda Daniluk
    Lynda Daniluk Director of Smiths Falls Community Theatre
  • Lynda Davey-Longstreet
    Lynda Davey-Longstreet Language Assessor/Counsellor of Skills for Change
  • Michael Davidge
    Michael Davidge Artistic Director of Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
  • Lola Davidson
    Lola Davidson Arts Recreation Assistant of The Town of Richmond Hill
  • Melanie Davis
    Melanie Davis Executive Director of New Edinburgh Community & Arts Centre
  • Marinus de Groot
    Marinus de Groot host of Multicultural Cinema Club at The Working Centre
  • Tina de los Santos
    Tina de los Santos Youth Cafe Manager of CONTACT South Simcoe
  • Grace De Medeiros
    Grace De Medeiros owner/operator of Taste Portuguese Cuisine
  • Sandra De Salvo
    Sandra De Salvo Executive Director of The ARTS Project
  • Olivier Delcourt
    Olivier Delcourt Media Arts .Teacher/ Coach Filmmakers
  • Madelyn Della Valle
    Madelyn Della Valle Curator of Windsor's Community Museum
  • Vladimir Demine
    Vladimir Demine Principal of Victoria International Ballet Academy
  • Gayle Dempsey
    Gayle Dempsey of Muskoka Place Gallery
  • Gayle Dempsey
    Gayle Dempsey of Muskoka Chautauqua
  • Kelly Deneka
    Kelly Deneka of Wellesley Apple Butter & Cheese Festival
  • Steve Denyes
    Steve Denyes Manager, Communications of Art Gallery of Hamilton
  • Mandy Deskur
    Mandy Deskur Marketing Coordinator of Elora Fergus Studio Tour
  • Bonnie Deslippe
    Bonnie Deslippe office administrator Gibson Gallery of Amherstburg Museums and Galleries
  • Marjorie Desmet
    Marjorie Desmet President of Strathroy District Arts Council
  • Nadia Desrochers
    Nadia Desrochers Coordonnatrice des communications et des opérations of Tara Luz Danse
    ELLA DEVANI Founder, Owner, Artistic Director & Choreographer. of Navrang Dance
  • Mandeep Dhalla
    Mandeep Dhalla of McMaster School of Bhangra
  • Amy Diao
    Amy Diao of Blessed Town Culture & Art
  • Ben Dick
    Ben Dick Municipal Cultural Planning Researcher of City of Peterborough
  • Erika Dick
    Erika Dick President of Grey County Artists
  • Heather Dick
    Heather Dick Artistic Director of Sirius Theatrical Company
  • Denise Dickin
    Denise Dickin Senior Arts Consultant of Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery
  • Alice Dixon
    Alice Dixon Exhibition Coordinator of Gallery 44
  • Dwayne Dixon
    Dwayne Dixon President of FYI - Follow Your Instinct Arts Organization
  • Roberta Docherty
    Roberta Docherty organiser of Meaford 100 Mile Stomp
  • Pamela Dodds
    Pamela Dodds Visual Artist
  • Vicki Dodds
    Vicki Dodds Director At Large of Huntsville Art Society Inc
  • Sarah Dodge
    Sarah Dodge Coordinator of Information Services of Ajax Public Library
  • Linette Doherty
    Linette Doherty Owner and Artistic Director of The SPACE
  • Kalsang Dolma
    Kalsang Dolma Co-founder and Director of DREBU
  • Paul Donat
    Paul Donat Teacher/Instructor/Performer of Guitar Kids
  • Anne-Marie Donovan
    Anne-Marie Donovan Artistic Director of Inter Arts Matrix
  • Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant
    Ai Rei Dooh-Tousignant Adjointe administrative du Studio Ontario et Ouest of Office national du film du Canada
  • Lindsay Doren
    Lindsay Doren Lead Historic Interpreter of Museums of Mississauga
  • George Doros
    George Doros Chair of Welland Arts and Culture Advisory Committee
  • Maggie Doswell
    Maggie Doswell Co-Director of Karma Creative Art Studio
  • Margaret Doswell
    Margaret Doswell Vice President of North York Visual Artists
  • Laura Dougan
    Laura Dougan Marketing Program Coordinator of Royal Canadian Mint
  • Karina Douglas
    Karina Douglas Reference Librarian of Timmins Public Library
  • Trudi Down
    Trudi Down of The Book Band
  • Dianne Downie
    Dianne Downie of West Elgin Dramatics Society
  • Nicole Doyon
    Nicole Doyon Artist / Volunteer of Sarnia Artist's Workshop / Sarnia Lambton Arts Council
  • Nina Draganic
    Nina Draganic Director of Programming of Canadian Opera Company
  • Nicole Drake
    Nicole Drake Arts & Culture Coordinator of City of Brantford
  • Nicole Drake
  • Marketing Drayton Entertainment
    Marketing Drayton Entertainment Marketing of Drayton Entertainment
  • Marketing Drayton Entertainment
    Marketing Drayton Entertainment Marketing of Drayton Entertainment
  • Lisa Du Fresne
    Lisa Du Fresne Artistic Director of Théâtre Lisa Du Fresne Theatre
  • Dan Dubeau
    Dan Dubeau Program Manager of Catholic Centre for Immigrants
  • Nick Dubecki
    Nick Dubecki of Sudbury Fringe Tour
  • Emily Duberville
    Emily Duberville Pre-school teacher of The Nursery Rhyme Daycare Centre
  • Brittany Duggan
  • Brigitte Duguay Langlais
    Brigitte Duguay Langlais Gestionnaire de projets of Village de Casselman
  • Jessica Duliban
    Jessica Duliban Arts and Culture Coordinator of The City of Welland
  • jeanne dumas
    jeanne dumas owner of visions north gallery and sunset shores resort of batchawana bay art guild
  • Hugh Duncan
    Hugh Duncan Choir Representative of Mississauga Choral Society
  • Lindsey Duncan
    Lindsey Duncan Tourism Development Coordinator of The County of Elgin
  • Nancy Duncan
    Nancy Duncan Acting Director of Children's & Youth Services of Orillia Public Library
  • Carolee Dunn
    Carolee Dunn Projects Coordinator of Brant Historical Society
  • Michelle Dunne
    Michelle Dunne of Town of Ajax
  • angela duntsch
  • Antoinette Duplessis
    Antoinette Duplessis Assistant Curator of Joseph Schneider Haus Museum
  • eugene dupuis
    eugene dupuis Director of Heritage House Catering
  • susan duxter
    susan duxter publicity of artists colony
  • Susan Duxter
    Susan Duxter artist of SuDu Art
  • Menon Dwarka
    Menon Dwarka General Manager of Diasporic Genius
  • Brian Eagle
    Brian Eagle Pres. of Northern Art Glass Inc. - Gladstone Centre
  • Terri-Anne Eagleson
    Terri-Anne Eagleson Tourism Co-ordinator of Durham Tourism
  • Lori-Ann Earl
    Lori-Ann Earl Teacher in Residence of THEMUSEUM
  • Stephanie Earp
    Stephanie Earp Communications Officer of City of Kingston
  • Brian Eastcott
    Brian Eastcott Event Producer of Abilities Arts Festival
  • Cara Eastcott
    Cara Eastcott Community Liasion of Abilities Arts Festival
  • Barbara Edwards
    Barbara Edwards Owner of Gallery of Edwards Art Gallery/Heritage Center
  • John Edwards
    John Edwards Co-Artistic Director of Musicians in Ordinary
  • Sue Edworthy
    Sue Edworthy Marketing Manager of Artscape
  • Alon Eisenstein
    Alon Eisenstein Educational Programs Coordinator of Pueblo Science
  • Alison Ellett
    Alison Ellett Maker/Designer/Teacher of Make Your Mark Studio
  • Catherine Elliot Shaw
    Catherine Elliot Shaw Curator of McIntosh Gallery
  • Erin Elliott
    Erin Elliott Community Manager of Station Gallery
  • Beth Anne Ellipsis
    Beth Anne Ellipsis Co-director of Guelph Spoken Word
  • Andrea End
    Andrea End Vice-President of Richmond Hill Group of Artists
  • Kathy Enright
    Kathy Enright Alpaca Farmer of Alpaca Tracks T(h)read Lightly
  • Lenny Epstein
    Lenny Epstein Programming of Bloomfield Centre for Creativity
  • Monica Esteves
    Monica Esteves Producer of Nightwood Theatre
  • Macaulay Eteli
    Macaulay Eteli Artist of Eteli Art Works
  • Kat Evans
    Kat Evans Administrative & Marketing Manager of Kingston WritersFest
  • Susan Everett
    Susan Everett Co-chair of St. George's Projects Group
  • Danica Evering
    Danica Evering Project Assistant of Musagetes
  • Wendy Fairbairn
    Wendy Fairbairn Theatre Manager of Algonquin Theatre
  • Charles Fairbank
    Charles Fairbank Owner/Manager of Fairbank Oil Properties
  • Shirley Fairley
    Shirley Fairley co-owner of 100 mile finds
  • Jennifer Falvy
    Jennifer Falvy Founder, Lead Artist, Instructor of Inspired by Wire, Wire Sculpture and Weaving Program
  • Elsii Faria
    Elsii Faria Marketing and Product Manager of Cedar-Ridge
  • Ian Farthing
    Ian Farthing Artistic Director of St. Lawrence Shakespeare Festival
  • Diane Faught
    Diane Faught Vice President Board of Directors of Mississauga Choral Society
  • Diane Faught
    Diane Faught President, Board of Directors of MCS Chorus
  • Fran Fearnley
    Fran Fearnley Owner, curator of ZimArt's Rice Lake Gallery
  • Connie Febbraro
    Connie Febbraro Associate Director, Marketing and Communications of McMichael Canadian Art Collection
  • Elizabeth Fennell
    Elizabeth Fennell Administrator of ARTSPACE
  • Sarah Ferencz
    Sarah Ferencz of Whitby Archives/Whitby Public Library
  • Alison Feuerwerker
    Alison Feuerwerker of Waterloo Chamber Players
  • Sedina Fiati
    Sedina Fiati Animator of Centre for Social Innovation
  • Cree-Norquay Field
    Cree-Norquay Field Performer / Dance Instructor of Elysium Tribal
  • Joanne Fierimonte
  • Stu Finn
    Stu Finn Museum Project Coordinator of Sioux Lookout Community Museum
  • Ruth Fishman
    Ruth Fishman President of Resa's Pieces
  • Micaela Fitzsimmons
  • Micaela Fitzsimmons
    Micaela Fitzsimmons Manager: Exhibits & Collections of Stratford Perth Museum
  • Sharron Fleet
    Sharron Fleet Owner, Artistic Director of Fleet-Wood Dancentre
  • Peter Flegel
    Peter Flegel Director of Communications and Programs of Fondation Michaëlle Jean Foundation
  • Amanda Fleming
    Amanda Fleming New Media and Marketing Coordinator of Toronto Centre for the Arts
  • Sylma Fletcher
    Sylma Fletcher Director and Coordinator of LINK Picnic Festival
  • Linda Fockler
    Linda Fockler Owner/operator of Joe-Lin Station Bed & Breakfast
  • Nadine Foerstenberg
    Nadine Foerstenberg of Fort Erie Arts Council
  • Abubacar Fofana Leon
    Abubacar Fofana Leon owner of Accents Bookstore
  • Susan Fohr
    Susan Fohr Education Coordinator of Textile Museum of Canada
  • Mary Foley
    Mary Foley Owner/Director of Celtic Academy Canada
  • Eva Folks
    Eva Folks Director of Aurora Artists Studio Tour
  • Esther Forde
    Esther Forde Curator of Cultural Expressions Art Gallery
  • Xavier Forget
    Xavier Forget Associate Producer of National Arts Centre
  • Melissa Forstner
    Melissa Forstner Development and Community Coordinator of Ballet Jorgen Canada
  • James Fortin
    James Fortin Curator of City of Greater Sudbury Heritage Museums
  • Julie Fossitt
    Julie Fossitt Marketing Administrator of City of Kingston Cultural Services
  • Gillian Foster
    Gillian Foster Artistic Director of Art City in St. James Town
  • Steven Foster
    Steven Foster Cultural Facility & Programming Coordinator of Lebovic Centre for Arts & Entertainment - Nineteen on the Park
  • Ashley Fournier
    Ashley Fournier Development Coordinator of Brantford Arts Block
  • Arnie Francis
    Arnie Francis Contact of Almonte Jazz Club
  • Stephen Francom
    Stephen Francom Manager of Archives of Elgin County Archives
  • Heather Franklin
    Heather Franklin Executive Director of Waterloo Community Arts Centre
  • Daniel Fraser
    Daniel Fraser Coordinator of Sioux Lookout Municipal Youth Centre
  • Darla Fraser
    Darla Fraser Chief Librarian of Orangeville Public Library
  • JP Fraser
    JP Fraser of Lake Superior Art Gallery
  • Michael Freethy
    Michael Freethy Graphic Designer & Web Marketing Coordinator of Cosmo Music
  • Christine Fry
    Christine Fry Administrator of Orillia & District Arts Council
  • Kathleen Fry
    Kathleen Fry Curator of King Township Museum
  • Terri Lynn Fucile
    Terri Lynn Fucile Owner/proprietor of International House of Tea
  • Cynthia Funk
    Cynthia Funk Co Director of The Yoga Sanctuary
  • Anita Gaffney
    Anita Gaffney Administrative Director of Stratford Shakespeare Festival
  • Paulette Gagnon
    Paulette Gagnon Coordination du développement of Regroupement des organismes culturels de Sudbury
  • Alicia Galarza
    Alicia Galarza President of CONOSER SCHOLARSHIP FUND GROUP
  • Georgia Gale-Kidd
    Georgia Gale-Kidd Board Chair of Douro-Dummer Library
  • Mandi Galer
    Mandi Galer Director of Sing Music Studio
  • Mandi Galer
    Mandi Galer Owner/Music Educator/Musician of Sing Music Studio
  • Gillian Gallimore
    Gillian Gallimore Curator of Canadian Museum of Hindu Civilization
  • Charles Gao
    Charles Gao CEO of Kingston City Breakers
  • Nancy Gareh-Coulombe
    Nancy Gareh-Coulombe Education Manager of Art Gallery of Sudbury
  • Marc Garniss
    Marc Garniss General Manager of Kingston Canadian Film Festival
  • Laulieta Garrido Hovnanian
    Laulieta Garrido Hovnanian President of Rhythms Dance Fitnezz inc
  • Carina Gaspar
    Carina Gaspar General Manager of Pat the Dog Playwright Centre
  • Jayme Gaspar
    Jayme Gaspar Executive Director of Heritage Mississauga
  • Tammy Gay
  • Philip Gebhardt
  • Arthur Gee
    Arthur Gee of Art Gallery of Ontario
  • Jessica Geick
    Jessica Geick Marketing of Judith & Norman Alix Art Gallery
  • Derek Genova
    Derek Genova Event Coordinator of Toronto Centre for the Arts
  • Carol Gerrett
    Carol Gerrett Artist of Norfolk Studio Tour
  • Joanna Gertler
    Joanna Gertler Director, Marketing and Communications of Canada's National Ballet School
  • Elizabeth Ghent
    Elizabeth Ghent Teacher of Scottish country Dancing. of Royal Scottish Country Dance Society
  • Claudio Ghirardo
    Claudio Ghirardo artist of independent
  • Bob Giarda
    Bob Giarda Communications Officer of City of Kingston Cultural Services
  • Ryan Gibbs
  • Wendy Gibson
    Wendy Gibson Mixed media artist and teacher of Winged Heart Studio
  • Nicole Gignac
    Nicole Gignac Curator of Ridge House Museum
  • Chris Giguere
    Chris Giguere Director of Kingston School of Music
  • Brandi Gillett
    Brandi Gillett Manager, Outreach Programs of University of Waterloo Stratford Campus
  • Vaughn Gillson
    Vaughn Gillson of dizegno thinking with visual language
  • Rebecca Gimmi
    Rebecca Gimmi Programme Coordinator of Justina M. Barnicke Gallery
  • Vicky Giroux
    Vicky Giroux of Colony of Artists and Tecumseh Area Historical Society
  • Mary Gladwin
    Mary Gladwin Archivist of County of Oxford Archives
  • Em Glasspool
    Em Glasspool of Mysterious Entity Theatre
  • Kevin Glew
    Kevin Glew Past President of Professional Writers Association of Canada - London Chapter
  • YouthTroopers GlobalAwareness
    YouthTroopers GlobalAwareness Social Enterprise of YTGA
  • Lisa Godard
    Lisa Godard Directrice générale of Maison des Arts de Russell Inc.
  • Lisa Golem
    Lisa Golem Founder/Director of The RAW Creativity Association
  • Ludmila Gontcharova
    Ludmila Gontcharova General Director of StageToneScape
  • Annette Goodale
    Annette Goodale President of Art in the Park association of Stratford
  • Dave Gordon
  • Zoe Gordon
  • Elizabeth Gosse
    Elizabeth Gosse Artist
  • Mindy Gough
    Mindy Gough Photographer of Photographs by Mindy Gough
  • Lauren Gould
    Lauren Gould General Manager of The School of Toronto Dance Theatre
  • Lauren Gould
    Lauren Gould Audience Development Manager of Gardiner Museum
  • Catherine Goykhman
    Catherine Goykhman Yarn Dyer of Blueberry Pie Studio
  • Laurie Graham
    Laurie Graham Assistant Editor/Circulation Manager of Brick, A Literary Journal
  • Steven Graham
    Steven Graham Owner of Herongate Barn Dinner Theatre
  • Christina Grant
    Christina Grant Assistant Professor of Schulich School of Education - Nipissing University
  • Laurence Grant
    Laurence Grant coordinator of Doors Open St. Thomas
  • Danny Gray
    Danny Gray Exhibit Manager of West Parry Sound District Museum
  • Helena Grdadolnik
    Helena Grdadolnik Cultural Planner of City of Mississauga
  • Enzo Greco
    Enzo Greco Public Program Supervisor of Markham Museum
  • Nancy Green
  • Arthur Greenblatt
    Arthur Greenblatt Executive Director of Dundas Valley School of Art
  • Gary Greenwood
    Gary Greenwood Organizer of OshawaSpaceInvaders
  • Julian Gregory
    Julian Gregory host of Drum Circle Kingston
  • Peter Greyson
    Peter Greyson Director/Curator of Temiskaming Art Gallery
  • Paula grgurich Shewchuk
    Paula grgurich Shewchuk Director of arneau blax
  • Rebecca Grieb
    Rebecca Grieb Marketing Assistant of Centre In The Square
  • Nicole Griffith-Reid
    Nicole Griffith-Reid Executive Director of COBA
  • Lynda Grinnell
    Lynda Grinnell owner of Classic Photography
  • Onalee Groves
    Onalee Groves Culture Officer, Development of City of Barrie
  • Helen Grymaloski
    Helen Grymaloski event coordinator of The Dryden Regional Arts Council
  • Zhe Gu
    Zhe Gu Executive Director of Gallery Stratford
  • Nelia Gubbels
    Nelia Gubbels Administraction & Special Projects of Doors Open Burlington
  • Nelia Gubbels
    Nelia Gubbels Administration & Special Projects of Tourism Burlington
  • Eleanor Gummer
    Eleanor Gummer Owner/Director of Whitby School of Music
  • Angelena Haas
    Angelena Haas Arts Comm & Graphics Assistant of City of Ottawa
  • Nickolas Hadzis
    Nickolas Hadzis Artist of Nick's Art Studio
  • Bill Hagan
    Bill Hagan Artist / Arts Educator of Bill Hagan - Artist
  • Christine Hager
    Christine Hager Executive Director of The Sharing Place food bank
  • Laura Hagglund
    Laura Hagglund Audience Development Manager of Canadian Stage
  • Laura Hagglund
    Laura Hagglund Marketing and Outreach Coordinator of Toronto Dance Theatre
  • Bob Hall
    Bob Hall Director of Milton Show Choir
  • Debbie Hall
    Debbie Hall Librarian of North Kawartha Public Library
  • Ken Hall
    Ken Hall Sculptor of Ken Hall Art
  • Bonnie Hallay
    Bonnie Hallay Artist of The Fringe
  • Andrea Halwa
    Andrea Halwa Executive Director of London Arts Council
  • Brian Hamilton
    Brian Hamilton Owner of Bean Fiend Cafe
  • Marilyn Hamilton
  • Marilyn Hamilton
    Marilyn Hamilton Director of Marketing of Young People's Theatre/Lorraine Kimsa Theatre for Young People
  • Sarah Han
    Sarah Han Librarian of Toronto Public Library
  • Penny Harland
  • Ann-marie Harley
    Ann-marie Harley President of Newcastle's Art Show Inc. Clarington's Centre for the Arts
  • Jim Harney Harney
    Jim Harney Harney of The Cultural Round Table
  • Jewels and Jituska Harper
    Jewels and Jituska Harper Organizer of Niagara Holistic Lifestyles Pavilion
  • Anna Marie Harris
    Anna Marie Harris Manager of Georgian Bay Country Tourism Association
  • Miriam Harrison
    Miriam Harrison Vice President; Branch Manager; Vice President of Sudbury Hypergraphic Society; The Ontario Poetry Society; Sudbury Writers' Guild
  • Shiloh Harrison
    Shiloh Harrison Assistant Curator of Joseph Schneider Haus National Historic Site
  • Roslyn Harrush
    Roslyn Harrush Art Instructor, Painter, Printmaker of Self Employed, Home Studio
  • Merle Harstone
  • Tamara Harutyunyan
    Tamara Harutyunyan Art school of Colour Wheel Art School
  • Andrea Haughton
    Andrea Haughton General Manager of Kingston Symphony Association
  • Bart Hawkins Kreps
    Bart Hawkins Kreps of All-Canadian Jazz Festival Port Hope
  • Tom Haxell
    Tom Haxell Culture Days Programming Intern of Humber College and Lakeshore Arts
  • Kimberley Hayden
    Kimberley Hayden Administrative Assistant of Canada Council Art Bank
  • Courtney Hayes
    Courtney Hayes Owner/ Studio director of 4Cats Arts Studio The Junction
  • Ralph Heather
    Ralph Heather Brant Studio Tour of Brant Studio Tour 2012
  • Ralph Heather
    Ralph Heather Visual Artist of RALPH HEATHER Art and Design
  • Margo Hebert
    Margo Hebert Executive Director of Visual Arts Mississauga
  • Anne Marie Heckman
    Anne Marie Heckman Community Services Librarian of Stratford Public Library
  • Denise Heggart
    Denise Heggart Executive Director of Mississauga Children's Choir
  • Karima Kelly Helou
    Karima Kelly Helou Owner/Director of Ancient Moves Dance Company
  • Callie Hemsworth
    Callie Hemsworth Coordinator - Recreation & Culture Planning of City of Thunder Bay
  • Ella Henderson
    Ella Henderson Project Specialist of Guelph Wellington Local Immigration Partnership
  • Claire Hendrikx
    Claire Hendrikx Executive Director of The Temiskaming Foundation
  • Leslie Hepditch
    Leslie Hepditch Public Square Coordinator of City of Waterloo
  • Adina Herling
    Adina Herling General Manager of Fujiwara Dance Inventions
  • byron hermann
    byron hermann director of CABA
  • Victoria Hetherington
    Victoria Hetherington Editorial Intern of Broken Pencil Magazine
  • Anna Hewitt
    Anna Hewitt Member of the Board of Directors of Oakville Symphony
  • Sonja Hidas
    Sonja Hidas HotBox Director of HotBox Riverwood
  • Janna Hiemstra
    Janna Hiemstra Projects Manager of Ontario Crafts Council
  • Janna Hiemstra
    Janna Hiemstra Programs Manager of Ontario Crafts Council
  • Tracey Higgins
    Tracey Higgins owner of Bryan Prince Bookseller
  • Joyce Higgs
    Joyce Higgs secretary of Hastings Friends of the Library
  • Miranda Hill
    Miranda Hill Executive Director of Project Bookmark Canada
  • Annie Hillis
    Annie Hillis Executive Director of Wellington West BIA
  • Diana Hillman
    Diana Hillman of Silver Creek Arts
  • Peggy Hills
  • Tim Hillson
    Tim Hillson Director of Orillia Film Festival
  • Donna Hirtle
    Donna Hirtle Owner of Studio Factor
  • Beverley Hitchins
    Beverley Hitchins Host of
  • Don Ho
    Don Ho Marketing Manager (Volunteer) of Soong Kam Wing Music & Arts Centre
  • Ellen Hobin
    Ellen Hobin Manager, Communications of London Public Library
  • Merrilee Hodgins
    Merrilee Hodgins Artistic Director of The School of Dance
  • Brian Holden
    Brian Holden Non-toxic Printmaking
  • Sarah Holland
    Sarah Holland BIA Coordinator of Kingsville BIA
  • Martin Holley
    Martin Holley Communications Coordinator of Playwrights Guild of Canada
  • Carol Holmes-Kerr
    Carol Holmes-Kerr of Gladstone Clayworks Pottery Co-op
  • Peter Honeywell
    Peter Honeywell Executive Director of Council for the Arts in Ottawa
  • Joan Hope
    Joan Hope Curator of Dragonfly Arts on Broadway
  • Lesley Horlick
    Lesley Horlick Senior Information Officer of TVO
  • Megan Houston
    Megan Houston Program and Site Co-ordinator of Sharon Temple National Historic Site & Museum
  • Jane Howard Baker
    Jane Howard Baker Executive Director of Inner City Angels
  • Boran Hrelja
    Boran Hrelja executive of PCVP (Port Credit Village Project)
  • Borjana Hrelja
    Borjana Hrelja Artistic Director of Collegium Musicum Conservatory of Music
  • Cheryl Hsu
    Cheryl Hsu Marketing of Land|Slide Possible Futures
  • Wendy Hua
    Wendy Hua Event Coordinator of Phoenix Cultural Centre of Waterloo-Wellington
  • Pu Huang
  • Katie Huddleston
    Katie Huddleston Museum & Heritage Coordinator of Museum on the Boyne
  • Heidi Hudspith
    Heidi Hudspith Student Services and Marketing of Fleming College
  • Joan Hug-Valeriote
    Joan Hug-Valeriote Proprietor of Horizons
  • Eleni Hughes
    Eleni Hughes of Windsor Public Library
  • Tarin Hughes
    Tarin Hughes Artistic Director of Elora Centre for the Arts
  • Caroline Hughey
    Caroline Hughey Controller of Canadian Music Centre
  • Kimberly Hurst
    Kimberly Hurst Museum Manager of Windsor Wood Carving Museum
  • Fabian Hynes
  • Nahomie Impert
    Nahomie Impert Administrative Assistant of Canada Council Art Bank
  • Diane Imrie
    Diane Imrie Executive Director of Northwestern Ontario Sports Hall of Fame & Museum
  • Artcite Inc
    Artcite Inc Artistic Coordinator of ARTCITE INC
  • Don
    Don Owner of Cube Gallery
  • Heather Inwood-Montrose
    Heather Inwood-Montrose volunteer of Bancroft & Area Studio Tour
  • tania iraheta
    tania iraheta Art Instructor of Pinceles Latinos
  • Elizabeth Irvine
  • Stanley Isherwood
    Stanley Isherwood Treasurer of Cobourg Museum Foundation
  • Merey Ismailova
    Merey Ismailova Artistic Director of Ismailova Theatre of Dance
  • Karen Istead
    Karen Istead of Bancroft and Area Autumn Studio Tour
  • Shirley Ivison
    Shirley Ivison coordinator of Tweed & Area Studio Tour
  • Carolina Izaguirre
    Carolina Izaguirre Dance Instructor of Latin American Cultural Center
  • Jan Jacklin
    Jan Jacklin Productions Manager of The Huntsville Community Theatre Company
  • Chris Jackson
    Chris Jackson Graphic Designer of MASC
  • Ally Jacob
    Ally Jacob Creative Director of Studio22 - Idea Manufactory & Open Gallery
  • Ann Jaeger
    Ann Jaeger of Anomaly Studio
  • Tony Jalovec
    Tony Jalovec Band leader of The Polka Maestre Band
  • mo jamal
    mo jamal Artist & musician of mo jamal
  • Bill James
    Bill James Coordinator of Peterborough Culture Days
  • Renata Janiszewska
    Renata Janiszewska Visual Artist, Creativity Coach of Renata Janiszewska Studio
  • Jarucha Janmekha
    Jarucha Janmekha Artistic Director of Tdot Tdat - The Toronto Thai Dramatic Arts Troupe
  • Glenna Janzen
    Glenna Janzen Co-artistic Director of Tongues Wagging Productions ~ Storytelling
  • Tom Jardin
    Tom Jardin Board of Directors of Bell'Arte Singers
  • Shelley Jarrett
    Shelley Jarrett Executive Administrative Assistant of Eleventh House Performing Arts
  • Sara Jarvis
    Sara Jarvis Glass Artist & Head Mugwump of Jara Glassworks
  • Sharon Jarvis
    Sharon Jarvis of St. Clair College Performing Arts -
  • Sean Jasmins
    Sean Jasmins Supervisor of Marketing and Communications of Waterloo Region Museum
  • Olena Jatsyshyn
    Olena Jatsyshyn Outreach & Communications of Elmer Iseler Singers, Lydia Adams, Conductor
  • Olena Jatsyshyn
    Olena Jatsyshyn General Manager of Amadeus Choir of Greater Toronto
  • Kim Jeanveau
    Kim Jeanveau Marketing Development Coordinator of Sudbury Theatre Centre
  • Beverly Jeeves
    Beverly Jeeves Director of Newcastle Village & District Historical Society
  • Tracy Jenkins
    Tracy Jenkins Co-Artistic Director of Lula Music and Arts Centre
  • Seema Jethalal
    Seema Jethalal Managing Director of Manifesto Community Projects
  • Ysabel Jetté
    Ysabel Jetté Coordonnatrice, commémorations et art public of Commission de la Capitale nationale
  • Sam Jewell
    Sam Jewell Events Coordinator of Downtown Guelph Business Association
  • Erin Jex
    Erin Jex Tourism Assistant of Port Hope Tourism
  • Nancy Johns
    Nancy Johns Owner of Nancy Johns Gallery & Framing
  • Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson Gallery Manager of Outlet Powered
  • Hannah Johnson
    Hannah Johnson Owner of Gallery 33
  • Pat Johnson
    Pat Johnson Secretary of Mississauga Choral Society
  • Sarena Johnson
    Sarena Johnson of Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
  • Amy & Jill Johnson & Cribbin
    Amy & Jill Johnson & Cribbin of TANK Jewelry & Beads
  • Crystal Johnston
    Crystal Johnston Community Development Officer of Chukuni Communities Development Corporation
  • Heather Johnston
    Heather Johnston of Capitol Centre
  • Irene Johnston
    Irene Johnston Chairperson of Durham Folklore Storytellers
  • Jenni Johnston
    Jenni Johnston Executive Director of The Art School of Peterborough
  • Michael Johnston
    Michael Johnston of Michael Johnston Music Studio
  • marsha johnstone
    marsha johnstone Manager, Programming & Communications of Norfolk County Public Library
  • Paul Joliat
    Paul Joliat Director, Sponsorship & Marketing of Sun Life Financial
  • Laurie Jones
    Laurie Jones Director/Curator of Rails End Gallery and Arts Centre
  • Mandy Jones
  • Sally Joyce
    Sally Joyce co-creative human of Being Human
  • Amanda Judd
    Amanda Judd Programming & Communications Assistant of Kingston Arts Council
  • Marie-Louise Kallsen
    Marie-Louise Kallsen of Westdale Village
  • Astero Kalogeropoulos
    Astero Kalogeropoulos Arts & Culture Program Officer of City of Guelph
  • Lenard Kameka
    Lenard Kameka Independant Artist of Tree of Life
  • tim kamino
    tim kamino Vice Principal of toronto district school board
  • Alexis Kane Speer
    Alexis Kane Speer Founding Director of the STEPS Initiative
  • Kristine Kane-Walsh
    Kristine Kane-Walsh Musician of Loco Zydeco
  • Tova Kardonne
    Tova Kardonne Musician
  • Evyenia Karmi
    Evyenia Karmi Director of
  • Raymond Kashiba
    Raymond Kashiba President of SonImage Inc.
  • Natalie Kauf
    Natalie Kauf Festival Assistant of Kingston Community Health Centres
  • Parveen Kaur
    Parveen Kaur President of Parveen Kaur Art Inc.
  • Jeff Keary
    Jeff Keary Owner/Operator of Active Arts
  • Betty Anne Keller
    Betty Anne Keller Manager Arts & Culture of City of Waterloo
  • Sara Kelly
    Sara Kelly Associate Director of Open Studio
  • Shannon Kelly
    Shannon Kelly Curator of Scugog Shores Museums
  • colette kendall
    colette kendall Executive Director of The Staircase
  • Diane Kendall
    Diane Kendall Manager of Lorne Park Library
  • Susan Kennedy
    Susan Kennedy of Playmakers! Theatre School
  • Sue Kenney
    Sue Kenney Writer/Coach/Speaker of Stone by Stone
  • Kate Kernaghan
    Kate Kernaghan In Studio Director of National Ballet of Canada
  • Sharron Kershaw
    Sharron Kershaw of Sounds of Superior Chorus / Tbay Chapter of Sweet Adeline's
  • Irshad Khan
    Irshad Khan President of Universal Academy for Musicians
  • Steve Khan
    Steve Khan Executive Director of Community Arts Ontario
  • Joy Kim
  • Mi Young Kim
    Mi Young Kim Artistic Director of Korean Dance Studies Society of Canada
  • Marcelle Kimberley
    Marcelle Kimberley Cultural Planner of City of Ottawa
  • Silvia Kindl
    Silvia Kindl Conservator of City of Ottawa Archives
  • Ron King
    Ron King Chairperson of COFAA
  • Sharon Kitlar
    Sharon Kitlar Mgr Recreation and Leisure Services of City of North Bay
  • Carrie Kitzul
    Carrie Kitzul Art Gallery Assistant of Norfolk Arts Centre
  • S. Klein
  • elizabeth kmiec
    elizabeth kmiec of arts milton
  • gita kolanad
    gita kolanad artistic director of IMPACT
  • Deanne Kondrat
    Deanne Kondrat of The Grand Theatre
  • Nick Kondrat
    Nick Kondrat Manager, Communications of Royal Botanical Gardens
  • Evelyn Konrad
    Evelyn Konrad Watercolour Artist of Mystique of the North
  • Fariz Kovalchuk
    Fariz Kovalchuk Manager of Bezpala Brown Gallery
  • Lucy Kovaliv
    Lucy Kovaliv artist of self
  • Derek Kowalchuk
    Derek Kowalchuk Curator/Manager of Atikokan Centennial Museum
  • Carrie Kozlowski
    Carrie Kozlowski Program Assistant, Arts & Culture of City of Kitchener
  • Darren Kregar
    Darren Kregar Organizer of Art Alley on Locke Street
  • Anna Kroeplin
    Anna Kroeplin Chair - Aurora Farmers' Market & Artisan Fair of Aurora Farmers' Market & Artisan Fair
  • Mary Kroetsch
    Mary Kroetsch Textile / Mixed Media Artist of Talisman Fibre Arts Studio Incorporated
  • Mary Krohnert
    Mary Krohnert Arts Facilitator of The Living Room Community Art Studio
  • Ashley Kulchycki
    Ashley Kulchycki Supervisor, Children and Teen Services of Collingwood Public Library
  • Helmi Kurki
  • Dianne Kuzniar
    Dianne Kuzniar President of French River Cultural Industries Council
  • Genevieve Kwant
    Genevieve Kwant Manager, Children's and Popular Services of Brantford Public Library
  • Jessica Kwik
  • Nadine Labelle
    Nadine Labelle Board Member of Massey Area Museum
  • Dane Labonte
    Dane Labonte Customer Service Coordinator of REEp Green Solutions
  • Tracie Labonté
    Tracie Labonté Marketing and Communications Officer of Ottawa Museum Network
  • Monique Lachapelle
    Monique Lachapelle Arts Court Coordinator of City of Ottawa, Arts Court
  • Angela LaGamba
    Angela LaGamba Club Vice President, Public Relations of Annex Toastmasters Club #3057
  • Yvonne Lai
    Yvonne Lai Outreach Coordinator of New Canadians Centre Peterborough
  • Diana Lam
  • Jane Lam
    Jane Lam of Thunder Bay Chinese Music and Dance Group
  • Patricia Lamarche
    Patricia Lamarche Education and Interpretation Programs Officer of Cumberland Heritage Village Museum
  • Andrew Lamb
    Andrew Lamb Director of Education and Outreach of Tarragon Theatre
  • Avra Lamey
    Avra Lamey Communications and Media Relations Officer of Canadian War Museum
  • Doris Lamontagne
    Doris Lamontagne of Centre d'artistes Voix Visuelle
  • Donna Landon
    Donna Landon Library Assistant of Pembroke Public Library
  • Joscelyne Landry-Altmann
    Joscelyne Landry-Altmann mairesse adjointe et conseillère du Quartier 12 - ville du grand Sudbury of Les amis du Musée du Moulin à fleur
  • Laurie Langford
    Laurie Langford Marketing Coordinator of Thames Art Gallery
  • Ron Langin
    Ron Langin Visual Artists of Tour on the Fringe
  • Marnie Lapierre
    Marnie Lapierre Instructor of Northern Ontario School of Scottish Dance / Dalriada Scottish Dancers
  • Elise Lapointe
    Elise Lapointe agente principale des communications of Société du Musée canadien des civilisations
  • Dinah Laprairie
    Dinah Laprairie Editor/Publisher of NISA/Northern Initiative for Social Action
  • Ramon Lara
    Ramon Lara Artistic Director of Hanau I Ka Hula Na Kane
  • Jaymie Lathem
    Jaymie Lathem Art Technician of Arts Association
  • Helen Latimer-Hanah
    Helen Latimer-Hanah Founder of Vine Rhymes - Smiths Falls & Area Songwriters & Poets
  • Lynn Latreille
    Lynn Latreille Artist of Tour on the Fringe
  • Elaine Lau
    Elaine Lau Co-founder of junctQín keyboard collective
  • Claire Lautier
    Claire Lautier Founder of Grasse Roots Perfumery
  • Natalie Lauzon
    Natalie Lauzon Owner of Nature's Vibe Natural Health Products
  • Suzan Lavertu
    Suzan Lavertu Artistic Director of The School Of Afro-Caribbean Dance
  • Joyne Lavides
  • Breanna Lawlor-MacDonald
    Breanna Lawlor-MacDonald Education/Programs Director of Orillia Museum of Art and History
  • Christopher Lawrence-Menard
    Christopher Lawrence-Menard President of Korda Artistic Productions
  • Marilyn Lawrie
    Marilyn Lawrie Executive Director of Quinte Ballet School of Canada
  • Michelle Le Chien
    Michelle Le Chien of Arts Council Windsor & Region
  • Donna Needah Marie Anne Le Marchand de la Fortune
    Donna Needah Marie Anne Le Marchand de la Fortune self-employed musician of Bear Image Productions
  • Amy Leask
    Amy Leask Founder/Author of KidsThinkAboutIt
  • Richard Lebel
    Richard Lebel Directeur général of La Nouvelle Scène
  • Melanie LeBlanc
    Melanie LeBlanc Metalsmith of Melanie LeBlanc
  • Alexandra Lee
    Alexandra Lee Cellist
  • Catherine Lee
  • Catherine Lee
  • Christine Lee
    Christine Lee Office Manager of Gallery Stratford
  • Diana Lee
    Diana Lee Librarian of Toronto Public Library
  • Ritian Lee
    Ritian Lee of Artist
  • Sophy Lee
  • Cortney Lee-Comeau
    Cortney Lee-Comeau Adult Services Technician of Huntsville Public Library
  • Madison Leeson
    Madison Leeson Co-Founder, Co-Director of United Artists' Initiative
  • Myriam Léger
    Myriam Léger General Manager of Pat the Dog Playwright Centre
  • Jenna Leifso
    Jenna Leifso Archives Research Assistant of Huron County Museum and Historic Gaol
  • Shann Leighton
    Shann Leighton Chief Librarian of Grand Valley Public Library
  • Connie Leishman
    Connie Leishman Partner of Leishman Pottery
  • Mike LeMaistre
    Mike LeMaistre of Lake of the Woods Centre for the Arts
  • Emily Lenz
    Emily Lenz Project and Events Coordinator of St. Catharines Performing Arts Centre
  • Brad Lepp
    Brad Lepp Associate Director, Corporate Communication & Government Relations of Luminato Festival
  • mike levin
    mike levin publisher of UnFolding
  • Amanda Lewis
    Amanda Lewis Executive Director of The Ottawa School of Speech & Drama
  • Elena Lewis
    Elena Lewis Visitor Services and Public Engagement Coordinator of Art Gallery of Algoma
  • larry li
    larry li vice president of mississauga chinese arts organization
  • Ted Li
    Ted Li President of Kaleidoscope Chinese Performing Arts Society (KCPA)
  • xing li
    xing li Treasurer of London Chinese Business Association
  • Harrow Library
    Harrow Library Awesome of Essex County Library System
  • Eric Lindgren
    Eric Lindgren Head Potter of Lindgren Pottery
  • Charmaine Lindsay
    Charmaine Lindsay CEO of Cobourg Public Library
  • John Lindsay
    John Lindsay President of sudbury Arts Council
  • Kaitlin Linton
    Kaitlin Linton Gallery Assistant of Patrick Mikhail Gallery
  • Mike Lipowski
    Mike Lipowski Curator of Montgomery's Inn Museum
  • Colleen Lipp
    Colleen Lipp CEO / Chief Librarian of Grimsby Public Library
  • Lisa Lipson
    Lisa Lipson Director, Service Development of Brampton Library
  • Katie Litt
    Katie Litt Executive Assistant of Brighton Arts Council
  • Carenie Little
    Carenie Little Painter of Artist, painter
  • Lorna Livey
  • Louise Livingstone
    Louise Livingstone co-ordinator of Harvest Hastings
  • Pam Lobb
    Pam Lobb Co-owner/ director of Graven Feather Studio
  • Andrew Lochhead
    Andrew Lochhead Labour Arts Coordinator of Workers Arts & Heritage Centre
  • Sarah Lochhead
    Sarah Lochhead Artistic Director of Simcoe Contemporary Dancers
  • Natalie Lochwin
    Natalie Lochwin Co-owner/operator, literacy lover of Community Roots Books & Art
  • Jack Lockhart
    Jack Lockhart artist of Jack Lockhart Art Gallery
  • Frances Logan
    Frances Logan Business Manager of Oshawa Little Theatre
  • Kim Logue
    Kim Logue Lesson Coordinator of Long & McQuade - Guelph Lesson Centre
  • Danica Loncar
    Danica Loncar Come Learn the Art of Printmaking of Art Works Art School
  • Victoria Long-Wincza
    Victoria Long-Wincza Program Coordinator of Culture for Kids in the Arts
  • Anne Longmore
    Anne Longmore Director of Marketing of Toronto Mendelssohn Choir
  • Edwin Longueville
    Edwin Longueville owner of Green Heron Pottery Studio and School
  • Cal Lorimer
    Cal Lorimer Office Administrator of Women's Art Association of Canada
  • Irene Loughlin
    Irene Loughlin Programming Director of Hamilton Artists Inc.
  • Zachary Lui
    Zachary Lui Instructor of Toronto Qigong
  • Janis Luttrell
    Janis Luttrell Arts & Culture Programmer of Town of Newmarket
  • Hema M
    Hema M Volunteer of Samskrita Bharati
  • Helen Mabberly
    Helen Mabberly Program Manager of Kingston Community Health Centres
  • Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald
    Elizabeth Gaye MacDonald Co-founder of Windsor & Essex County Plein Air Society
  • Kathryn MacDonald
    Kathryn MacDonald of Tweed & Area Studio Tour
  • Lory MacDonald
    Lory MacDonald Owner of Artventure Open Studio
  • Maggie MacKenzie
    Maggie MacKenzie Heritage Services Coordinator of Town of Richmond Hill
  • Mary MacKenzie
    Mary MacKenzie Co-Chair, Board of Directors of Northern Lights Community Theatre
  • Pamela MacKenzie
    Pamela MacKenzie Event Chair of Temiskaming Shores Culture Days
  • Tracy MacKinnon
    Tracy MacKinnon Unionville Director of Culture of Unionville Tourism - UBIA
  • Tiffany MacLaren
    Tiffany MacLaren Community Economic and Cultural Coordinator of Town of Mississippi Mills
  • Kathy MacLellan
    Kathy MacLellan co-artistic director of Rag & Bone Puppet Theatre
  • Birgitta MacLeod
    Birgitta MacLeod co-owner of META4 Contemporary Craft Gallery
  • Lara MacMillan
    Lara MacMillan Director and Teacher of The MacMillan Music Studio
  • Kate Macpherson
    Kate Macpherson Development Officer of Homer Watson House & Gallery
  • Sharon MacRae
    Sharon MacRae Website Designer of The review
  • Suzanne MacRury
    Suzanne MacRury artist
  • Chris Madsen
    Chris Madsen Outreach of Markham Theatre
  • Melissa Mahady
    Melissa Mahady Instructor and Supervisor, Young Dancers Program; Dance Engagement Coordinator of Kingston School of Dance; Grand Theatre
  • Jeannie Maidens
    Jeannie Maidens Events Coordinator of Municipality of Port Hope
  • Kaija Mailloux
    Kaija Mailloux Volunteer of Finlandia Koti
  • Miri Makin
    Miri Makin Events Coordinator of Queen's Musical Theatre
  • Tsehaie Makonnen
    Tsehaie Makonnen Festival Director of Baobab Afrikan Arts
  • Dyann Malcolm
  • Sarah Malleau
    Sarah Malleau Marketing Assistant of Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • Cheryl Mallins
    Cheryl Mallins Manager/Special Events of Herongate Barn Dinner Theatre
  • Wendy Malowany
    Wendy Malowany artist
  • Paul Malysa
    Paul Malysa Lead Singer of The Paul Malysa Band
  • Laura Mammone
    Laura Mammone Assistant Producer of Shadowpath Theatre Productions
  • Reccia Mandelcorn
    Reccia Mandelcorn Manager, Community Collaboration of Aurora Public Library
  • Reccia Mandelcorn
    Reccia Mandelcorn Manager, Community Collaboration of Aurora Public Library
  • Amy Mangan
    Amy Mangan Booking Manager of The Brownstone Café
  • Elsa Mann
    Elsa Mann Marketing Committee Chairperson of Autumn Leaves Studio Tour
  • Afarin Mansouri
    Afarin Mansouri Director of MUSIC NEST
  • Louise Mantha
    Louise Mantha Chair, FAB Arts of Frontenac Arch Biosphere(FAB)
  • Rhea Marcellus
    Rhea Marcellus CEO of Blind River Public Library
  • Matthew Marchioni
    Matthew Marchioni Coordinator of Big Boreal Adventure
  • Michelle Marcotte
    Michelle Marcotte Co-ordinator of Community Artists Niagara
  • Trudy Maresch
  • Paola Marino
    Paola Marino Video artist of Acquamarina Productions
  • Michele Mark
    Michele Mark Culture Coordinator of City of Markham
  • Brian Markham
    Brian Markham Woodturner of Limberlost Woodturning
  • Karen Markham
    Karen Markham Advertising Committee Member of Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour
  • martha markowsky
    martha markowsky artist
  • Ruth Marland
    Ruth Marland Strategic Leader of City of Mississauga
  • Nancy Marr
    Nancy Marr Curator/Manager of Uxbridge Historical Centre
  • Lesley Marshall
    Lesley Marshall Administrative Coordinator of SAW Video Media Art Centre
  • Ray Marshall
    Ray Marshall General Manager of Showplace Performance Centre
  • louise martel
  • Chemagne Martin
    Chemagne Martin Owner of Chemagne Dance Studio
  • Richard Martin
    Richard Martin Community Relations of Small World Music
  • Stefanie Martin
    Stefanie Martin Marketing Assistant of The Burlington Performing Arts Centre
  • Michael Martyn
    Michael Martyn Manager of Community and Cultural Development of City of Orillia
  • Elizabeth Matlack
    Elizabeth Matlack Freelance Artist of Oddball Art Co.
  • A.M. Matte
  • Nancy Matthews
    Nancy Matthews secretary of Grey Highlands Cultural Planning
  • Kate Matuszewski
    Kate Matuszewski Co-ordinator of Arts & Culture of Elliot Lake Arts on the Trail/City of Elliot Lake
  • Tarrah Mauricette
    Tarrah Mauricette Founder/Fitness Instructor of Chalè Entertainment
  • Ingrid Mayrhofer
    Ingrid Mayrhofer Project Coordinator of Red Tree Collective
  • Tanya Mazza
    Tanya Mazza Coordinator, Arts & Culture of Town of Collingwood
  • Susan Mazzei
    Susan Mazzei Deputy Clerk of Town of Tecumseh
  • Isabel Mazzotta
    Isabel Mazzotta Artist of Infinite Dimensions
  • Kim McBrien
    Kim McBrien Coordinator of Arts Council~Haliburton Highlands
  • Patti McCabe
    Patti McCabe Programs Coordinator of Royal Ontario Museum
  • Sophie McCann
    Sophie McCann Arts Coordinator of Cambridge Centre for the Arts (City of Cambridge)
  • Eva McCauley
    Eva McCauley Director of Riverside Celtic College
  • Eva McCauley
    Eva McCauley Director of Riverside Celtic College
  • Marilyn McCauley
    Marilyn McCauley Secretary of Lake Country Harmony (Women's a cappella chorus)
  • Don McClennen
    Don McClennen Owner
  • Christie McCormick
    Christie McCormick Manager, West Queen West of Artscape
  • Angela McEwen
    Angela McEwen Marketing and Development of City of Guelph / River Run Centre
  • Grace McGartland
    Grace McGartland Chair of the Baord of The Arts & Cookery Bank
  • Kayla Mcgee
    Kayla Mcgee Administrator of Small World Music Society
  • Carolyn McGillivray
    Carolyn McGillivray of Kingsville Arts & Culture Development Association
  • Maureen McGoey
    Maureen McGoey Production Manager of Hot Docs
  • John McGovern
    John McGovern Membership Director of Orpheus Musical Theatre Society
  • May-Jun McGrath
    May-Jun McGrath Program Developer of Indigenous Culture & Media Innovations
  • Lynn McGuigan
    Lynn McGuigan Executive Director of Ottawa Little Theatre
  • Lynn McGuigan
    Lynn McGuigan Executive Director of Ottawa Little Theatre
  • Kathryn McHolm
    Kathryn McHolm chair of Friends of Wesleyville Village
  • Lauren McIllfaterick
    Lauren McIllfaterick Communications Coordinator of Ottawa Valley Tourist Association
  • Catherine McInnes
    Catherine McInnes Artistic Director of Home County Folk League
  • Dariel McIntyre
    Dariel McIntyre Museum Clerk of Woodstock Museum N.H.S.
  • Laurel McKellar
    Laurel McKellar Director of Programs & Exhibitions of THEMUSEUM
  • Trisha McKibbin
    Trisha McKibbin Museum/Archives Manager of St. Marys Museum
  • Nancy McKibbin Gray
    Nancy McKibbin Gray Chair of the Board of The Carnegie Gallery
  • Beth McKinlay
    Beth McKinlay Community Arts Director of Sioux Lookout Creative Arts Circle
  • Kristin McKinnon
    Kristin McKinnon Assistant Publicist of Canadian Opera Company
  • Bronwen McKnight
    Bronwen McKnight coordinator of Gladstone Centre
  • Carol McLeod
    Carol McLeod Artistic Director of St. Marys Storytelling Inc.
  • Caitlyn McMillan
    Caitlyn McMillan Arts Education Intern of Thunder Bay Art Gallery
  • Mary Lou McMillan
    Mary Lou McMillan Branch Supervisor of Elgin County Library
  • Marilynne McNeil
    Marilynne McNeil Director, Marketing & Development of Karen Schuessler Singers
  • Megan McNeil
    Megan McNeil General Director of Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre
  • Chloe McPherson
    Chloe McPherson of living. the dance company
  • Katrina McQuail
    Katrina McQuail Community Collaborateur of 10 Carden
  • Keith McVean
    Keith McVean Library Assistant of Mississauga Library System
  • Pamela Meacher
  • Judy Mead
    Judy Mead Director of Development & Communications of Station Gallery
  • Angela Meady
    Angela Meady Head of Children's & Youth Services of Thunder Bay Public Library
  • John Medeiros
  • Stephanie Meeuwse
    Stephanie Meeuwse MFA Chair of Mississauga Friendship Association
  • Lianne Megarry
    Lianne Megarry Owner of The Dark Horse
  • Pat Megraw
    Pat Megraw Artist of Brant Studio Tour
  • Sharlene Melnike
    Sharlene Melnike Community Development Coordinator of Town of Ajax
  • Christopher Menard
    Christopher Menard Cultural Development Coordinator of City of Windsor
  • Marcio Mendes
    Marcio Mendes Head Master of Muiraquita Capoeira
  • Louroz Mercader
    Louroz Mercader President of MY - Mississauga Youth Games
  • Rachel Mercer
    Rachel Mercer artistic director of "5 at the First" Chamber Music Series
  • Karen Merk
    Karen Merk Photographer of Merk Photography
  • Kathleen Michalchuk
    Kathleen Michalchuk of Chaban Ukrainian Dance Group
  • Nicholls Michelle
    Nicholls Michelle Art Educator of Rodman Hall Art Centre
  • Mary Lou Middleton
    Mary Lou Middleton New Project Development of Perth-County branch ACO
  • Patrick Mikhail
    Patrick Mikhail Director of Patrick Mikhail Gallery
  • aliki mikulich
    aliki mikulich artist
  • Susan Milankov
    Susan Milankov Volunteer & Diversity Coordinator of Franklin Horner Community Centre
  • Jennifer Millar
    Jennifer Millar Senior Communications Officer of Canadian Museum of History
  • Carlisle Miller
    Carlisle Miller Owner of Cafe Creme Brulee
  • Eric Miller
    Eric Miller Owner/Operator of CirqueWorks
  • Hyacinthe Miller
    Hyacinthe Miller WCYR Board President of Writers' Community of York Region
  • Judi Miller
    Judi Miller Chair person of Kanata Civic Art Gallery
  • Michele Miller Brown
    Michele Miller Brown Tasting Experience Consultant and Culinary Event Designer of Groovy Grapes
  • Lindsey Mills
    Lindsey Mills Founder of Womens Music Network
  • taylor milne
    taylor milne Fourth Fridays Coordinator of 10 Carden's "Fourth Fridays"
  • RM Minnella
    RM Minnella Branch Supervisor, Brant Hills of Burlington Public Library
  • Zig Misiak
    Zig Misiak President of Real Peoples History
  • Sheila Mitchell
    Sheila Mitchell Executive Director of Art For All Canada Inc.
  • Sheila Mitchell
  • Mphatso Mlotha
    Mphatso Mlotha choreographer/owner of phatdancestudios
  • Catherine Molina
    Catherine Molina General Manager of Guelph Symphony
  • masani montague
    masani montague executive director of upfront theatre foundation
  • Craig Montford
    Craig Montford Development Intern of The Walrus Foundation
  • Claudia Montoya
    Claudia Montoya President of Casa Cultural Colombiana
  • Gary Moon
    Gary Moon Chair of North Perth Arts & Culture Council, Listowel Ontario
  • Ashley Moores
    Ashley Moores Education and Interpretation Programs Officer of Billings Estate National Historic Site
  • Brad Morden
    Brad Morden Artistic Director of Sounds of Solidarity
  • Nicholas Moreau
    Nicholas Moreau Volunteer coordinator of Visual Arts Brampton
  • Jennifer Morin
    Jennifer Morin Cultural Services Coordinator of City of Thunder Bay
  • Darlean Morris
  • Gislaine (JESSIE) Morrish
    Gislaine (JESSIE) Morrish President of Porcupine Handweavers and Spinners Guild
  • Terri Anne Moses
    Terri Anne Moses Marketing/Communications of Orchestra London Canada
  • nancy movrin
    nancy movrin Recreation Coordinator of Cambridge Centre for the Arts
  • William Moxley
    William Moxley Demonstration Team of Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Ottawa Branch
  • Paige Muirhead
    Paige Muirhead Marketing & Event Manager of Station Gallery
  • Kiron Mukherjee
    Kiron Mukherjee ROMKids Assistant Coordinator of Royal Ontario Museum
  • Linda Mullola
    Linda Mullola Artist of Linda Mullola Studio
  • Craig Munro
    Craig Munro Community Resource and Events Manager of London Regional Children's Museum
  • Martina Munroe
    Martina Munroe Owner of Kniterary
  • Leyla Munteanu
  • Elaine Murray
    Elaine Murray Promotions of Barrie Folk Society
  • Laura Murray
    Laura Murray Children's Librarian of Peterborough Public Library
  • Diane Murray-Charrett
    Diane Murray-Charrett Artistic Director of Gaudeamus Choirs of Halton HIlls
  • Unbuttoned Music
  • Anna Naccarato
    Anna Naccarato owner of The Green Door Tea House
  • Katie Nagy
    Katie Nagy of Essex County Library
  • Susan Nagy
    Susan Nagy Executive Director of Lakeshore Arts
  • Frank Nakashima
    Frank Nakashima president of Toronto Early Music Centre
  • Anusha Narendran
    Anusha Narendran Manager of Malvern Family Resource Centre
  • Mel Neal
    Mel Neal Lactation Consultant of La Leche League of Peterborough
  • Jeff Nesbitt
    Jeff Nesbitt Youth Wise Coordinator of TEACH Centre
  • Trudy Neumeyer
    Trudy Neumeyer Chair of Bradford Arts Guild
  • Tom New
    Tom New Senior Communications Officer of CBC
  • Grace Newman
    Grace Newman Office Admin of Odyssey Showcase
  • Rob Newman
    Rob Newman Vice Chair of St Clair Arts Network
  • Sarah Newton
    Sarah Newton Production Manager, Current Affairs Coordinator and Host of WhiStle Radio
  • anh nguyen
    anh nguyen of HNM Dance
  • Kathleen Nicholls
    Kathleen Nicholls Coordinator of Galerie SAW Gallery
  • Carey Nicholson
    Carey Nicholson Manager of Operations of Scugog Council for the Arts
  • julie nicholson
    julie nicholson partner of MADE
  • Edward Nicolucci
    Edward Nicolucci Urban Designer of City of Mississauga
  • Karlene Nielsen
    Karlene Nielsen Community Coordinator of Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal
  • Karlene Nielsen
    Karlene Nielsen Community Coordinator of Ford City Neighbourhood Renewal
  • Jane Nigh
    Jane Nigh Manager of Ten Thousand Villages
  • Ramona Noor
    Ramona Noor Publicity Assistant of Harbourfront Centre
  • Paul Nopper
    Paul Nopper Downtown Revitalization Coordinator of Township of Cavan Monaghan
  • Kenn Norman
    Kenn Norman CEO, Director of Fashion History Museum
  • honey Novick
    honey Novick Performer/Director of Creative Vocalization Studio
  • Andrea Novoa
    Andrea Novoa President of World Dance Centre
  • Amanda Nunes
  • Brenda Nunes
    Brenda Nunes Communications Committee (Media) of The Toronto Scottish Country Dance Association
  • Gail Nyoka
  • Anne O'Callaghan
    Anne O'Callaghan co-ordinator/curator of The Tree Museum
  • Cat O'Connor
    Cat O'Connor Manager, Association Advancement & International Programs of YMCA of Simcoe/Muskoka
  • Marie O'Connor
    Marie O'Connor Education Officer of Peterborough Museum & Archives
  • Colleen O'Dwyer
    Colleen O'Dwyer General Manager of Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra
  • Rob O'Flanagan
    Rob O'Flanagan Multi-disciplinary artist/journalist of Artist/Writer
  • Kathryn O'Hara
    Kathryn O'Hara Fund Development and Promotions Co-ordinator of Southern Frontenac Community Services
  • Chris O'Hoski
    Chris O'Hoski Education & Media Coordinator of Grimsby Public Art Gallery
  • Catherine O'Mara
    Catherine O'Mara chairperson of Muskoka Autumn Studio Tour
  • Elaine O'Neal
    Elaine O'Neal Communications Director of Randolph Academy
  • Shannon O'Neill
    Shannon O'Neill Events Coordinator of Songwriters Association of Canada
  • Paddy O'Sullivan
    Paddy O'Sullivan visual artist of Artists on Elgin
  • Doors Open Oakville
  • Caroline Obeid
    Caroline Obeid Portfolio Manager of Shnekman Arts Centre
  • Ana Olson
    Ana Olson Partnership Coordinator/Acting Manager of Glenhyrst Art Gallery of Brant
  • Andreea Omat
    Andreea Omat Owner/Designer/Artist of Atelier Hg80 Ltd.
  • Carl David Onofrio
    Carl David Onofrio Performing Musician
  • Andres Felipe Orbegozo
    Andres Felipe Orbegozo DJ / Intern / Sound Engineer of Dos Mundos Radio
  • Gaynor Orford
    Gaynor Orford vice chair of Friends of Misery Bay
  • Wendy Orr
    Wendy Orr Visual Artist of Gallery 96, 3rd Rail Society
  • Jennifer Osborn
    Jennifer Osborn of All Sorts Acre
  • Tamara Ostojic
    Tamara Ostojic Board President of Serbian Heritage Museum
  • Veronique Ouahou
    Veronique Ouahou Conseillère d'accuiel of Contact Interculturel Francophone de Sudbury (CIFS)
  • Tori Owen
    Tori Owen Administrative Coordinator of Kawartha Youth Orchestra
  • Laura Paghal
    Laura Paghal Director of Wyndham Art Supplies & Guelph School of Art
  • Monica Pain
    Monica Pain Touring & Production Manager of Ballet Creole
  • Shannon Paiva
    Shannon Paiva Marketing/Special Events Coordinator of Bruce County Museum & Cultural Centre
  • Rick Palidwor
    Rick Palidwor Manager, Creative Classes of Hart House
  • Laurel Paluck
    Laurel Paluck Artistic Director of Atelier Ludmila
  • Kerry Panchoo
    Kerry Panchoo President of Sarolta Tecnologies Inc.
  • Kun-Tou Pao
    Kun-Tou Pao Chairperson of Board of Directors of Chinese Canadian National Council, London Chapter
  • Ennio Paola
    Ennio Paola Collaborative Composer | Artistic Director of Significant Music®™
  • Judith Parker
    Judith Parker Acting Curator of Bytown Museum
  • Jessica Parkes
    Jessica Parkes of Toronto Symphony Orchestra
  • Mary Parkinson
    Mary Parkinson of University of Guelph's Music Students' Association
  • Britt Parsons
    Britt Parsons Jewellery Specialist of Store 54
  • Cathy Pascoe
    Cathy Pascoe Artist of Waterloo Uptown Gallery
  • Kersti Pascoe
    Kersti Pascoe Program Coordinator- Education of Oshawa Senior Citizens Centre
  • Jill Passmore
    Jill Passmore Visitor Experience Co-ordinator of Oshawa Community Museum
  • Nicole Paterson
    Nicole Paterson Manager, Marketing Communications of Burlington Public Library
  • Andrea Patterson
    Andrea Patterson of Port Hope Tourism
  • Sanja Pavlovic Milicevic
    Sanja Pavlovic Milicevic Partnership Coordinator of Culture Days
  • Peter Paylor
    Peter Paylor Art Director of Core Arts and Culture Centre
  • Kathleen Payne
    Kathleen Payne artistic director of Words in Motion
  • Marie Payne
    Marie Payne organizer of Just for Us Originals
  • Gregory Peddie
    Gregory Peddie Arts Development Coordinator of City of Brampton
  • Gina Peers
    Gina Peers Owner/Manager of Peers Caning & Basketry
  • Robert Pel
    Robert Pel Owner of RKilts
  • David Pell
    David Pell Artistic Director of Hannaford Street Silver Band
  • Betty Penny
    Betty Penny President of Scugog Island Cruises
  • Jerry Pergolesi
    Jerry Pergolesi Artistic Director of Contact Contemporary Music
  • patty petkovich
    patty petkovich president of Kingston Potters' Guild
  • Maria Pezzano
    Maria Pezzano of Trafalgar Building Studios
  • Maria Pezzano
    Maria Pezzano artist designer visionary owner
  • Patricia Phelps
    Patricia Phelps Curator of Annandale National Historic Site
  • Avril Phillip
    Avril Phillip Community Engagement Manager of Ballet Jörgen Canada
  • Karen Phillips
    Karen Phillips artist of Riverstones Studio
  • debra philp
    debra philp producer/parent volunteer of eleanor drury childrens theatre
  • Edward Pickersgill
    Edward Pickersgill Organizer of Baker Street Art Gallery
  • Karen Pilch
    Karen Pilch workshop & shows convener of Englehart Area Artists
  • Vince Pilon
    Vince Pilon Gallery Assistant of Cornwall Regional Art Gallery
  • Jennifer Pimentel
    Jennifer Pimentel Artist / Owner of Jennifer Pimentel Studio & Gallery
  • Wade Pitman
    Wade Pitman Webmaster of The Oakville Players
  • Anna Plugin
    Anna Plugin Special Events Coordinator of Riverdale Hub
  • Inese Poga
    Inese Poga Selfemployed artist
  • Paola Poletto
    Paola Poletto Supervisor, Arts and Culture of City of Mississauga
  • Nora Polley
    Nora Polley Archives Assistant of Stratford Shakespeare Festival
  • Cindy Poon
    Cindy Poon Manager of Public Service of Ajax Public Library
  • Tim Porter
    Tim Porter Artistic Director of IANA Theatre Company
  • Luciano Porto
    Luciano Porto Director of Bavia Arts
  • Tim Potocic
    Tim Potocic OWNER of SUPERCRAWL
  • Sonya Poweska
    Sonya Poweska Executive Director of Guelph Arts Council
  • Dionne Powlenzuk
    Dionne Powlenzuk Programming and Operations Associate of Visual Arts Centre of Clarington
  • Sylvia Pozeg
    Sylvia Pozeg Coordinator of City Art Centre
  • Naraindra Prashad
    Naraindra Prashad of Independent
  • Josie Premzell
    Josie Premzell Supervisor of Development of Peel Art Gallery, Museum and Archives
  • Rose Anne Prevec
    Rose Anne Prevec Communications Officer of McMaster Museum of Art
  • Josee Prevost
    Josee Prevost Senior Communications Officer of Canadian War Museum
  • Jill Price
    Jill Price Organizer of Art ce Soir
  • Marion Price
    Marion Price Volunteer of Erindale Presbyterian Church
  • Peterborough Pride
    Peterborough Pride of Peterborough Pride
  • Laura Prinselaar
    Laura Prinselaar Children & Youth Services Librarian of Thunder Bay Public Library
  • Lolly Prinzen
  • Alysa Procida
    Alysa Procida Educational Coordinator of Museum of Inuit Art
  • Stephen Near
    Stephen Near Program Director of Arts Hamilton
  • Trevor Pross
    Trevor Pross CEO of Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery
  • Ottawa Public Library
  • Kevin Puddister
    Kevin Puddister Curator of Dundas Museum & Archives
  • Ester Pugliese
    Ester Pugliese Development Coordinator of Arts for Children and Youth
  • Jennifer Pugsley
    Jennifer Pugsley Media Relations Manager of Canadian Opera Company
  • Jocelyn Purdie
    Jocelyn Purdie Director of Union Gallery
  • Suzanne Purdy
    Suzanne Purdy Curator of The Craigleith Heritage Depot
  • Anne Purkis
    Anne Purkis Program Co-ordinator of Guelph Arts Council
  • Rima Puteris
    Rima Puteris Education Program Coordinator of The Latcham Gallery
  • Katrina Pyke
    Katrina Pyke Coordinator, Museum Operations of Pickering Museum Village/City of Pickering
  • Katrina Pyke
    Katrina Pyke Coordinator, Museum Operations of City of Pickering, Pickering Museum Village
  • Jaclyn Qua-Hiansen
    Jaclyn Qua-Hiansen Communications of Art Gallery of Mississauga
  • Cheryl Radford
    Cheryl Radford Program Administrator of London Potters Guild
  • Alysha Rajkumar
    Alysha Rajkumar Operations Manager of Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art
  • Shelby Ramm
    Shelby Ramm Marketing & Sales Manager of The Northern Artist Gallery/ Artists on Elgin
  • Kate Ramos
    Kate Ramos Owner of The Edge Gallery
  • Carol Rankmore
    Carol Rankmore of Taoist Tai Chi Society of Canada- Stratford
  • Brandi Ransom
    Brandi Ransom Marketing Coordinator of Sudbury Living Magazine
  • Sandy Ravary
    Sandy Ravary Manager, The Conference Place, Art Gallery and Tours of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences
  • Pamela Ravek
    Pamela Ravek Artist/Designer of RAVEK Architectural Glass Art
  • Margaret ravensdale
    Margaret ravensdale member of consolidated artists group of 7s
  • Melanie Raymond
    Melanie Raymond Library Co-ordinator, Special Projects of Vaughan Public Libraries
  • harmony redsky
    harmony redsky of Roots & Rights
  • Chris Reed
    Chris Reed Artistic Director of Small Print Toronto
  • Adele Reeves
  • Aubrey Reeves
    Aubrey Reeves of Toronto Public Library / Culture Days
  • Donna Reid
    Donna Reid Executive Director of Westdale Village Business Improvement Area
  • Anthony Reinhart
  • Anna Relyea
    Anna Relyea Director, Strategic Communications of Ontario Science Centre
  • linda renaud
    linda renaud visual artist of .n/a
  • c rey
  • Deb Reynolds
  • Kamalpreet Riat
    Kamalpreet Riat Marketing Assistant of City of Toronto
  • Josie Ricciardi
    Josie Ricciardi co-ordinator of Regent Park Community Health Centre
  • Alexandra Riccio
    Alexandra Riccio Community Development Assistant of Aurora Historical Society
  • Melinda Richter
    Melinda Richter Consultant of The Arctic Experience McNaught Gallery
  • Carolyn Riddell
    Carolyn Riddell artist/arts educator of Crimea Street Studio
  • Tom Riddolls
    Tom Riddolls Curator of MacLachlan Woodworking Museum
  • Rosa Rigotti
    Rosa Rigotti Children's Librarian of Essex County Library
  • Michael Rikley-Lancaster
    Michael Rikley-Lancaster Executive Director/ Curator of Mississippi Valley Textile Museum
  • Chad Riley
    Chad Riley Gallery Assistant of Leamington Arts Centre
  • Chad Riley
    Chad Riley Director of Leamington Arts Centre
  • Gina Rim
    Gina Rim Volunteer Coordinator of Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
  • Gina Rim
    Gina Rim Volunteer Coordinator of Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival
  • James Rim
    James Rim Master Insstructor of Master Rim's Tae Kwon-Do
  • Aisling Riordan
    Aisling Riordan Marketing Manager of Diaspora Dialogues
  • Sabra Ripley
    Sabra Ripley Cultural Outreach Officer of Zion Church Cultural Centre, City of Toronto
  • Alicia Ristic
    Alicia Ristic President of Art Galia
  • Susan Ritchie
    Susan Ritchie Administrator of Mississauga Festival Choir
  • Rachel Rivas
    Rachel Rivas Co-Owner of Edible Arts Cakery
  • Jesse Roberts
    Jesse Roberts Head of Reference Services of Thunder Bay Public Library
  • Deborah Robertson
    Deborah Robertson Program Coordinator of North Bay & District Multicultural Centre
  • Melissa Robertson
    Melissa Robertson Carnegie Days Festival Coordinator of MacLaren Art Centre
  • Krista Robinson
    Krista Robinson Librarian of Stratford Public Library
  • Marlee Robinson
    Marlee Robinson Chair of Erie Ridge Cultural Action Team
  • Jennifer Robson
    Jennifer Robson Director of Independent Theatre
  • Rachel Robson
    Rachel Robson Marketing Coordinator of Tourism Middlesex
  • Jean RODAK
    Jean RODAK of Jean Rodak
  • Pier Rodier
    Pier Rodier Directeur artistique of Vox Théâtre
  • Cathryn Rodney
    Cathryn Rodney CEO of Bracebridge Public Library
  • Lynn Rogers
  • Sharron Rogers
    Sharron Rogers Visual Artist of Sharron Rogers Art Gallery
  • Susan Rogers
    Susan Rogers Program Manager of CBC Thunder Bay
  • Christopher Rohde
    Christopher Rohde Programmer of SAW Video
  • Nora Rokeby-Thomas
    Nora Rokeby-Thomas of FLK Taoist Tai Chi TM
  • Carmen Romero
    Carmen Romero Artistic Director of Compania Carmen Romero School of Flamenco Dance Arts
  • Katherine Ronzio
    Katherine Ronzio Administrative Assistant of Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
  • Victoria Rose
    Victoria Rose General Manager of Downtown Windsor Farmers' Market
  • Phil Rose-Donahoe
    Phil Rose-Donahoe Manager of Cultural Services of Town of Georgina
  • Marcela Rosemberg
    Marcela Rosemberg Glass artist - Designer of Marcela Rosemberg Glass Studio
  • Sam Rosenthal
    Sam Rosenthal Operations Supervisor of City Playhouse Theatre
  • Adriana Rosselli
    Adriana Rosselli General Manager of Aluna Theatre
  • Cindy Rozeboom
    Cindy Rozeboom Managing Director of East End Arts
  • Harrison Ruess
    Harrison Ruess of Ontario Science Centre
  • Joseph Rumi
    Joseph Rumi Director of Rumi Galleries
  • Helena Rumley
    Helena Rumley Client Services Integration Specialist of Dixie Bloor Neighbourhood Centre
  • Vicki Ruple Lepe
    Vicki Ruple Lepe President of Mississauga Potters' Guild
  • Linda Rupp
    Linda Rupp of Strahroy Art Group - Studio Tour
  • Linda Rupp
    Linda Rupp President of The Art Group Strathroy/Caradoc
  • Billy Russell
    Billy Russell Coordinator of Dovercourt Recreation
  • Linda Russell
    Linda Russell Event Co-ord of Ukrainian Seniors' Centre
  • Bridget Ryan
    Bridget Ryan Marketing Director of Alton Mill
  • Terryl Ryan
  • maria Sabaye Moghaddam
  • Rick Sacks
    Rick Sacks Artistic Director of Array New Music
  • Jordan Safer
    Jordan Safer Office Manager / Event Coordinator of Toronto Blues Society
  • mamta sahota
  • Marjorie Salavich
    Marjorie Salavich Treasurer of Dryden Area Cultural Partnership
  • Isobel Salole
    Isobel Salole Studio Member of Galdstone Clayworks Co-Operative
  • Matt Salton
    Matt Salton Festival Director of Reelout Arts Project Inc.
  • Heather Salzman
    Heather Salzman Chair 2012 of Victoria County Studio Tour
  • Abeena Samm
    Abeena Samm Founder/CEO of "Recognize Your Face" marketplace ministry
  • Leah Sander
    Leah Sander of Ottawa Storytellers
  • paul sandilands
    paul sandilands artist of bronte art academy & gallery
  • Allan Sansom
    Allan Sansom Portfolio Manager of Centrepointe Theatres, City of Ottawa
  • Audrey Sasson
    Audrey Sasson of Pinewood Natural Health Centre
  • Elaine Savva
    Elaine Savva Museum Coordinator of Scarborough Museum
  • Jasmine Sawant
    Jasmine Sawant Artistic Co-Director of SAWITRI Theatre Group
  • Jasmine Sawant
    Jasmine Sawant Artistic Co-Director of SAWITRI Theatre Group
  • Mike Sawchuck
    Mike Sawchuck Community Programs Officer of Ontario Heritage Trust
  • Kelly Saxberg
    Kelly Saxberg Organizing committee Chair of Bay Street Film Festival
  • Walter Sayers
    Walter Sayers Creator of Waldoodles
  • Wanda Schaefer-Stilling
    Wanda Schaefer-Stilling Recreation Coordinator of City of Cambridge
  • Savanna Schaus
    Savanna Schaus Economic Development Coordinator of Town of Hanover
  • Duane Schermerhorn
    Duane Schermerhorn Vice-Chair of Arts Council of Northumberland
  • Marlies Schoenefeld
  • Tine Schrijvers
    Tine Schrijvers Owner of Tine M Schrijvers Designs
  • Mieke Schroeder
    Mieke Schroeder Chair of Family Literacy Committee of Brant
  • Shirley Scoble
    Shirley Scoble President of Bayview Watercolour Society
  • Crystal Scott
    Crystal Scott Youth Drop In Centre Coordinator of Teach Centre
  • Ginger Scott
    Ginger Scott of Peggy Baker Dance Projects
  • Karen Scott
    Karen Scott Communications of Shenkman Arts Centre
  • Khalia Scott
    Khalia Scott Director of School of the Photographic Arts: Ottawa
  • Reilly Scott
    Reilly Scott Arts & Culture Coordinator of The Municipality of Sioux Lookout
  • Karen Scovell
    Karen Scovell Coordinator or Outreach & Communication of The Nathaniel Dett Chorale
  • Miriam Scribner
    Miriam Scribner Senior Services Specialist, Programming & Events of Toronto Public Library
  • Nanette Seaman
    Nanette Seaman Admin Assistant of South Simcoe Arts Council
  • deniz seker
    deniz seker co-curator of women's art association of canada
  • david sereda
    david sereda producer + associate artist of sheatre
  • Jessica Sergeant
    Jessica Sergeant of Limestone Hands
  • Joseph Seul
    Joseph Seul Event Organizer of Korean-Canadian Society of London
  • Jacquie Severs
    Jacquie Severs Manager, Communications & Social Media of The Robert McLaughlin Gallery
  • Max Sexsmith
    Max Sexsmith Sculptor
  • Jonathan Shaboo
    Jonathan Shaboo Associate Producer of Angelwalk Theatre
  • chloe shackelton
    chloe shackelton owner/artist/event director of chloe visual arts - arts in the square
  • Robert Shafer
    Robert Shafer owner of Tyrone Mills Limited
  • Nina Shah
    Nina Shah Artist
  • Sam Shahsahabi
    Sam Shahsahabi Assistant Professor of Lakehead University Department of Visual Arts
  • Christy Shapley
    Christy Shapley Curator of Art de la Roo
  • Paul Sharp
    Paul Sharp of Public Art program
  • Christopher Sharpe
    Christopher Sharpe Director of Education and Community Programs of Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony
  • Shelley Sharpe
    Shelley Sharpe Communications Manager of Windsor Symphony Orchestra
  • Tania Sharpe
    Tania Sharpe Coordinator, Public Services of Chatham-Kent Public Library
  • Anita Shedletsky
    Anita Shedletsky Studio Co-ordinator of Echo Sculpture Studio
  • Aleisha Sheehan
    Aleisha Sheehan Community Social Plan Facilitator of Community Social Plan
  • Kathleen Sheehy
    Kathleen Sheehy Artistic Administrator of Lost&Found Theatre
  • David Sheffield
    David Sheffield Community Outreach Worker of Green Wood Coalition
  • Nawfal Sheikh
    Nawfal Sheikh Community Cultural Coordinator of City of Toronto, the Assembly Hall
  • Clair Shepherdson
    Clair Shepherdson Chairman for Culture Days of Little Claybelt Homesteaders Museum
  • Adam Sherkin
  • Debra Shime
    Debra Shime ED of University Settlement
  • Anne Shropshire
    Anne Shropshire of Municipal Heritage Committee - Smiths Falls
  • fortunée shugar
    fortunée shugar events coordinator of Foyer Gallery
  • Rick Sickinger
    Rick Sickinger Cultural Development Officer of County of Huron
  • Maureen Silva
    Maureen Silva Commitee Member of Feminist Art Conference
  • jerry Silverberg
    jerry Silverberg Visual and Theatre artist
  • N Simms
    N Simms Director Human Rights of Humber College
  • Merilyn Simonds
    Merilyn Simonds Artistic Director of Kingston WritersFest
  • David Simpson
    David Simpson Bottlewasher of Westdale Village BIA / SDHS
  • katarina simunovic
  • Stacey Sinclair
    Stacey Sinclair Interim Executive Director of Oakville Arts Council
  • Christian Bernard Singer
    Christian Bernard Singer Curator of Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
  • Minni Singh
    Minni Singh of HCC
  • Beth Sinyard
    Beth Sinyard Museum Curator of Elman W. Campbell Museum/Town of Newmarket
  • Alexandra Skoczylas
    Alexandra Skoczylas Director of Marketing of Tafelmusik
  • Bill Slavin
    Bill Slavin Illustrator
  • juana sleizer
    juana sleizer profesional artist
  • Jeff Sloan
    Jeff Sloan Visual, Written and Spoken Word Artist of Community Artists Niagara
  • Anne Sloboda
    Anne Sloboda Chair of Canvas & Quill Studios
  • Stef Smalls
    Stef Smalls Media Chair of Sarnia Lambton Potters' Guild
  • A Smith
  • Ashley Smith
    Ashley Smith Community Profile Developer of In the Orchard Programming for the Arts
  • Barb Smith
    Barb Smith Owner and Educator of Kindermusik with Barb S
  • Barb Smith
    Barb Smith owner of Art for the Lord
  • Brandy Smith
    Brandy Smith Community Development Coordinator of Brockville Public Library
  • Daniel Smith
    Daniel Smith Artist of Consolidated Artist Group of 7's
  • Eileen Smith
    Eileen Smith Producer and Project Manager of Hermione Presents and Perth Arts Connect
  • Heather Smith
    Heather Smith of Apples and Art Studio Tour
  • Jeanette Smith
  • Lacey Smith
    Lacey Smith Artistic Director of Dasein Dance Theatre
  • Sue Smith
    Sue Smith Artistic Director of Evenine
  • Peter Snell
    Peter Snell CEO of Choking Hazard Orchestra
  • Jacqueline Soczka
    Jacqueline Soczka Manager of Culture of City of Orillia
  • Robin Sokoloski
    Robin Sokoloski Executive Director of Playwrights Guild of Canada
  • Mary Solomon
    Mary Solomon Business Scarecrow of Meaford Scarecrow Invasion and Family Festival
  • Rose Sood
    Rose Sood Photographer of Profex Images Inc.
  • Mona Sorensen
    Mona Sorensen of Fung Loy Kok - Taoist Tai Chi
  • Mandi Sosnowski
    Mandi Sosnowski Treasurer of Mississauga Players Theatre Group
  • Mandi Sosnowski
    Mandi Sosnowski Treasurer of Mississauga Players Theatre Group
  • Teri Souter
    Teri Souter Manager of Arts, Culture & Heritage of Town of Huntsville
  • Melanie Southern
    Melanie Southern Manager, Information Services of Milton Public Library
  • Michael Spence
    Michael Spence Associate Artistic Director of Theatre Gargantua
  • Alana Sproule
    Alana Sproule Artist of Awkward Stage
  • Georgiana Stanciu
    Georgiana Stanciu Curator of The Royal Canadian Regiment Museum
  • Georgiana Stanciu
    Georgiana Stanciu Curator of Royal Canadian Regiment Museum
  • Patricia Stanley
    Patricia Stanley of Colborne Art Gallery
  • Pam Staples
    Pam Staples Economic and Cultural Coordinator of Town of Gananoque
  • Cynthia Steele
    Cynthia Steele Administrative Coordinator of Grand Philharmonic Choir
  • Mary Stefura
    Mary Stefura Founder of Ukrainian Seniors' Centre
  • Gail Stelter
    Gail Stelter Event Coordinator, Colourfest 2012 of Haliburton Village BIA
  • Lindsay Stephens
    Lindsay Stephens Community Outreach/Inreach Coordinator of Haldimand County Public Library
  • Barbara Stephenson
    Barbara Stephenson Chief Librarian and CEO of Port Hope Public Library
  • R.L. Stephenson-Read
    R.L. Stephenson-Read Keeper of Aye Lighthouse B&B/Productions
  • Vian Stetch
    Vian Stetch Artistic Director of Arabella Middle Eastern Dance Academy
  • JT Stevenson
    JT Stevenson Co-Founder, Business Development of ElectriCITY Events
  • Mac Stew
    Mac Stew of Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
  • Jennifer Stewart
    Jennifer Stewart Communications of X Ottawa Photography Festival
  • Karen Stewart
    Karen Stewart Event Programmer of Huron Arts & Heritage Network
  • Margo Stinson
    Margo Stinson Owner of The Carberry Soap Co
  • Devon Stone
    Devon Stone Owner, Artistic Director of Collingwood School of Dance Inc
  • John Stopciati
    John Stopciati Artist-Owner of Stopciati Gallery
  • Gwen Stott
    Gwen Stott Area Manager of Recreation of City of Cambridge
  • Ricki Strapp
    Ricki Strapp Event Coordinator of Arts Council of Sault Ste. Marie & District
  • Rachel Strazdins
    Rachel Strazdins President of Club SoDA of University of Windsor- School of Dramatic Art
  • E. R. Strebe
    E. R. Strebe Artist
  • Pablo Suarez
    Pablo Suarez Art Director of Pablo's World of Cartoons
  • Tracy Suerich
    Tracy Suerich Public Square Program Coordinator of City of Waterloo
  • Sonia Sulaiman
  • Pat Sullivan
    Pat Sullivan Public Programs Officer of Agnes Etherington Art Centre
  • Lilya Sultanova
    Lilya Sultanova Marketing and Communications Coordinator of The Theatre Centre
  • Chris Summerhayes
  • Kelly + Ashley Summers
    Kelly + Ashley Summers Director of The Dance Class
  • Kimberly Sutherland Mills
    Kimberly Sutherland Mills Manager, Programming and Outreach of Kingston Frontenac Public Library
  • Cole Swanson
    Cole Swanson Exhibitions & Residency Program Coordinator of Living Arts Centre
  • Sandra Sydor
    Sandra Sydor Community Outreach Adminstrator of Cambridge Libraries
  • Matt Szybalski
    Matt Szybalski City Archivist of City of Thunder Bay Archives
  • Sarah Tacoma
    Sarah Tacoma of The Art Studio
  • Stan Tait
    Stan Tait President of Stan W Tait Jewellery
  • Nicole Talbot
    Nicole Talbot Photographer of Envisions Studios
  • Andrzej Tarasiuk
    Andrzej Tarasiuk Co-founder of Artist Studio
  • anne taylor
    anne taylor cultural archivist of curve Lake cultural centre
  • Gregg Taylor
    Gregg Taylor Marketing and Developement Manager of Theatre Aquarius
  • Jane Taylor
    Jane Taylor Program Coordinator of Aurora Cultural Centre
  • Joan Taylor
    Joan Taylor Manager, Children's Services of Waterloo Public Library
  • Joleen Taylor
    Joleen Taylor Teacher/Interpreter of McDougall Cottage (Region of Waterloo)
  • Ralitsa Tcholaakova
    Ralitsa Tcholaakova Director of Ars Universalis
  • Barbara Teatero
    Barbara Teatero Director of Museums of Museums of Burlington
  • Laurie Telgen
    Laurie Telgen Magician of Magicalaurie
  • Mirella Tersigni
    Mirella Tersigni Community Development coordinator, cultural services of City of Vaughan
  • Deesha Thakkar
  • Harsh Thakkar
  • Nadene Theriault-Copeland
    Nadene Theriault-Copeland Executive Director of New Adventures in Sound Art
  • Keith Thirgood
    Keith Thirgood President of Ontario Plein Air Society
  • Irene Thomas
    Irene Thomas General Manager of Theatre Collingwood
  • Matt Thomas
    Matt Thomas Marketing Coordinator of Museum London
  • Jackie Thompson
    Jackie Thompson Information Services Librarian of Woodstock Public Library
  • Larry Thompson
    Larry Thompson Promotion Coordinator of Merrickville Artists' Guild Studio Tour
  • Sharon Thompson
    Sharon Thompson Exhibition coordinator of Shag Rug Collective
  • Teresa Thompson
    Teresa Thompson Creator of Oakville Artists Group
  • Cheryl Thomson
    Cheryl Thomson marketing volunteer/membership chair of Windsor Light Music Theatre
  • Dana Thorne
    Dana Thorne Supervisor/Curator of Museums of Corporation of the County of Lambton
  • Kim Thorne
    Kim Thorne Project Manager of Improvisation, Community, and Social Practice
  • Shannon Thunderbird
    Shannon Thunderbird Owner, Artist and Educator of Teya Peya Productions: First Rate First Nations Educational Entertainment
  • Mark Tilbury
    Mark Tilbury Chief Administrative Officer of Thunder Bay Museum
  • Sheryl Tilley
    Sheryl Tilley Supervisor - Woolwich Township Library Branches of Region of Waterloo Library
  • andrew timar
  • Kathryn Tisdale
    Kathryn Tisdale Artist of Back Room Gallery Artists' Co-op
  • Catherine Toews
    Catherine Toews Museum Manager & Program Director of Museum of Health Care
  • Tamara Toledo
    Tamara Toledo Artistic Director of LACAP
  • Liza Toliao
  • heather topp
  • CBC Toronto
    CBC Toronto of CBC
  • Debra Tosh
    Debra Tosh Publicity Director of Belleville Theatre Guild
  • Maryam Toumrai
    Maryam Toumrai Creation of In Search of the Beloved of The 9th Diva Productions
  • Stephanie Trattner
    Stephanie Trattner Committee Member of Belleville Art Walk
  • Stephanie Trattner
    Stephanie Trattner Board Member of Belleville Culture Days
  • Danielle Tremblay
    Danielle Tremblay Directrice of La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Centre d'artistes
  • Louis Tremblay
    Louis Tremblay Owner of Louis Tremblay's photography
  • jituska triesz
    jituska triesz Administrator of Niagara Holistic Lifestyles Pavilion
  • Tory Tronrud
    Tory Tronrud Director/Curator of Thunder Bay Museum
  • Emily Trottier
    Emily Trottier Business Development Officer of City of Greater Sudbury
  • Tina Tucker
    Tina Tucker Director of Community Development of Thunder Bay Public Library
  • Patricia Turbitt
    Patricia Turbitt treasurer of North Perth Arts and Culture Council
  • Murielle Turcotte
    Murielle Turcotte municipal councillor, art coordinator of Moonbeam Cultural Centre / Art Gallery
  • Gulnaz Turdalieva
    Gulnaz Turdalieva of The Arts & Cultural Alliance of Windsor Essex County
  • Natalia Tvoronovitch
    Natalia Tvoronovitch Administrative Assistant of Eating Disorders of York Region
  • David Tyler
    David Tyler Advisor, Strategic Partnerships of Archives of Ontario
  • Penny Ulbinas
    Penny Ulbinas office manager of Langton Heating & Air Conditioning
  • Victoria Urquhart
    Victoria Urquhart Artistic/Executive Director of The Spur-Of-The-Moment Shakespeare Collective
  • Christine Valentini
    Christine Valentini Artist of studio Valentini
  • Corinne van de Grootevheen
    Corinne van de Grootevheen Owner/Concrete Artist of Brookside Cottage B & B
  • Pearl Van Geest
    Pearl Van Geest of Trafalgar Building Studios
  • Ellen Van Laar
    Ellen Van Laar secretary of Batchawana Bay Arts Guild
  • Rachel Vandenassem
    Rachel Vandenassem Co-Owner of Satellite Studio
  • Odile Vander Zaag
    Odile Vander Zaag Program Assistant of City of Waterloo
  • Sharon Vanderlinde
    Sharon Vanderlinde Senior Manager of Education and Archives of The National Ballet of Canada
  • Sharon Vanderlinde
    Sharon Vanderlinde Senior Manager of Education of The National Ballet of Canada
  • Leilani Vanderveen
    Leilani Vanderveen Chair of The Ars and Culture Advisory Committee- City of Welland
  • Mary Anne VanWatteghem
    Mary Anne VanWatteghem Education and Public Programs Coordinator of Art Gallery of Windsor
  • Nancy Varley
    Nancy Varley Office Manager of Kingston School of Dance
  • Erin Vaughan
    Erin Vaughan Community Event Facilitator of City of North Bay
  • Pasquale Marco Veltri
    Pasquale Marco Veltri Filmmaker of
  • Quentin Vercetty
    Quentin Vercetty Artist
  • Suzette Vidale
    Suzette Vidale Independent Artist
  • Peter Vietgen
    Peter Vietgen Art Education Professor of Rodman Hall Arts Centre, Brock University
  • Subhadra Vijaykumar
    Subhadra Vijaykumar Artistic Director of Radha Academy of Carnatic Violin
  • Vandana Vishwas
  • Viola Visnjevac
  • Jennifer Vivian
    Jennifer Vivian Business Advisor of Brampton Small Business Enterprise Centre
  • Heidi von der Gathen
    Heidi von der Gathen Executive Director of Headwaters Arts
  • Michael von Teichman
    Michael von Teichman Owner of The Walper Hotel
  • Jessica Vreugdenhil
    Jessica Vreugdenhil Manager, Communications and Marketing of Abilities Centre
  • Jennifer W
    Jennifer W Queen's Swing Club President of Queen's Swing Club
  • Ron Waddling
    Ron Waddling President of Brighton Arts Council
  • Wendy Wagler
    Wendy Wagler Personnel Manager of Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra
  • Kaitlin Wainwright
    Kaitlin Wainwright Research & Support of National Capital Commission
  • Angela Walcott
    Angela Walcott Writer
  • Teresa Waldner
    Teresa Waldner Publicist of Alton Mill
  • Laura Walker
    Laura Walker Arts Administrator of Factory Media Centre
  • libby walker
    libby walker activity programmer of Wellington county museum & archives
  • Kyra Walker Pearson
    Kyra Walker Pearson Folk singer-songwriters of Kyra and Tully with 5678 Dance Studio
  • Henry Wallace
    Henry Wallace Producer of Bassa Heritage Music Association alias BH-Prostudios Music Association
  • Tina Wallin
    Tina Wallin Programmer of Dryden Public Library
  • Margaret Walschots
    Margaret Walschots Artist of Private Individual
  • Erin Walsh
    Erin Walsh Archivist of Port Hope Archives
  • Paula Walsh
    Paula Walsh Artist / clay/ paint
  • Alice Walter
    Alice Walter Teacher of R.H. King Academy
  • Sandra Walters
    Sandra Walters Branch Librarian of Whitby Public Library
  • Wynn Walters
    Wynn Walters of Uxbridge Celebration of the Arts
  • Mark Walton
    Mark Walton Artistic Director of foto-RE
  • Michlynn Walton
    Michlynn Walton Manager of Granddad's Old Fashion Ice Cream Parlour
  • Peipei Wang
    Peipei Wang international PhD student
  • Aidan Ware
    Aidan Ware Coordinator of Education and Development of Macdonald Stewart Art Centre
  • Lisa Warth
    Lisa Warth Community Development Co-ordinator of Town of Ajax
  • Karen Waschinski
    Karen Waschinski artist
  • Connie Watson
    Connie Watson Enrollment Coordinator of Trillium Waldorf School
  • Sandra Watson
    Sandra Watson Member of Branch Council of Taoist Tai Chi Society
  • Laura Watt
    Laura Watt Heritage Interpreter of Grey Roots Museum & Archives
  • Jess Watts
    Jess Watts Coordinator Outreach, Programs, Partnerships of Greater Sudbury Public Library
  • Pauline Weber
    Pauline Weber Secretary of Tweed and Area Studio Tour
  • charles weiss
    charles weiss Artist of Toronto Fish Carvers
  • Craig Wells
    Craig Wells of Museums of Burlington
  • Helen Wells
    Helen Wells QREC Administrator of Quinte Ballet School
  • judy welsh
    judy welsh co chair of cambridge sculpture garden
  • Allyson Wenzowski
    Allyson Wenzowski Owner of Publicity Works
  • Dana Wesley
    Dana Wesley Pow Wow Co-Coordinator of Four Directions Aboriginal Student Centre
  • Joyce Westrop
    Joyce Westrop Event coordinator of Enriched Bread Artists Studios
  • Merley Wheaton
    Merley Wheaton Team Leader of St. Marys Public Library
  • Rachel Whetung
    Rachel Whetung Manager of Whetung Ojibwa Centre
  • John White
    John White Director of Marketing of The Grand Theatre
  • Wendy White
    Wendy White Co-ordinator of Loyalist Studio Tour
  • Megan Whittington
    Megan Whittington Executive Director of Oakville Arts Council
  • Joanne Wigle
    Joanne Wigle Owner/Artist/Instructor of Blueprints Jewelry Design Studio
  • jane wild
    jane wild Education Program Coordinator of Art Gallery of Peterborough
  • Shirarose Wilensky
    Shirarose Wilensky Editor of Tightrope Books
  • Samantha Wiles
    Samantha Wiles Marketing Manager of TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival)
  • Beverley Williams
    Beverley Williams owner of Williams Design Studio
  • Beverley Williams
    Beverley Williams artist/craftsperson of Williams Design Studio
  • Samantha Williams
    Samantha Williams Events Coordinator of Serendipity - Specialty Cakes
  • virginia williams
    virginia williams Artistic Director of Studio III Dance Inc
  • Gillian Wilson
    Gillian Wilson of The Print Factory
  • Jay Wilson
    Jay Wilson Creative Director of Pandora's Sox
  • Joan Wilson
    Joan Wilson Marketing & Outreach Coordinator of UrbanArts
  • John Wilson
    John Wilson Branch Council Member of Fung Loy Kok Taoist Tai Chi
  • cheryl wilson smith
    cheryl wilson smith Volunteer of Wilderness Arts Council
  • Clayton Windatt
  • Clayton Windatt
    Clayton Windatt Director of White Water Gallery
  • Paul Wing
    Paul Wing information officer of West End Studio Tour
  • Steve Wingfield
    Steve Wingfield of Canadian Music Centre
  • Laura Woermke
    Laura Woermke Executive Director / Curator of St. Thomas-Elgin Public Art Centre
  • Karen Wong
    Karen Wong Public Relations & Marketing Director of CPDG Cultural Arts Association
  • Peggy Wong
    Peggy Wong Orchestra Manager of Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orchestra
  • Vivian Wood-Alexander
    Vivian Wood-Alexander of Thunder Bay Art Gallery
  • Peter Woods
    Peter Woods Minister/Musician of Trinity United Church
  • Pamela Woolner
    Pamela Woolner Curator of Meaford Museum
  • Douglas Worling
    Douglas Worling Media Contact of Dance Scottish Toronto
  • Fiona Wright
    Fiona Wright Education and Outreach Assistant of Carleton University Art Gallery
  • Kathie Wright
    Kathie Wright President of Ottawa Youth Orchestra Academy
  • Leanne Wright
    Leanne Wright Marketing & Development Assistant of Tom Thomson Art Gallery
  • James Yamada
    James Yamada Community Events of North American Museum of Asian Heritage & Art
  • Denise Yan
    Denise Yan Event Manager of Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto
  • Dan Yashinsky
    Dan Yashinsky Storyteller-in-Residence of Storytelling Toronto
  • Oddette Yazbeck
    Oddette Yazbeck Public Relations Director of Shaw Festival
  • Anna Yin
    Anna Yin Senior Java Developer of Poetry Alive/
  • Kauko Ylinen
    Kauko Ylinen Music director of Pelimanni Orchestra
  • Kanyika Yorke
    Kanyika Yorke Marketing & Communications Coordinator of OCAD University
  • Ashley Young
    Ashley Young Museum Manager/Curator of Timber Village Museum
  • Martha Young
    Martha Young Operations Manager of Canada Council Art Bank
  • Jill Yuzwa
    Jill Yuzwa Gallerist of AyrSpace Gallery of Visual and Functional Art
  • Alex Zafer
    Alex Zafer Executive Director of Gallery 205
  • Sashar Zarif
    Sashar Zarif Artistic Director of Sashar Zarif Dance Theatre
  • Olga Zeale
    Olga Zeale Education and Interpretation Programs Officer of City of Ottawa Archives
  • Tanja Zec - O'Neill
    Tanja Zec - O'Neill Secretary and Communications Director of Windsor Printmaker's Forum
  • Gili Zemer
    Gili Zemer Executive Director of Drum Artz Canada
  • Crystal Zettel
    Crystal Zettel Sole Proprietor of Voices- Aboriginal Expressions Through the Arts
  • Jenny Zhan
  • Michelle Zikovitz
    Michelle Zikovitz Arts Supervisor of Town of richmond hill -Adult & cultural Services Department
  • Zohra Zoberi
    Zohra Zoberi President of Bridging the Gap
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Prince Edward Island

  • Richard Annette
    Richard Annette agente de développement culturel of Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline
  • Richard Annette
    Richard Annette agente de développement culturel of Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline
  • Monique Arsenault
    Monique Arsenault Direction of Le Conseil Rév.S.-É.-Perrey inc
  • Daniel Bingley
    Daniel Bingley Manager/Production/Booking of Prince Edward Island Hip Hop Association
  • Jeannette Blaquiere
    Jeannette Blaquiere of La coopérative des artistes La/The Palette Artists Co-operative
  • Glennis Bowser
    Glennis Bowser Owner of Gain's Creek Bear Studio
  • Marlene Campbell
    Marlene Campbell Cultural Programs Assistant of Wyatt Heritage Properties
  • Bernard Chena
    Bernard Chena Agente de développement of Le comité acadien et francophone de l'Est
  • Susan Christensen
    Susan Christensen Visual Artist/Designer/Illustrator of Studio 4 - Susan Christensen
  • Nancy Cole
    Nancy Cole artist
  • Carol Corbett
    Carol Corbett Coordinator of PEI Writers' Guild
  • Suzanne Cote
    Suzanne Cote of Conseil scolaire-communautaire Évangéline
  • Tanya Craig
    Tanya Craig Program Leader of Town of Stratford
  • Edmond Gallant
    Edmond Gallant trésorier of Coopérative de développement culturel et patrimonial de Mont-Carmel
  • Diane Gaudreau
    Diane Gaudreau Partner of Gaudreau Fine Woodworking & Fine Crafts Gallery
  • Kelly Gillis
    Kelly Gillis Branch Technician of Alberton Public Library
  • Gary Gray
    Gary Gray Chair of Montague Library Writers Guild
  • Teri Hall
    Teri Hall Jeweler of Fire & Water Creations
  • Shirlee Hogan
    Shirlee Hogan owner of Pastimes PEI Rug Hooking and Wool Shop
  • Denise and Gerard holland
    Denise and Gerard holland owners of Island Artisan Boutique
  • Paula Kenny
    Paula Kenny Site Director of Eptek Art & Culture Centre
  • Monica Lacey
    Monica Lacey of Charlottetown Dance Collective
  • Louise Lalonde
    Louise Lalonde President of Charlottetown Film Society Inc.
  • Patrick Ledwell
    Patrick Ledwell Vice-President of Prince Edward Island Writers' Guild
  • Cindy and Darryl Lentz
    Cindy and Darryl Lentz Proprietary Potters of Right Off The Batt Pottery
  • Cornwall Library
    Cornwall Library of Cornwall Public Library
  • Carrie MacLean
    Carrie MacLean IEHP Project Worker of PEI Association For NewComers
  • Tracey MacLean
    Tracey MacLean Program & Event Coordinator of Town of Cornwall
  • Laura MacPherson
    Laura MacPherson Sustainability Coordinator of City of Charottetown
  • Mary MacQueen Elliott
    Mary MacQueen Elliott Site Manager of Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead Foundation
  • Mary MacQueen Elliott
    Mary MacQueen Elliott Site Manager of Sir Andrew Macphail Homestead
  • Margot Maddison
    Margot Maddison writer of The Writers' in Group (TWiG)
  • Janet Mays
    Janet Mays Coordinator of The Group on Brackley Bay
  • Ashley McCluskey-Douse
    Ashley McCluskey-Douse Library Technician of Stratford Public Library
  • Heather McGrath
    Heather McGrath Senior Communications Officer of CBC Prince Edward Island
  • Sandy McMillan
    Sandy McMillan Stratford Arts and Culture Committee, Chair of Town of Stratford, PEI / Rotary Club of Stratford
  • Trina O'Brien Leggott
    Trina O'Brien Leggott Chief Librarian of Confederation Centre Public Library
  • Noella Richard
    Noella Richard Ateliers et spectacles culturels of Coopérative de développement culturel et patrimonial de Mont-Carmel
  • Andrew Rowe
    Andrew Rowe Event Co-ordinator of Town of Montague
  • Suzanne Scott
    Suzanne Scott Manager of Village Pottery
  • Kate Sharpley
    Kate Sharpley Art Instructor of Squiggle Brush
  • Ekta Singh
    Ekta Singh Coordinator of Tutoring and Mentoring of Pathways to Education
  • Meredith Smith
    Meredith Smith Sales Manager of Confederation Centre of the Arts
  • Connie Spencer
    Connie Spencer Assistant Curator/Events Co ordinator of Garden of the Gulf Museum
  • Kate Thompson
    Kate Thompson Contact East Coordinator of Atlantic Presenters Assocaition
  • grégory urier
    grégory urier Directeur Adjoint/Responsable Culturel of Carrefour de l'isle-Saint-Jean
  • Lorraine Vatcher
  • Sonjel Vreeland
    Sonjel Vreeland of Baha'i Community of Charlottetown
  • Reasha Walsh
    Reasha Walsh Artistic Director of Spotlight Theatre Company
  • Natalie Williams Calhoun
    Natalie Williams Calhoun Administrator of Prince Edward Island Symphony Orchestra
  • Virginia Winter
    Virginia Winter Artistic Director of Centre for Performing ARTS Montague Regional ARTS Centre
  • Ron Zakar
    Ron Zakar Coordinator, Special Projects of Mi'kmaq Confederacy of PEI
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  • Laurie Afseth
    Laurie Afseth President of The ReARTcycle Group Inc.
  • John Allison
    John Allison Director of Dark Bridges Film Festival
  • Gailmarie Anderson
    Gailmarie Anderson Curator of Melfort & District Museum
  • Roxanne Appell
    Roxanne Appell of Moose Mountain Recoupe and Release Fundraiser Trail Ride
  • James Banman
    James Banman Manager of Prince Albert Downtown Improvement
  • Susan Barrett
    Susan Barrett Board Chairperson of Marr Residence
  • Lorna Batycki
    Lorna Batycki Studio Director of Saskatchewan Express Saskatoon
  • Justin Bear
    Justin Bear Information Technician of Ochapowace School (Kakisiwew)
  • Kim Bear
    Kim Bear Public Services Supervisor of John M. Cuelenaere Public Library
  • Lenora Bells
    Lenora Bells Event Development Coordinator of Swift Current Agricultural and Exhibition Association
  • Dawn Bergstrom
    Dawn Bergstrom Company Manager of Globe Theatre
  • Shantelle Berry
    Shantelle Berry Assistant Supervisor of Lloydminster Cultural & Science Centre
  • Terry Billings
    Terry Billings Artist in Residence of Creative pARTnership c/o Chapel Gallery
  • Keith Bird
    Keith Bird Artist
  • Katherine Boyer
    Katherine Boyer Gallery and Collection Manager of The First Nations University of Canada
  • Sharon Boyko Morley
    Sharon Boyko Morley Manager: Gift Shop and Guest Sevices of Ukrainian Museum of Canada
  • Bevin Bradley
    Bevin Bradley Director of The Stall Gallery
  • Leah Brodie
    Leah Brodie Marketing & Communications Manager of MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Michael Brokop
    Michael Brokop Curator of Chapel Gallery
  • Michelle Brownridge
    Michelle Brownridge Director of Articulate Ink Press Inc.
  • Michelle Brownridge
    Michelle Brownridge of SaskCulture Inc.
  • Leah Bruce
    Leah Bruce Fine Arts Librarian of Saskatoon Public Library
  • Johanna Bundon
    Johanna Bundon of SK Culture Animateur
  • Sherron Burns
    Sherron Burns Arts Education Consultant of Living Sky School Division
  • Amber Burton
    Amber Burton Administrator of Saskatchewan Eco Network
  • Tanya Callaway
    Tanya Callaway Development and Marketing Assistant of Western Development Museum
  • Barb Cameron
    Barb Cameron Executive Director of Youth Ballet and Contemporary Dance of Sask.
  • Barb Cameron
    Barb Cameron Executive Director of Youth Ballet and Contemporary Dance of Sask.
  • May Chan
    May Chan Prairie History Librarian of Prairie History Room, Regina Public Library
  • Sylvia Chave
    Sylvia Chave Leader of the Band of Delisle Culture Foundation
  • Brenda Cleniuk
    Brenda Cleniuk Director/Curator of Neutral Ground: Contemporary Art Forum
  • Taron Cochrane
    Taron Cochrane Marketing & Communications (Host Committee) of BreakOut West 2012
  • Linda Coe-Kirkham
    Linda Coe-Kirkham Executive Director of Dance Saskatchewan Inc.
  • Adrienne Collins Bretell
    Adrienne Collins Bretell Acting Executive Director of Saskatchewan Art Education Collective
  • Roberta Cross
    Roberta Cross of Auntie Tutu and the 'Ukulele Orchestra
  • Andrew Crowe
    Andrew Crowe Recreation and Community Development Manager of Town of Rosthern
  • Chelsea Dalziel
    Chelsea Dalziel Director of Parks & Recreation of Town of Nipawin
  • Chad Debert
    Chad Debert Assistant Manager of Government House
  • Lorelie DeRoose
    Lorelie DeRoose Executive Director of Saskatchewan Elocution and Debate Association
  • Dale Domeij
    Dale Domeij Chairman of Mortlach Community Developement and AG. Society
  • Tim Domoslai
    Tim Domoslai Administrator of City of Regina
  • Christa Donaldson
    Christa Donaldson Executive Director of Regina Plains Museum
  • Carol Donhauser
    Carol Donhauser Executive Director of Saskatchewan Music Festival Association
  • Marian Donnelly
    Marian Donnelly CEO of Creative City Centre
  • Kate Donohoe
    Kate Donohoe Branch Manager of Estevan Public Library Branch
  • Caron Dubnick
    Caron Dubnick treasurer of La Ronge Arts Council
  • Veronique Eberhart
    Veronique Eberhart Executive Director of Saskatoon Summer Players
  • Sue Emson
    Sue Emson of Saskatoon Literacy Coalition
  • Peter England
    Peter England Director of Saskatoon Community Wind Ensemble
  • Nadine Ens
    Nadine Ens of Rosthern Art Group
  • Twyla Exner
    Twyla Exner Curator of Souris Valley Museum, Estevan Arts Council, Estevan Art Gallery & Museum
  • Twyla Exner
    Twyla Exner Gallery Educator of Mann Art Gallery
  • Charley Farrero
    Charley Farrero of Ceram Canada
  • Daylin Fergusson
    Daylin Fergusson Recreation Programmer of Barr Colony Heritage Cultural Centre
  • Valerie Finley
    Valerie Finley Past Chair of Luseland and Districts Museum
  • Carol Fisher
    Carol Fisher Branch Librarian of Lumsden Library
  • Darin Fisher
    Darin Fisher President of The Sip Nightclub
  • Rachel Florence
    Rachel Florence Teacher-Librarian of Connaught School
  • Travis Fogg
    Travis Fogg Director of Recreation & Community Development of Town of Wadena
  • Noreen Foisy
    Noreen Foisy Museum Volunteer for Culture Days of Clayton McLain Memorial Museum
  • Leila Francis
    Leila Francis Executive Director of Heritage Community Association Inc.
  • Kristen Gabora
    Kristen Gabora Director of Leisure Services of Town of Canora Leisure Services
  • north battleford galleries
    north battleford galleries promoter of north battleford galleries
  • Shirley Galloway
    Shirley Galloway Organiser of Bow Valley I Support the Arts
  • Elizabeth Geti
    Elizabeth Geti Event Coordinator
  • Wayne Gibson
    Wayne Gibson Communications Coordinator of Town of Kindersley
  • Bonnie Gilmour
    Bonnie Gilmour owner of Ceram Canada
  • Michele Glaze
    Michele Glaze Musical Theatre Studio Director of Saskatchewan Express
  • Melissa Goodchild
    Melissa Goodchild Project Coordinator of Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
  • Randy Goulden
    Randy Goulden Executive Director of Yorkton Film Festival
  • Shann Gowan
    Shann Gowan of Swift Current Cultural Festivals
  • Guylaine Green
    Guylaine Green Sports, Culture & Recreation Director of Town of Gravelbourg
  • Sharon Hamilton
    Sharon Hamilton Faculty Secretary of University of Regina
  • Tracy Hamon
    Tracy Hamon Program Manager of Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
  • Aline Hannon
    Aline Hannon Librarian & Village Mayor of Debden Library
  • Cara Hanson
    Cara Hanson Chapter Chair of CISV
  • Joy Hanson
    Joy Hanson President of Nipawin Oasis Commnity Centre Co-operative Ltd.
  • Shannon Harasen
    Shannon Harasen Operations Manager of Creative City Centre
  • Shannon Harasen
    Shannon Harasen General Manager of Creative City Centre
  • Cameron Hart
    Cameron Hart Archives Advisor of Saskatchewan Council for Archives and Archivists
  • Tracene Harvey
    Tracene Harvey Director of Museum of Antiquities
  • Ferne Hebig
    Ferne Hebig Treasurer of Borden Parks & Recreation
  • Mandy Higgins
    Mandy Higgins Marketing coordinator of Moose Jaw Cultural Centre
  • Jennifer Hoesgen
    Jennifer Hoesgen Director of Humboldt & District Museum & Gallery
  • Tammy Hoffart
    Tammy Hoffart Marketing and Communications Assistant of Regina Public Library
  • Ryan Holota
    Ryan Holota Manager, Marketing and Communications of Saskatchewan Science Centre
  • Rita Holowenko
    Rita Holowenko Partner of
  • Cindy Hoppe
  • Vincent Houghtaling
    Vincent Houghtaling Culture Days Animateur of SaskCulture
  • Katrina Howick
    Katrina Howick Museum Director/Curator of Souris Valley Museum
  • Jacquelyne Hutton
    Jacquelyne Hutton Project Co-ordinator of Kronau Heritage Museum
  • Rae Ann Hydamaka
    Rae Ann Hydamaka Artistic Director of Dance In The Prairies School of Ballet
  • Phyllis Imhoff
    Phyllis Imhoff Treasurer of St. Walburg Allied Arts council (SWAAC)
  • June Jacobs
    June Jacobs owner/artist of Hand Wave Gallery
  • Irene Jantzen
    Irene Jantzen Event organizer of Station Arts Centre
  • Josh Hourie
    Josh Hourie Development & Marketing Assistant of Western Development Museum
  • Deb Jones
    Deb Jones Executive Coordinator of Cathedral Village Arts Festival
  • Doreen Jurkovic
    Doreen Jurkovic Branch Librarian of Maryfield Branch Library
  • John Keepness
    John Keepness of Pasqua First Nations
  • Terri Kerbrat
    Terri Kerbrat 2011 Festival Chair of Great Pumpkin & Scarecrow Festival
  • Jill Kergan
    Jill Kergan Adults' Programming Coordinator of Estevan Public Library Branch
  • Chester Kinequon
    Chester Kinequon NAADAP Worker of Touchwood Agency Tribal Council United Youth Group
  • Alanna King
    Alanna King Social Coordinator of Westview Heights Community Association
  • Karlie King
  • Louella Klyne
    Louella Klyne Economic Officer of Dinsmore&District Economic Development Initiative
  • Kevin Korchinski
    Kevin Korchinski Executive Director of OSAC
  • Miriam Korner
    Miriam Korner Volunteer of La Ronge Arts Council
  • Larry Krause
  • Nikki Lachambre
    Nikki Lachambre President of Kamsack Community Arts Council
  • Carol LaFayette-Boyd
    Carol LaFayette-Boyd Past Co-chair of Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum Inc
  • Jolon Lafond
    Jolon Lafond Cultural Coodinator of Muskeg Lake Cree Nation - Education
  • Jacqueline Latendresse
    Jacqueline Latendresse Artistic Director of Free Flow Dance Theatre Company
  • Jan Layh
    Jan Layh President of Langenburg Arts Council
  • Cindy Legrand
    Cindy Legrand Agente de développement culturel et communautaire of Les Auvergnois de Ponteix, Inc. - Centre Culturel Royer
  • Anne Livingston
    Anne Livingston executive Director of Biggar Museum & Gallery
  • Helena Long
  • Danica Lorer
    Danica Lorer Culture Days Animateur
  • Andrew Manera
    Andrew Manera Managing Director of Holophon Audio Arts Inc.
  • Christine Mathewson
    Christine Mathewson Office Manager of Chamber of Commerce
  • Leah Mazur
    Leah Mazur Communications of Common Weal Community Arts Inc
  • Ken McCaw
    Ken McCaw of Regina Mandolin Orchestra
  • Shannon McGilvery
    Shannon McGilvery Staff of Maidstone & District Cultural & Historical Society
  • Jennifer McRorie
    Jennifer McRorie Executive Director of CARFAC SASK
  • Celeste Miller
    Celeste Miller Program Support and Communications of Northern Sport, Culture and Recreation District
  • Marcus Miller
    Marcus Miller Director - Curator of Allen Sapp Gallery
  • Tara Million
    Tara Million Library Manager of Meadow Lake Library
  • Alysson Mondor
    Alysson Mondor of Assiniboia & District Arts Council
  • Kristine Montgomery
    Kristine Montgomery of Western Development Museum
  • Gwen Mottram
    Gwen Mottram Treasurer of Arts Without Borders Festival
  • Sheryl Neher
    Sheryl Neher Program Manager of Saskatchewan Choral Federation
  • Alice Neufeld
    Alice Neufeld Arts & Culture Director of City of Weyburn
  • Vivian Orr
    Vivian Orr Communications & Publications Coordinator of Saskatchewan Craft Council
  • Rebecca Otitoju
    Rebecca Otitoju Program/Funding Coordinator of Yoruba Canadian Community Association Inc.
  • Michael Parker
    Michael Parker Projects Coordinator of North Central Community Association
  • Wendy Peart
    Wendy Peart Curator of Education and Community Outreach of Dunlop Art Gallery
  • Shawn Piller
    Shawn Piller Senior Gallery Assistant of Galleries of North Battleford
  • IPAC Prince Albert
    IPAC Prince Albert of The Indigenous Peoples Artistic Collective of Prince Albert Inc.
  • Jill Reid
    Jill Reid General Manager of Saskatoon Symphony Orchestra
  • Carol Reimer-Wiebe
    Carol Reimer-Wiebe Manager of Ten Thousand Villages
  • Belinda Riehl-Fitzsimmons
    Belinda Riehl-Fitzsimmons Secretary of Allan Community Heritage Society and Museum
  • Jessica Riess
    Jessica Riess Communications and Outreach of Saskatchewan Arts Alliance
  • Joanne Rivers-Wing
    Joanne Rivers-Wing School Liaison Worker of McKitrick Community School
  • Alejandro Romero
    Alejandro Romero Community Consultant - Arts & Culture of City of Saskatoon
  • Rhonda Rosenberg
    Rhonda Rosenberg Executive Director of Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan
  • Roberta Ross
    Roberta Ross Art Director of The Stall Gallery
  • christopher rothecker
    christopher rothecker recreation director of northern village of cumberland house
  • Evie Ruddy
    Evie Ruddy Project Coordinator of Multicultural Council of Saskatchewan
  • gerry ruecker
    gerry ruecker southern artistic director of common weal community arts inc
  • Lore Ruschiensky
    Lore Ruschiensky Artistic Director and Publicist of BreakOut West Festival - Classical Showcase Concert
  • Luccia Saccucci
    Luccia Saccucci Program Coordinator of Battlefords Boys and Girls Club
  • Marvin C. Sanderson
    Marvin C. Sanderson Community Services Director of Muskoday First Nation
  • Cory Schewaga
    Cory Schewaga Arts Administrator of Saskatoon Community Youth Arts Programming Inc
  • Gwen Schmidt
    Gwen Schmidt Outreach Services Coordinator of Saskatoon Public Library
  • Carol Schultz
    Carol Schultz chairperson of Strasbourg Recreation Board
  • Christy Schweiger
    Christy Schweiger Education Coordinator of Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery
  • Lorna Scott
    Lorna Scott Executive Director of Saskatchewan Society for Education Through Art
  • Shannon Seitz
    Shannon Seitz Executive Director of Sun Country Kids Club
  • david sereda
    david sereda Communications + Outreach of Saskatchewan Arts Alliance
  • Christina Shah
    Christina Shah Saskatoon Program Coordinator of Saskatchewan Writers' Guild
  • Carey Shaw
    Carey Shaw Communications Assistant of MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Laura Shtern
    Laura Shtern Assistant Head Librarian of Moose Jaw Public Library
  • Sarah Simison
    Sarah Simison Operations Coordinator of Saskatchewan Festival of Words
  • Elaine Simpson
    Elaine Simpson Finance of Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan
  • Gerri Ann Siwek
    Gerri Ann Siwek Communications of Flatland Artist Studios Inc
  • Nikko Snyder
    Nikko Snyder Executive Director of Heritage Community Association
  • Tara Dawn Solheim
    Tara Dawn Solheim Producer and Host of The Vertigo Series
  • Allen Ssemmanda
    Allen Ssemmanda Secretary of Saskatchewan African Canadian Heritage Museum
  • Wanuskewin Staff
    Wanuskewin Staff Gift Shop Manager of Wanuskewin Heritage Park
  • Donald Stein
    Donald Stein Executive Director of Godfrey Dean Art Gallery
  • Shayna Stock
    Shayna Stock of Creative City Centre
  • Emily Striker
    Emily Striker Administrative Coordinator of Avenue Community Centre
  • Lenora Sturge
    Lenora Sturge Communications Officer of CBC
  • Janice Sutherland
    Janice Sutherland Assistant General Manager of Persephone Theatre
  • Michelle Sutton
    Michelle Sutton Director of Sambatoon Drum Ensemble
  • Michelle Taylor
    Michelle Taylor Manager of Prince Albert Historical Society
  • Leah Terry
    Leah Terry Program Coordinator of City of Melfort
  • Wendy Thienes
    Wendy Thienes Director of Grand Coteau Heritage & Cultural Centre
  • Jannay Thiessen
    Jannay Thiessen Branch Manager of Saskatoon Public Library
  • Mark Turner
    Mark Turner Artistic Director of Third Ave Centre
  • Christine Van der Merwe
    Christine Van der Merwe Coordinator: Programming and Interpretation of RCMP Heritage Centre
  • joan velestuk
    joan velestuk president of grenfell museum assoc.
  • Biliana Velkova
    Biliana Velkova Gallery Coordinator of AKA Gallery
  • Biliana Velkova
    Biliana Velkova Executive Director of PAVED Arts
  • Frances Westlund
    Frances Westlund Arts & Grants Consultant of City of Saskatoon
  • Elizabeth White
  • kathy whitford
    kathy whitford Youth Coordinator of Battlefords Indian & Metis Friendship Centre
  • Joe Wickenhauser
    Joe Wickenhauser Communications & Events Coordinator of Avenue Community Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity
  • Heather Wickstrom
    Heather Wickstrom Manager / Curator of Jasper Cultural & Historical Centre
  • Ruth Wildeman
    Ruth Wildeman Correspondence Secretary of Lanigan and District Heritage Association
  • Amber Wilkie
    Amber Wilkie Marketing Coordiantor of MacKenzie Art Gallery
  • Darlene Williams
    Darlene Williams Saskatchewan Culture Days Animateur
  • Darlene J. Williams
    Darlene J. Williams Founding Artistic Director of White Birch Ballet Company
  • Ethel Wills
    Ethel Wills Assistant Treasurer of Eastend Historical Museum
  • Heather Wilson
    Heather Wilson Curator of Morse Museum & Cultural Centre
  • Paul Wilson
    Paul Wilson Culture Days Coordinator of SaskCulture
  • Evelyn Wojcichowsky
    Evelyn Wojcichowsky Vice-President and Promotions of Yevshan Ukrainian Folk Ballet Ensemble Inc.
  • Kim Wutzke
    Kim Wutzke Acting Executive Director of Saskatchewan Archaeological Society
  • Carol Wylie
    Carol Wylie Program Assistant of Mendel Art Gallery
  • MIndy Yan Miller
    MIndy Yan Miller Rivers West Animateur of SaskCulture
  • Alice Zhang
    Alice Zhang of Prince Albert Multicultural Council
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Yukon Territory

  • Nicole Bauberger
    Nicole Bauberger Artist of Yukon Artists@ Work Cooperative
  • Heather Berg
    Heather Berg Supervisor of Northern Lights Centre
  • Elise Bousquet
    Elise Bousquet Events and Marketing Coordinator of Kwanlin Dün Cultural Centre
  • Leighann Chalykoff
    Leighann Chalykoff of MacBride Museum
  • Cheryl Charlie
    Cheryl Charlie Archives Reference Assistant of Yukon Archives
  • Cindy Charlie
    Cindy Charlie Manager of Tage Cho Hudan Interpretive Centre
  • Cass Collins
    Cass Collins Programmer of Arts Underground
  • Tom Connor
    Tom Connor owner of Connor Music Studios
  • Andrew Connors
    Andrew Connors Artistic Director of Yukon Film Society
  • Al Cushing
    Al Cushing CEO of Yukon Arts Centre
  • Karen DuBois
    Karen DuBois Executive Director of Klondike Institute of Art and Culture
  • Michele Emslie
    Michele Emslie Community Programming Director of Yukon Arts Centre
  • Eric Epstein
    Eric Epstein Artistic Director of Whitehorse Theatre Ensemble
  • Kate Fitzgerald
    Kate Fitzgerald Artistic Director of Northern Lights School of Dance
  • Simon Gilpin
    Simon Gilpin Manager of Copper Moon Gallery
  • Arnold Hedstrom
    Arnold Hedstrom Senior Producer of CBC Yukn
  • Joelle Hodgins
    Joelle Hodgins Exhibit Coordinator of Miles Canyon Historic Railway Society
  • Meredith Kenzie
    Meredith Kenzie Marketing & Events Manager of Kwanlin Dun Cultural Centre
  • Lara Melnik
    Lara Melnik Visual Artist of Visual Artist
  • Garnet Muething
    Garnet Muething Art Curator of Government of Yukon
  • Nancy Oakley
    Nancy Oakley of Yukon Historical & Museums Association
  • Jake Paleczny
    Jake Paleczny Director of Programming and Education of Yukon Wildlife Preserve
  • Taryn Parker
    Taryn Parker Director/Curator of Old Log Church Museum
  • danette readman
    danette readman Presenter/Producer of Whitehorse Concerts
  • Donna Reimchen
    Donna Reimchen Owner of North End Gallery
  • Colleen Segriff
    Colleen Segriff Outreach Manager of Yukon Literacy Coalition
  • sally sheppard
    sally sheppard Board member of Yukon Artists @ Work
  • Morgen Smith
    Morgen Smith of Yukon Heritage Resources Board
  • Shawna Smuk
    Shawna Smuk of City of Swift Current, Community Services
  • Caili Steel
    Caili Steel of Adäka Cultural Society
  • Jessica Vellenga
    Jessica Vellenga Community Engagement Visual Arts of Yukon Arts Centre